Paghahatid ng Sama-sama = lumalagong Sama-sama sa pamamagitan ng Austin Cooper

“Enjoyed spending my morning with the kids and my church family doing a Winter Survival kit outreach!! It’s an awesome experience and I am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to teach my kids how to show Gods love in simple, practical ways.”

“I am blown away by God’s mercy, just to be a part of His work…it’s amazing!!! Today we got the opportunity to drive a little boy and his sister, whom we met on an outreach, to church and he said are you taking us to Jesus’ house??? He was SO excited! What a blessing to be able to be used by God to draw people into Himself…we are SO unworthy!!! It BLOWS my mind.”

These quotes are real Facebook posts from two different people in our church that have occurred in the past month. As a culture of Servant Evangelism is enveloping our church there seems to be a two part blessing that has occurred from our church developing an outward focus: a blessing for us as a church and a blessing for the people we are reaching by showing them God’s love in simple and practical ways. Nothing highlights these two blessings better than the two Facebook posts above.

In August of 2010 our church started participating in Servant Evangelism. As a church we did a kindness outreach on a Saturday from 10am-noon once a month in which we served people in very simple and practical ways such as $1 car washes (wash a car and give away the dollar), leaf raking, toilet cleaning, soda and water giveaways, washing windows, atbp. When we were asked by the people we were serving why we were doing this we would just respond, “We wanted to show you that Jesus loves and cares for you in a practical way.” Furthermore, we passed out a card with a big smiley face on the front that says: “We hope this small gift brightens your day, there are no strings attached. We just want to let you know God loves you.” We had so much fun we decided in January of 2011 to start doing the kindness outreaches twice a month. Finally in June of 2011 we decided to completely dive in and start doing a kindness outreach every single week whether we have 1 person show up or 20 (trust me there has been plenty of weeks where we have had only 1 person show up to an outreach, but God still uses it) and we have seen the outpour of blessings that God has put upon our church, both from the inside and the out.

From the very beginning of our outreach efforts it became apparent that God was using this outward focus to bless and bring our church together. Whenever we step out and look to further God’s kingdom there is a great deal of joy involved. I have never felt or seen strangers within a church grow to become a loving family quicker than when we are serving others in fun and practical ways. When we set out on our outreaches whether it be simply giving away soda or putting on a block party there is an overwhelming sense that God’s Spirit is going before us and just as in Acts 13:52 which says, ““And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit” there is a great deal of fun, bonding, and joy involved. Lahat kami narinig ang parirala: "Ang isang pamilya na sama-sama prays nananatiling magkasama" na rin ang gusto kong sabihin "A simbahan na naghahain ng sama-sama ay lumalaki." Paglago Nangangahulugan ito na tumatagal ng lugar sa parehong pisikal at espiritwal. The two Facebook posts at the top of the page illuminate this truth greatly. Diyos blesses sa amin ang pinakadakilang paraan posible kapag kami pagpalain iba.

Of course our ultimate goal in reaching out to others in our community is to allow God to use us to bring those who he chooses to a place where he can draw them to Himself. When we pass out sodas, or chap stick, or whatever it may be we always pray that God’s spirit will use such a simple, material thing to change someone’s heart towards him. I like to think that through Servant Evangelism and a simple offer of a 10 second prayer after we serve someone, we are giving people a new and redefined first impression of who Jesus is. This impression destroys any other impression that they may have had in the past through bad experiences with other Christians. We constantly get comments from people who say “I have never heard of a church that would do something like this” or “I have never felt so blessed and loved by a simple act of kindness”.

After consistently serving every Saturday for just an hour and a half for 6 months we have started seeing many of the people we have reached out to come to our church on Sundays where they get to hear in even more detail about who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

At a recent free block party outreach we put on I met a student, introduced him to Christ then baptized him. This was one of the neatest moments of my life. We have multiple people in our church picking up those who we have met during kindness outreaches and bringing them to church (i.e. second Facebook post at the top). We have people that have never been to church before coming in our doors and actually enjoying it. The truth is God chooses to bless those who are warriors for his kingdom. Strangely enough our warriors clean toilets, rake leaves, mow yards, and pass out soda, however sometimes there is nothing more fulfilling to us, and useful to God, than to reach out to the Lost providing them with a spotless toilet, a clean looking yard, and a quenched thirst.

Ang Kaunti Puwede Pindutin Marami sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Hindi ito tumagal ng isang malaking tauhan upang gawing mag-iwan ng malaking bakas ng paa.

Victory sa Diyos kaharian ay palagi nang nawala sa underdogs. Diyos halos palagi anoints isang miniscule group upang gawin ang kanyang pag-bid. Tingin ko ito dahil ang pag-hikayat sa lahat na aking sinimulan ay naging maliit na - karaniwan ay para sa isang mahabang panahon kung hindi magpakailanman. What God builds usually starts (and typically stays) on the smallish side.

I used to say that it started small but then would grow large, but now I see that often numbers usually only grow fat. I now see that it is almost always the case that a radical but small fringe gets the Kingdom lifestyle and message. Why does it stay small? It’s all about the offensive cost of mercy. Jesus said “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matt. 18). The context of that verse could well be restated, “Many are called but few choose” the Kingdom. The Kingdom, as God defines it, is always something that is set up according to his parameters, not ours. Most don’t like that much, so they protest, they decide it’s not for them, and vote themselves out of it like the religious people in Matthew chapter 18 (yes, it was the religious people who decided not to participate in the Kingdom once they figured out how the mercy of God works as in this story).

This Jesus story is fresh with me today. A few of us went out mixing it up with dozens of lost people who, like those in Nineveh, didn’t know their left hand from their right. We did a $1 carwash. We washed people’s cars and paid them a dollar for the privilege of serving them. We stunned many. Numbers teared up. We teared up! I’m always amazed what can happen when a few, enthused, dedicated people move in a common direction and pour their hearts into something. Do something great with God. It only takes a few.

Ang Human Conveyor belt

Narito ang isang tunay simpleng isa, na madalas naming Tinatanaw. . .

Mas mahusay na makapagtrabaho, HINDI mas mahirap!

hauling foodKung ano man ang uri ng proyekto SE ikaw ay nagtatrabaho sa, malamang na kailangan mong tanggalin sa pagkakalagay at mga materyales sa pag-load. Salungat sa popular na opinyon, Nakakita ako na HINDI mo dapat gawin ang lahat ng paghahanda sa likod ng mga eksena sa ngalan ng pagiging magiliw volunteer. Tandaan, Mayroon bang magiging ilang mga bagong tao sa paglitaw sa iyong mga outreach. Ang mga ito ay talagang takot sa “witnessing” o “magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo” dahil sa tingin nila ang karamihan sa mga trabaho dito ay pakikipag-usap. Yaong ng iyo na ang mga beterano, hindi ito ay mas tungkol sa paggawa sa pakikipag-usap. Kapag kakailanganin ng mga tao mangalap para sa isang outreach, ang mga ito ay alinman sa socializing, o fretting tungkol sa lahat ng nagtataka kung ito up habilin nila gumulo. Bigyan sila ng isang bagay na gawin. Narito ang paraan upang hikayatin ang mga pag-uusap, gusali koponan, at mabisang paggamit ng mga boluntaryo (kung isinasaalang-nakatayo sila sa paligid makakuha sila nababato pagkatapos ay mawawala sa iyo ang mga ito). Sabihin nating mayroon kang 250 kahon ng kouk Zero upang ilipat mula sa outreach shed sa tatlong SUV na may yelo at Cooler naghihintay. Huwag gawin ang mga pagkakamali nakikita ninyo sa itaas, kung saan tatlong lamang matangkad at malusog batang lalaki pabigatin mga materyales, maglakad ito limampung yarda o kaya, at i-load ito.

plenty of helpSa halip gumawa ng isang tao chain. Mayroong isang sining sa naniniwala ito o hindi. Tumingin sa pangkat ng mga tao na iyong meandering sa paligid at subukan upang malaman kung gaano karaming mga kailangan mong i-span ang puwang mula sa pagtatanghal ng dula na lugar sa trak. Susunod, -ayos ng mga tao batay sa heigth at maabot. Ilagay ang mga ito sa isang tuwid na linya mula sa paglo-load ng pile upang i-target. Pagkatapos, ito ay tunay na mahalaga, Mayroon bawat iba pang mga tao pagliko at harapin ang tapat na direksyon. Magdudulot ito sa bawat tao na maging isang “ngipin ng gulong” sa iyong pantao conveyor belt. Sila ngayon ay nakaharap isang kasosyo. Maliit Ngayon kahon ng halos anumang bagay (subukan upang panatilihin ang bigat sa ilalim ng 15 lbs) ililipad mula sa isang lugar patungo sa isa pa sa pamamagitan ng simpleng “patulak” ng bagay mula sa isang tao sa susunod. Mas mabuti, dahil walang twisting, baluktot, o pag-aangat ito pumunta makinis at madaling. Ang magaling na bagay tungkol sa ganitong sistema kumportableng, ay tumutulong ito ay ginagawang madali para sa kahit anak upang makatulong out, at ang mga tao ay maaari pa ring makipag-usap sa isa't isa habang ginagawa nila dahil ang mga ito ay nakaharap sa dalawang tao bawat.

Subukan ito. . .ikaw sampal iyong ulo pagkatapos mong makita ito gumana sa unang pagkakataon at magtaka kung bakit hindi mo gawin ito nang mas maaga!