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Serving Together = Growing Together by Austin Cooper

We have all heard the phrase: “A family that prays together stays together” well I like to say “A church that serves together grows together.” This growth means takes place both physically and spiritually… God blesses us in the greatest way possible when we bless others.

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The Few Can Touch Many by Steve Sjogren

It doesn’t take a large crew to make leave a big footprint. Victory in God’s kingdom has always gone to the underdogs. God nearly always anoints a miniscule group to do his bidding. I find this encouraging since all that I have started has been small – usually for a long time if not forever. […]

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The Human Conveyor Belt

plenty of help

Here is a real simple one, that we often overlook. . . WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! No matter what type of SE project you are working on, chances are you have to unload and load materials.  Contrary to popular opinion, I have found that you should NOT do all the preparation behind the scenes in […]

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