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Having A Heart For The Poor Means Having A Heart For God by Martin Buehlmann

Not that long ago my wife and I were sitting in our kitchen, preparing a nice family dinner. Suddenly our doorbell rang. Going to the door we saw Ghebremariam, a 38 year old woman from Eritrea who works for Mariam. Ghebremariam is a refugee from Eritrea, a neighboring country to Ethiopia. She had to leave three […]

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4 Moves That Guard Against Burnout by Steve Sjogren

Burnout is a regular problem with anyone who reaches out. Jesus was in nearly continual outreach mode in his three-year ministry so he found it necessary to take on a number of mindsets in order to live with spiritual centeredness. Here are a few of Jesus’ points of view you might find encouraging. Define for […]

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5.5 Things To Do When Rejected On An Outreach by Steve Sjogren

No matter how hard you try to come across as a “safe” person to those you reach out to, some will not receive your offer of service.
That is an unalterable reality. But don’t fret. There are some proven steps I’ve found that work well for dealing with harsh people.

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Serving Together = Growing Together by Austin Cooper

We have all heard the phrase: “A family that prays together stays together” well I like to say “A church that serves together grows together.” This growth means takes place both physically and spiritually… God blesses us in the greatest way possible when we bless others.

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The Few Can Touch Many by Steve Sjogren

It doesn’t take a large crew to make leave a big footprint. Victory in God’s kingdom has always gone to the underdogs. God nearly always anoints a miniscule group to do his bidding. I find this encouraging since all that I have started has been small – usually for a long time if not forever. […]

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Flower Give-Aways Are Great Outreaches by Janie Sjogren


Here is a practical idea you can use on Mother’s Day, but it really works well all summer long!

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How Do You Spell Effective: S-I-M-P-L-E by Doug Roe


A few years ago, I was standing on a street corner giving away cans of soda. Traffic backed up as people stopped to get their free soda. While most people were pleasantly surprised, one man stood out as particularly unhappy. He pulled to the corner, the windows of his big dark blue Buick rolled up, […]

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