Ang Kaunti Puwede Pindutin Marami sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Hindi ito tumagal ng isang malaking tauhan upang gawing mag-iwan ng malaking bakas ng paa.

Victory sa Diyos kaharian ay palagi nang nawala sa underdogs. Diyos halos palagi anoints isang miniscule group upang gawin ang kanyang pag-bid. Tingin ko ito dahil ang pag-hikayat sa lahat na aking sinimulan ay naging maliit na - karaniwan ay para sa isang mahabang panahon kung hindi magpakailanman. What God builds usually starts (and typically stays) on the smallish side.

I used to say that it started small but then would grow large, but now I see that often numbers usually only grow fat. I now see that it is almost always the case that a radical but small fringe gets the Kingdom lifestyle and message. Why does it stay small? It’s all about the offensive cost of mercy. Jesus said “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matt. 18). The context of that verse could well be restated, “Many are called but few choose” the Kingdom. The Kingdom, as God defines it, is always something that is set up according to his parameters, not ours. Most don’t like that much, so they protest, they decide it’s not for them, and vote themselves out of it like the religious people in Matthew chapter 18 (yes, it was the religious people who decided not to participate in the Kingdom once they figured out how the mercy of God works as in this story).

This Jesus story is fresh with me today. A few of us went out mixing it up with dozens of lost people who, like those in Nineveh, didn’t know their left hand from their right. We did a $1 carwash. We washed people’s cars and paid them a dollar for the privilege of serving them. We stunned many. Numbers teared up. We teared up! I’m always amazed what can happen when a few, enthused, dedicated people move in a common direction and pour their hearts into something. Do something great with God. It only takes a few.

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