Evangelizzazione chiave: Avviare la conversazione! da Broocks Rice

Nel mio precedente articolo “L'evangelizzazione non è solo rapporto” Ho presentato che non dobbiamo esitare a condividere il Vangelo, anche se non abbiamo un rapporto con la persona. La mia speranza è quella di convincere la gente a parlare del Vangelo. Sì, predicazione il Vangelo a coloro che vengono in contatto con.

Se proviamo a costruire un rapporto autentico con qualcuno e non ricordare la nostra fede sia una delle due cose è vera. O questo rapporto non è molto profonda o la nostra fede non è .

Eppure, Grande Anima-vincitori sono anche relazionale intelligente. Loro sono bravi a iniziare conversazioni che alla fine portano a Dio e al Vangelo. E 'inoltre fondamentale ricordare che l'evangelizzazione passa attraverso l'ascolto, non solo parlando.

Il principio vorrei presentarvi si chiama SALE: SCrostata di una conversazione, Ask domande, LIsten, e poi Tell la storia.

In molti casi, quando alla ricerca di modi per coinvolgere i non credenti, è fondamentale per chiedere loro domande e poi sinceramente ascoltare prima di presentare il Vangelo. Quanto più si ascolta credenze altrui o mancanza, più si ascolta quando si racconta la storia del Vangelo e come ha influenzato te.

Per quanto riguarda iniziare una conversazione va - non ho mai visto gente più disposta a discutere Dio e le cose spirituali come lo sono ora. Basta ricordarsi di rispettare la persona con cui stai parlando, ascoltando con attenzione a quello che dicono. Sarete stupiti a come restituire il favore.

Abbiamo sviluppato uno strumento per aiutarvi a coinvolgere le persone intorno a voi in questo modo. Si chiama Il test di Dio. Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare GodTest.Org oppure RiceBroocks.Com

Evangelisti di incredulità da Rice Broocks

Sono stato profondamente sfidato dagli sforzi instancabili degli uomini e delle donne che portano avanti la causa del “nuovo ateismo” nei cuori vuoti degli occidentali postmoderni.

Natura aborre il vuoto così, in assenza di fede, miscredenza o ateismo diventa l'anti-cause. La missione di questi crociati atei è di liberare il mondo (especially the young) of religious faith and “superstition.” They carry their message with zeal and with the confrontational style that rivals any fundamentalist preacher. In short, they seek converts – people who will “repent” of religion and follow the secular path to freedom.

Caricatures of the worst aspects of religion make it easy to gain people’s attention. Lumping all religions together, it becomes one monstrous “straw man” that can easily scare the average listener more than hell itself. Tragically, they are gaining momentum, especially in the arena of the university campus and the media.

If this were a boxing match, the Church would be sitting on a stool in the corner of the ring, dazed and confused and doubting whether we were really “called” to this fight. What can we learn from their efforts?

Talking to Ourselves

First and foremost: We must start engaging our culture with the Gospel beyond the church walls and stop just talking to ourselves. The majority of the effort we exert as Believers is talking to fellow Christians about being better Christians.

“Missional Church” is a term we debate vs a real mission we do. We have deceived ourselves by not obeying the Word ( James1:22).

Most of the people in our churches have heard enough to be teachers themselves, but are defenseless against the basic arguments and accusations of the opposition.

The Gospel is the answer to the cries of the human heart, but the lack of zeal to proclaim it demonstrates our lack of faith in its power.

We can also see that if we don’t step up and speak a clear message, the enemies of the Gospel will gladly take our place.

History has shown that God will allow a Goliath to taunt His people, knowing that someone like David will be provoked into action.

May we be shaken out of our stupor, get off the stool and get back into the fight for this generation.

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L'evangelizzazione non è solo di relazione da Rice Broocks

Or “You don’t have to know a drowning person to save their life.”

There has been enormous emphasis placed on the need for relationship with people as the prerequisite for evangelism. Tanto che alcuni arrivano fino a dire che il rapporto con gli altri dovrebbe essere l'unico motivo e non il programma segreto di evangelizzazione.

Relationship-Relationship-Relationship…This seems to be the word of the hour. I spoke to church planters who had not succeeded in their efforts to launch a ministry. As I dug deeper it became apparent that they made a lot of friends and very few disciples. In fact they admitted, they rarely got to the Gospel. “We focused on building relationships first.”

So here’s the question: how soon should the Gospel be introduced in a relationship with someone?

Looking at the ministry of Jesus, many times He spoke directly to people in their first encounter.

  • The woman at the well
  • Nicodemus
  • Legion – He cast the devil out of him during their first meeting. Jesus called people to follow Him with no relationship at all. (It doesn’t appear that He even had introduced Himself fully yet.)

Paul had a similar pattern in his witness.

He preached immediately after his salvation.

He was beaten and suffered as a result.

He confronted strangers in Athens, in Macedonia, in much of what was recorded in Acts.

I believe that the Gospel comes sooner in biblical examples of witness not later. For me, the Gospel has actually produced authentic, lasting relationships with others.

Things to remember:

Preaching the Gospel takes boldness.

The Spirit must fill us with His passion and power. If we are honest, our reluctance to preach the Gospel may just be a case of being a man pleaser or being ashamed of the Gospel.

Preaching produces persecution.

It’s much easier to say nothing. If the Apostles would have only done community service or waited on tables they would not have been persecuted as severely. If they hated Him they will hate us. We are an aroma of life to the saved and an aroma of death to those who are perishing.

Preaching the Gospel produces faith.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. No preaching means no faith. In order for them to believe they are going to have to hear the Gospel.

I certainly believe building relationships is important.

Many times it takes a number of hearings of the Gospel to be saved. I also believe there is wisdom in knowing when we should speak to people about Christ and how we can maximize the impact of our witness.

Someone recently told me “We must earn the right to be heard.” As I pondered this statement, something didn’t sit right with me. As much as I tried to understand what he really meant I couldn’t help but think that according to the Scripture, Jesus earned that right for me as well. We preach in the authority and righteousness He earned through His life and death.

In fact if a person’s eternal soul is at stake then we should have some sense of urgency in our efforts. Remember, you don’t have to know a drowning person to save their life.