Talk Up Evangelium Steve Sjögrenův

Slyšel jsem hodně spekulací o naprostém zániku spontánních evangelizačních rozhovorů, například slovně evangelium s cizími lidmi. Chápu pozorování těchto prognostici, ale nesouhlasím s nimi. Je pravda, že lidé jsou více izolované než kdy jindy, protože hrabat stále hlouběji do svých vlastnoručně vyrobených digitálních světů, but there’s another side to this digital coin. It’s also true that an emotional vacuum is created when people cut themselves off from significant people contact and a greater openness is created for connections with others – yes, even strangers. As people around you venture further into their digital rabbit holes at the same time they grow increasingly open to people contact.

Here’s what I think: people are lonelier now than they were just a few years ago before the digital world made the advances it has. They are now open to conversations with strangers as they once were. A familiar cycle has been created. What was true a few decades ago – people acting friendly to total strangers and being open to conversation about the Gospel – is true once again. This is not just good news – it groundbreaking for all who love Jesus and are seeking to extend the Kingdom of God. This is an amazing time to be alive in this world. This will be a lasting trend worldwide. After all, cell phones are everywhere – so is the isolation and influence that goes with it.

Let’s be wise in these ways and move on the opportunities before us.

Power Of Soulad Steve Bowen


The steadfast adherence to the same principles, nebo nastavit kurz, pobytu hřiště den co den, a týden co týden a rok a rok se.

Já jsem připomněl Quest filmu Galaxy. Kapitán, který byl obvykle v potížích uvedla,, „Nikdy nevzdá, nikdy se nevzdávat.“

For a decade a simple sign was on my desk which declared,“Never give up. It’s aways too soon to give up.“

Consistency doesn’t give up. It sets it’s course and stays true to it’s principles.

Consistency is the common thread woven into the life of those who are called to change their world for Jesus.

David Wilkerson living in NY was always there…going out into the community, talking with people, encouraging seekers, and taking risks.

Floyd McClung living in Amsterdam and Afghanistan was out day by day, having conversations with people along the Hippy Trail, breaking down barriers, building bridges and loving people into a relationship with Jesus.

Billy Graham really didn’t ever change… His message was simple, direct to the point month by month year by year. “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.”

Loren Cunningham mobilized the youth of many generations into their world encouraging young people to pray, to go, to believe, to serve, and to care.

Steve Sjogren learned the art of serving his community by going, doing and serving. He lives out his values by serving others with small acts of kindness consistently.

Mike Pilivochi and Soul Survivor in the U.K. serve, worship and share the good news, impacting thousands in Manchester, and London with Soul in the City.

How do you know when serving is beginning to impact a community?

1. People you serve begin to define your church in a positive manner.

Hint: we are all already defined by our community, both positively and negatively.

The good news, we have a major part to play in creating a positive image.

If you want to know how your community defines your church go out into your community and ask.

A sample question: When you hear the name of our church (say name of church) what comes to your mind?

A few years ago living in Florida I went out into our community. I asked. I found out we were known as the church that no longer existed. We were the church that had a nasty in-house disagreement and had split and died.

Slowly, but surely the tide turned. The church is now know as a major caring force and is respected in the community with 6 satellite locations. How did they change? They began to identify who they were and who they were call to be. They also discovered their mission and began pursue their mission and to serve others.

Oh, you’re that pretty good church that serves the community!

A couple of years ago I lost my phone. I went to my phone provider with an old phone to activate. When I went to the desk I was asked, „What business name is your phone under?“ I said, „the Dayton Vineyard.“ The lady standing next to me exclaimed: „Oh you’re that pretty good church that serves the community! I’ve heard about what you guys do.“ I asked, „What have your heard?‘ she then related examples of the positive things she and others have heard and seen us do. Humbly, but joyfully I replied, „Yep that’s us, we’re just pretty good.“ I walked away encouraged. I thought, it really does work. What you sow is you reap.

How does happen? It’s simple, hard work. Sixteen years of hard work sowing, caring, praying, going, being out there in season and out of season.

We are consistent. Our consistency has given us favor and redefined ‘church’ to much of our community. Often people come to see what a pretty good church looks and feels like. Many become Christ followers as they hear our message and and observe our lifestyle.

2. You will discover you have favor with your community.

We know we need God’s favor to be upon our lives and upon what we do. So we seek to humble ourselves and ask Jesus to place His favor upon us as a church. He is the one who builds His Church. He is the only one who can bring the increase. He is the only one who opens doors and gives us favor with the people in our community. He is the one who gives us favor with mayors, school systems, park departments, and people of influence.

God’s favor is what empowered Daniel, Esther, Joseph and Jesus to impact the people within their sphere of influence. In fact the early church‚Měl přízeň,en all the people‘ and Jesus ‚grew in favor with God and man.‘

How do you gain favor with God and man?

You ask Jesus for His un-merited favor to increase upon you and your church.

You serve where you are, with what you have, while you can.

God honors faithfulness. As you faithfully serve others your heart will most probably lean toward loving what God loves. Having his heart for your community will also increase His favor upon your actions bringing you favor with the people you serve.

You learn to serve others with the attitude of Christ. (see Philippians Chapter 2.) The chapter defines true humility, embracing genuine love, developing a serving attitude, and serving others with a servant heart.

How do you learn to love like Jesus loves? By serving others.

In season and out of season…consistency is the key.

It’s consistently showering your community with good deeds done with the love Jesus gives. It’s living consistently with the favor and grace that God provides. It’s being out in the community in which we live, day in, day out. It’s being wise. It’s how you act toward every person who talks to you about the hope you have within you.

Paul sums it up this way…

Let us not become weary v doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 NIV

No great secret why serving churches are energized, thriving, and growing. It’s simple: Someone is praying. Someone is serving. Someone is loving. Someone is caring. Someone is going out into the community and sharing Gods love… consistently.

Nepoužívejte odejít… To se týká! Dr. Gary Oslaďte

Každé úterý skupina nás Geezers hrát golf spolu. Máme hodně konkurenční zábavy a my podělit o to, co Bůh dělá v nás a skrze nás. Vidíte, Geezers v dnešním světě nejsou jako oni byli před generací. Vlastně, jedna z mých oblíbených knih je oprávněn, "Zapnutí stříbra ke zlatu: Jak se k zisku v nové Boomer Marketplace "Mary Furlong. I když se autor zaměřuje na peníze, Její myšlenky jsou na špici nového ducha doby, který je bere západní svět bouří, a ti, pochopit, že těží enormně.

Bohužel, jen málo křesťanů dokonce se zdá být vědom toho, co se děje na kulturně, duchovně a příbuzensky a přesto to může být nejdůležitější duchovní hnutí od té doby Luther zpíval, "Kladivo", a šel do Wittenberg hradu. Například, kolik z vašeho "Outreach orientované" lid slyšel o "Smyslem ceny"? V poslední době dostal pět inovativní mužů a žen $100,000.00 Účel Prize ocenění za své "sociální inovace" a zapojení do "Encore Kariéra"! Já jsem doufal, že je jedním z dalších příjemců.

Tito lidé jsou všude 55 a odmítli odejít do důchodu. Místo toho se rozhodl odkazuje to používat svůj čas, moudrost, zkušenosti a peníze, udělat něco velkého pro svět. )

Srovnejme to s tím, co příliš často děje v kostelech po celém USA. Jednou jsem seděl vedle odchází do důchodu viceprezident nadnárodní korporace při letu do Singapuru. Když zjistila, že moje misijní záměry sdílel, že je věřící, který se učí v nedělní škole každý týden. Byl na cestě do hovořit na konferenci o využití videa telekonference vyškolit manažery po celém světě. Zeptal jsem se, co to bude dělat, když odešel do důchodu. "Hrát golf,"Řekl.

Naléhal jsem ho, aby zvážila práci s křesťanské organizace nastavit konferencí pro lidi, jako jsem já. Mohl jsem zůstat doma a pořád učí po celém světě. Řekl, že, "Nemyslím si, že můj Pastor by mi dovolte, abych k tomu, že. Nebyl jsem na semináři nebo cokoliv. Jsem jen laik. Jsem si jistý, že bude dovolte mi, abych i nadále učit nedělní školu ačkoli. "Jejda" Myslel jsem, že! "Nauč nedělní školu, když křesťanský svět zoufale potřebuje mezinárodní vyškolený vůdce; s penězi?"

Cincinnati má přes dvacet tisíc mužů a žen v důchodu od P&G, DEJTE, Kroger, etc, kteří mají finanční zdroje, čas, Široké zkušenosti, kreativní mysl a duchovní hloubka. Kolik Pastýři, ale jejich vybavení používat své dary, talent a nápady, jak dosáhnout světa? Jeden z mých přátel ostřílených věřit, má více než 200 patenty, ale jeho církev nemá tušení, jak popustit uzdu své kreativitě. Dalším je zakladatelem $100 milionů dolarů společnost, která každá církev, Ministerstvo a mise v Americe mohl použít. Jediný okamžik, kdy je osloven svými ministry, je darovat na jiné budovy. Jeden muž se pravidelně žádal trénovat než zisk o etice, ale není žádal, aby učil ve svém domovském kostele.

Starý kostel paradigma shora dolů organizačních byrokracií s obrovskými budovami je dokončena. Většina lídři se stále snaží budovat pro minulé generace střediska Pew sedící. Jen si myslím,, mohou nabízet ceny pro inovační podnikatele, kteří mění svět pondělí do soboty. "Zkušení Věřící" nezapadají do strategického plánu něčí pokud to není na podporu rozpočtu, nebo najmout výslužbě ministra, aby autobusové zájezdy muzea vytvoření.

Vedení časopisy mluvit o zaměstnávání mladých lidí, kteří mají otevřený novým myšlenkám. Ve skutečnosti se mnoho mladých lidí uvízl v jejich vlastních krátkozraké přátelství. My, kteří jsme byli novátoři všechny naše životy jsou připraveni vést nové podniky pro království. Dopřejte nám s úctou a pochopením a zeptejte se nás vytvářet své vlastní způsoby, jak se dostanete k lidem kolem nás. Odměna nás tím, že víme, co se děje, a stříbro na naše vlasy mohou být zlato jakékoliv Pastor s odvahu nás obrátit volné.

Zde je tajemství o Steve Sjögrenův. Jako pastor nebál zaměstnat starší, moudřejší šedé vousy zkušenější než on. Steve hledal silné muže a ženy, pak povýšen a potvrdil jejich. Jako výsledek vypadal jako hrdina. Být génius. Recruit spoustu ostřílených věřících, ale nedrží ruce nebo navrhnout autobus jede navštívit muzeum!

PS. Vzhledem k tomu, původně psaní tohoto článku v 2009, Bůh dal některé zkušený věřících v SLS šanci oslovit rodinám se zdravotně postiženými dětmi. Církve mají jich nevšímal, ale zoufale chtějí naučit, jak mít vztah s Bohem, aby jim pomohla prostřednictvím jejich bojů.

Zpříjemněte živých systémů

®Building životnost skvělých vztahů.

Co je v názvu? Randy Bohlender

Historie nám neříká, zda Earnest Shackleton byl obzvláště zbožný muž, ale jistě mu prorokoval, když se pokřtil svou loď Endurance. I když pochopil ohromující výzvu se potýkají ve snaze první pochod Antarktidě, tak se stalo, že nemohl předvídat.

How would he have known…

  • That the ice would be early in the fall of 1914, leaving them trapped in the ice, far from their goal by January of 1915?
  • That the spring melt of 1915 would not free their ship, but that it would remain fast until October?
  • That once the ice did begin to shift, rather than breaking free, his ship would be crushed, leaving his men to abandon the craft, only to stand on the ice staring down through the hole where the ship used to be?

How would he have known…

  • That he and his men would spend 497 days either on the ship or on ice floes before they set foot on land once again?
  • That once they found their way to land, it would be Elephant Island, one of the most inhospitable places on earth.
  • That he would be forced to split the party, and a portion of them would have to once again take to their open boats for a fifteen day sail through a storm that sunk a 500 ton steamer?
  • That his portion of the party would include McNish, a carpenter that he threatened to shoot for insubordination, but recognized that he would need his skills later.

How would he have known…

  • That on their second landing, they would put ashore on an island that was inhabited, but find themselves on the opposite side of the whaling camp, separated by a glacier never before crossed by man?
  • That after climbing the glacier with little or no climbing equipment, they would need to slide down the other side through thick fog, sitting in shovels for sleds? When his men objected, Shackleton is credited with saying “Well, we very well can’t go back…”.

In the end, Shackleton worked to collect each of his men and returned to England having not lost a life in the journey. How could he possibly have known that when he named his ship The Endurance?

As leaders, we chart the course for our initiatives early with a hundred finite decisions that work together to establish the culture for our ministry.

  • Do you cancel an outreach because it rains? You’ll cancel it for other reasons.
  • Do you boldly approach strangers or hang back, waiting for them to make the first move? You’ll hang back your entire life.
  • Do you lead by example, knowing it’s going to be harder – and more rewarding – than you expected?

Ministry – as much as Shackleton’s odyssey – requires an uncommon endurance. The same goes for those of you on the adoption journey. Going in, you know there’s a lot to it.

You can’t pre-imagine every struggle that will materialize. At the end of the journey, you innately know it was worth it all, even if it required every bit of your endurance.

You might as well get used to the idea and call it what it is.

Crystal Cathedral - BTW, Jak se vaše definice Chystáte? Steve Sjogren

Jaké poučení si můžeme čerpat ze zániku Crystal Cathedral?

Bez ohledu na to, co si myslíte o tomto sboru, vím, že v jednom okamžiku to bylo prosperující model na americké krajině kostelů. Byl to úžasný, trend-nastavení místa, která byla mimořádně kreativní.

Věci se však pomalu změnila. Mostly the Cathedral stopped defining itself to the public, both locally and nationally. For whatever reason her leaders assumed that the public knew all about this place. That was a common but poor assumption. They were forgotten.

Church plants usually do a good job of defining themselves to their community in their initial phase. It’s imperative that a new church clarify why they exist and how they are distinct in their community. I’m not too worried about new plants, but I am quite concerned about the next phase most plants go through. It’s easy to forget those initial lessons learned and fall into a pattern of an inward focused on money, facilities, staff – and forget what got us to that point of initial momentum. Then BOOM! We become stuck in a cycle of irrelevancy.

If we don’t regularly, clearly define ourselves to our community – through strong acts of generosity, love and service – those around us will have no idea that we even exist. We will soon have no worries about our facilities, money or staff because there will be no one coming!

The church I lead in Oregon has been in Newberg for over 100 years (just SW of Portland). It is well-known to other Christians (18% of the city) but virtually camouflaged to the rest of the people for whom God so loves that he sent Jesus to suffer and die.

Things are beginning to change. We have taken to serving the city in a variety of ways. We are going door to door with hamburgers – squeegeeing windshields at gas stations – cleaning toilets at public places – and using the doors those projects create as connections to share Christ at whatever level fits.

To get back to where we started – if we do a bang up job of defining ourselves by serving we will soon become relevant. We need to make a profound impression on those around us in a truckload of ways. The ways you serve can vary greatly according to your community’s needs. God will speak to you are you pray a famous biblical prayer, “Here we are. Send us!” He absolutely loves to answer that prayer. Count on it. He will speak to you. You will not be forgotten.

Photo by Sarah Mount