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Talk Up The Gospel by Steve Sjogren


I have heard a lot of speculation about the utter demise of spontaneous evangelistic conversations such as verbalizing the Gospel to strangers. I understand the observations of these prognosticators but I disagree with them. It’s true that people are more isolated than ever as they burrow more and more deeply into their self-made digital worlds, but there’s […]

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Power Of Soulad Steve Bowen


s·poslední·v·cy The steadfast adherence to the same principles, nebo nastavit kurz, pobytu hřiště den co den, a týden co týden a rok a rok se. Já jsem připomněl Quest filmu Galaxy. Kapitán, který byl obvykle v potížích uvedla,, “Nikdy nevzdá, nikdy se nevzdávat.” Za deset let jednoduchým […]

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Nepoužívejte odejít… To se týká! Dr. Gary Oslaďte


Every Tuesday a group of us geezers play golf together. We have a lot of competitive fun and we share some about what God is doing in and through us. You see, geezers in today’s world are not like they were even a generation ago. Vlastně, one of my favorite books is entitled, “Turning […]

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What’s In A Name? by Randy Bohlender


History does not tell us if Earnest Shackleton was a particularly religious man, but surely he was prophesying when he christened his ship The Endurance. Even though he understood the overwhelming challenge he face in attempting the first march across Antartica, so much happened that he could not possibly have anticipated. How would he have […]

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The Crystal Cathedral – BTW, How’s Your Definition Going? Steve Sjogren


What lessons can we draw from the demise of the Crystal Cathedral? No matter what you think of that congregation, know that at one time it was a thriving model on the American landscape of churches. It was an amazing, trend-setting place that was super creative. Things slowly changed however. Mostly the Cathedral stopped defining […]

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