Razgovor se Evanđelje Steve Sjogren

Čuo sam puno nagađanja o krajnjoj propasti spontanih evangelizacijskih razgovora kao što verbalizing Evanđelje strancima. Ja razumijem primjedbe tih prognosticators, ali ne slažem se s njima. Istina je da su ljudi više izolirani nego ikad jer oni ukopavaju sve dublje i dublje u svoje self-made digitalnih svjetova, but there’s another side to this digital coin. It’s also true that an emotional vacuum is created when people cut themselves off from significant people contact and a greater openness is created for connections with others – yes, even strangers. As people around you venture further into their digital rabbit holes at the same time they grow increasingly open to people contact.

Here’s what I think: people are lonelier now than they were just a few years ago before the digital world made the advances it has. They are now open to conversations with strangers as they once were. A familiar cycle has been created. What was true a few decades ago – people acting friendly to total strangers and being open to conversation about the Gospel – is true once again. This is not just good news – it groundbreaking for all who love Jesus and are seeking to extend the Kingdom of God. This is an amazing time to be alive in this world. This will be a lasting trend worldwide. After all, cell phones are everywhere – so is the isolation and influence that goes with it.

Let’s be wise in these ways and move on the opportunities before us.

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