Majadiliano Up Injili na Steve Sjogren

Nimesikia mengi ya uvumi kuhusu kufariki mkubwa wa mazungumzo ya hiari kama vile uinjilisti verbalizing Injili kwa wageni. Naelewa uchunguzi wa prognosticators hizi lakini Sikubaliani na wao. Ni kweli kwamba watu ni zaidi ya pekee kuliko milele kama wao kishimo zaidi na zaidi kwa undani ndani ya self-made walimwengu yao digital, but there’s another side to this digital coin. It’s also true that an emotional vacuum is created when people cut themselves off from significant people contact and a greater openness is created for connections with others – yes, even strangers. As people around you venture further into their digital rabbit holes at the same time they grow increasingly open to people contact.

Here’s what I think: people are lonelier now than they were just a few years ago before the digital world made the advances it has. They are now open to conversations with strangers as they once were. A familiar cycle has been created. What was true a few decades ago – people acting friendly to total strangers and being open to conversation about the Gospel – is true once again. This is not just good news – it groundbreaking for all who love Jesus and are seeking to extend the Kingdom of God. This is an amazing time to be alive in this world. This will be a lasting trend worldwide. Baada ya yote, cell phones are everywhere – so is the isolation and influence that goes with it.

Let’s be wise in these ways and move on the opportunities before us.

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