Keep It Simple Steve Sjögren

outreachPat ja mums ir ducis punkti šeit par sākuma būtiska vērienu pamatideja laipnība Outreach ir pavisam vienkāršs.

Mans tendence ir lēkt uz kaut ko es atrast aizraujošu un maisīt lietas uz augšu, cik vien iespējams. Dažreiz maisot lietas pat rada sarežģījumus. Dzīve vienkārši plūsmu šajā virzienā. As others catch the vision of the new thing, before long, the idea can become fairly complicated.

Is there a way to keep things easier? Absolutely!

Outreach is all about one thing – seeing people come to relationship with Christ. The word “outreach” is a more general word than “evangelism.” The first is about the entire spectrum of things we can do that lead up to someone coming to Christ. The term Evangelism is a more concise term that relates strictly to seeing someone cross the line and come into a saving relationship with Jesus.

To keep all of this simple, we need to remember what we are about. We aren’t about 1,000 good things that might better peoples’ lives but don’t include seeing them come to know Christ. If the ultimate outcome isn’t to see them converted then we are losing track of what we are about. We are lost in complexity.

People who stay simple, who are focused like a laser, can be almost rude at times. They tend to be so focused they repel nice people who come with nice ideas about nice things that will bless people. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. There are plenty of places for that in fact. In the area of outreach, however, we must walk out the balance of smiling and at the same time walk in gritty determination to do whatever it takes to venture on.