12 Mambo Kanisa wako anahitaji kujua ... na Steve Sjogren

... Na wakati ni 12 months old


1. Don’t take yourselves too seriously
You are important to God. Je, si ni wa kutosha kujua kwamba bila ya haja ya kuthibitisha hilo wakati wote? Kutembea kwa unyenyekevu. Kutii. Kuendelea katika hatua kwa Roho.

2. Outreach is your lifeblood
It’s tempting to settle in on the point of problem centeredness, especially if you’ve had a modicum of success. People will ask that you “pastor” them instead of persevering instead of living out your roles as Evangelists. Pastoring at that point is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Tell people to go to counseling who need help. Pray for them while you stand up after a gathering. Don’t you dare see them more than once in the name of ministering to them.

3. There’s always a process to what you’re doing
God is at work with your people and those you seek to reach. God is continually doing something though we are sometimes frustrated with his timetable. Our desire is for details to work out quickly. None of us are naturally patient, but then again God’s work is more stable than ours.

4. As you serve a powerful spiritual atmosphere is created inside and outside your church
As you consistently love, serve and show generosity to outsiders you build an almost tactile reality around your church that impacts others that has a profound spiritual effect on others at dimensions that are difficult to easily see or measure on the surface of things but is real just the same.

As people nearby experience this they will change their perceptions about God and recognize that he is positive – not negative, loving – not necessarily judgmental.

As you serve you are also going to shape the spiritual atmosphere inside your church community as you walk out the heart of God. Your people will see that serving is part and parcel of the normal Christian life.

5. Others are more important than your venture
Don’t worry about your success. As you serve, God will show up in your midst. His presence is the greatest guarantee of success.

6. It’s vital to teach on living generously if vision is to succeed
People will tell you they like your church because you don’t talk about money “all the time like other churches.” It’s tempting to fall into the trap of under emphasizing this vital topic. Of course, your people need to be challenged. Deep down they crave this instruction for their growth’s sake.

7. A vision for church planting
Set a goal from the beginning of your launch as to how many and how fast you will produce your first of several plants. Talk about that frequently from the front…with a smile of faith!

8. See the city as your mission field
World missions are great but God is first interested in capturing the hearts of your church with the immediate. The “ends of the earth” is safe because all it requires is a check and an occasional prayer. God has in mind that your “Jerusalem” will come before the ends of the earth. Serve them. Care for the poor down the street in practical ways. Pray for them door to door in ten-second segments.

9. Worship stirs the presence of the Spirit
One of the top couple of necessities for success is Spirit-inspired worship. If your worship doesn’t bring the presence of the Spirit then change it until it until it does. You won’t succeed in much else till you do.

10. Ministry to the poor is basic to a discipleship
We are all – 100% of us – are called to care for the Poor in some way. Ministry to the Poor is part of any outreach emphasis. I highly recommend you make this a vital part of your initial foray into the community. No matter where you live in the world there are people in need within a 15-minute drive, if not next door.

11. If you don’t make outreach akaonekana focus it won’t be any of focus
That’s just the way it works. Outreach will be relegated to a program side by side with ushering, working in the parking lot and making coffee with about as much passion as the other ones mentioned above. It will be an utterly ineffective token effort that is in place for members to point as something that says their church cares about the Lost even though everyone knows there’s nothing effective being accomplished.

12. The way your senior leader(s) live and model ministry (and life!) is the greatest determiner as to how the local church will approach discipleship
Your church is like a flock of geese flying in formation on a journey. At the tip of the flock is a lead goose directing the rest toward in a certain direction. Where that leader goes, the rest of the formation follows. It’s a simple principle. Like it or not, the leader is carefully followed whether the rest of the flock understands the principle or not. It’s intuitive.

Regardless of that leader’s natural inclination, it’s vital that they become the person the flock needs in order to grow. Any person – any leader – can change by merely determining to change. It’s a matter of making a decision then leaning into the empowering of the Spirit for change to happen. God will show up and empower that decision. It is easy for a leader to cop out by thinking they don’t possess the needed gifts in the area where help is needed. As that leader merely shows up with an available attitude God will provide the needed gifts, energy and physical resources. As St. John of the Cross said, “Where there is no love, bring love, and there will be love.”

Kanisa Kuu Crystal - BTW, Vipi Ufafanuzi yako Going? na Steve Sjogren

Ni masomo gani tunaweza kuteka kutoka kufariki Kanisa Kuu Crystal?

Hakuna jambo gani unafikiri ya mkutano kwamba, kujua kwamba kwa wakati mmoja ilikuwa ni thriving mfano juu ya mazingira ya Kaskazini ya makanisa. Ilikuwa ni ajabu, mwenendo-kuweka mahali kwamba alikuwa super ubunifu.

Mambo polepole iliyopita hata hivyo. Zaidi Cathedral kusimamishwa kufafanua yenyewe kwa umma, wote wa ndani na kitaifa. Kwa sababu yoyote viongozi wake kudhani kuwa umma alijua yote kuhusu nafasi hii. Hiyo ilikuwa ni kawaida lakini maskini dhana. Walikuwa wamesahau.

Mimea Church kawaida kufanya kazi nzuri ya kufafanua wenyewe kwa jamii yao katika awamu yao ya awali. Ni muhimu kwamba kanisa jipya kufafanua kwa nini zipo na jinsi wao ni tofauti katika jamii yao. Mimi si pia wasiwasi kuhusu mimea mpya, lakini mimi na wasiwasi kabisa kuhusu awamu ya pili mimea wengi kwenda kwa njia ya. Ni rahisi kusahau masomo hayo ya awali kujifunza na kuanguka katika mfano wa ndani kulenga fedha, vifaa vya, wafanyakazi - na kusahau nini got sisi kwamba hatua ya kasi ya awali. Kisha BOOM! Sisi kuwa kukwama katika mzunguko wa irrelevancy.

Kama sisi kufanya si mara kwa mara, wazi wenyewe kufafanua kwa jamii yetu - kupitia matendo ya nguvu ya ukarimu, upendo na huduma - wale walio karibu nasi hawana wazo kwamba sisi hata kuwepo. Sisi hivi karibuni kuwa hakuna wasiwasi kuhusu vifaa vya wetu, fedha au wafanyakazi kwa sababu hakutakuwa na moja kuja!

kanisa mimi kuongoza katika Oregon imekuwa katika NEWBERG kwa zaidi ya 100 miaka (tu SW ya Portland). Ni maalumu kwa Wakristo wengine (18% ya mji) lakini karibu camouflaged kwa mapumziko ya watu ambao Mungu ili anapenda kuwa yeye alimtuma Yesu kuteseka na kufa.

Mambo ni mwanzo wa mabadiliko. Sisi wamechukua kwa kuwahudumia mji katika njia mbalimbali. Sisi ni kwenda mlango kwa mlango na hamburgers - squeegeeing windshields katika vituo vya gesi - vyoo kusafisha katika maeneo ya umma - na kutumia milango ya miradi hiyo kujenga kama uhusiano na kushirikisha Kristo katika kila ngazi inafaa.

Ili kupata nyuma ambapo sisi kuanza - kama sisi kufanya bang up kazi ya kufafanua wenyewe kwa kuwahudumia sisi hivi karibuni kuwa muhimu. Tunahitaji kufanya hisia ya kushangaza juu ya wale walio karibu nasi katika truckload ya njia. njia wewe kutumika wanaweza kutofautiana sana kulingana na mahitaji ya jamii yako. Mungu atazungumza na wewe ni kuomba maombi maarufu Biblia, "Hapa sisi ni. Tutumie!"Yeye kabisa anapenda kujibu maombi kwamba. Kuhesabu juu yake. Naye atazungumza na wewe. Huwezi kuwa wamesahau.

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