Itigil ang nagsasabing "Unchurched"? ni Stephen Gray

Ako ay isang napaka-kagiliw-giliw na pag-uusap sa isang kasamahan kamakailan (Darrell MacLearn) tungkol sa paggamit ng term na "unchurched" upang ilarawan ang isang tao. Ito ay isang napaboran termino sa karamihan sa atin sa mundo simbahan. Pero, dapat naming gamitin ang termino upang ilarawan ang mga labas ng simbahan?

Muna, itakda natin ang hanay ng mga terminolohiya. When most of us refer to the church, in theory we mean “the people of God,” however in our practice we often refer to the “Unchurched” to refer to those who have not entered into the doors of our location, place of meeting or at least someone’s place of meeting. Usually the term “unchurched” focuses in on conventional models of “church” and builds a case for doing it another way. In doing so, even those who look to another mode of “church” have reduced the use of the term unchurched to a program or method of operations. Does that make sense?

If that is the case, then we are saying, “If you fall into my node, method and style of “church” then you are good.” Pa, we all know that there are many in today’s church (conventional way of speaking) who are not Christians. By using the term, are we inferring that if someone is no longer “unchurched” then they are ok? Could someone who attends our church become churched and yet unchristian? The quick answer is “Of course!" (if you are using the term church incorrectly). Darrell was right!

Secondly, as my colleague shared, speaking to someone about being unchurched is like saying they are “un-bingoed,” and our goal is to make them Bingo players and therefore bingoed. The goal has little to do with their soul. As long as they are bingoed, they are ok. So the goal becomes to get people “churched” and less focus is placed on life-transformation.

Ben Sigman, pastor of Timberlake Church and a good friend of mine said, “We should stop using unbiblical terms to define the church, like attractional and missional, which you fidn no where in scripture, and instead talk about transformational churches.” It was a good point and one we should all pay attention too.

Maybe we should be careful as well using terms like “unchurched” and find a way to talk in terms of those not yet transformed by Jesus. That levels the playing field doesn’t it? What do you think?

Mga aralin mula sa pudpod Ang Cat…nudging ng mga iba sa Kristo sa pamamagitan ng Austin Cooper

Kailangan ko bang aminin na ginamit ko upang mapoot cats. Hindi ko kailanman maintindihan kung bakit isang tao ay nais ng isang hayop na Itinatago 20 oras ng araw at hisses sa iyo ang iba pang mga 4 oras kapag ito nagpasya ang biyaya mo sa kanyang presensya. I see all the “cute” kitten pictures girls post on Facebook and all I can think is “You need a dog in your life.” Strangely enough though, my perceptions of cats have taken a complete 180 turn in the past several months due to a stray cat named Stubby that visits our house from time to time. Stubby has not only done well for his entire species, but he has highlighted a great truth that too many of us as Christians forget: Genuine small acts of love push people toward Christ no matter how far away they are from His Grace.

Stubby started coming to our doorstep early this winter and I wanted nothing to do with him. My wife and I would sometimes put out some scrap food for Stubby. He would eat it and then go his way. I liked his lack of neediness but one night it got down to 20 degrees outside so I agreed to let him in for about an hour, but no longer. While he was in our house he was playful, well behaved, clean, and actually showed his love toward us with many small gestures. After his hour was up I kicked him outside with some warm towels that he could shelter under. A week later cold weather returned and Stubby was at our door waiting for us when we got home. This time I agreed to let Stubby stay the entire night. At about 3 am I woke up to a shifting of weight at the foot of our bed. Stubby had cuddled up and was purring more than any cat I ever heard before. All of my instincts told me “KICK HIM OFF”, but I decided to let him stay. Time and time again this has happened and now when we come home Stubby is usually waiting for us doing backflips for us to come in. I have bought him play toys, I let him stay whenever he wants, he has met all of my friends, I have bought him Meow Mix, and yes I let him sleep in our bed whenever he wants. I am officially still a dog man, but little experiences over time with Stubby has me rethinking how I view cats because now I can truly say I love Stubby and look forward to seeing him every day. At first I didn’t understand what was happening, but now I see it clearly. Stubby was working a plan. Bit by bit, Stubby was nudging me toward a relationship with him.

This experience teaches a great lesson about how we as Christians need to reach out to the Lost.

There are many people in this world who are not yet ready to accept Christ. They are “Not-Yet Believers.” They are open to a gesture of kindness and love that can nudge them closer to being ready to accept Christ. Recently, I’ve heard pastors use the analogy of golfers on a golf course to represent those who are on a journey toward coming to Christ at various points of readiness to accept Christ. Some golfers are right on the green and ready to putt their ball into the hole (accept Christ), while others are so far away from the hole it wouldn’t work all that well for a putter to move them. For the person that is far away from the hole, a simple act of love can be used to get them closer to the hole where the golfer can use a putter to nudge them into the hole (to accept Christ) so that progress will take place. Progress takes place all along the golf match no matter which club is used. The lesson learned is this – use the appropriate club depending on where the ball lies, not on your affinity for a particular club. Learn to use a number of clubs!

Too many times in evangelism we focus on the end result and we want to rush people there without taking the time to show them who God is through small acts of genuine love. There are many people who are so distant from accepting Christ, that a push in His direction with a practical service may be all that God asks at that moment. I like to think that our small obedient acts of love give the lost a first impression of who God really is, and how much He loves them. If I think about my relationship with Stubby, he did not come in and demand that he sleep on my bed and eat my food right away. I would have promptly kicked him off my property. Gayunman, little genuine acts of love over time gave me a first impression of cats and brought me to the point where I was ready to dive in to whatever Stubby wanted. When we grasp the truth that God uses even our small acts of love to draw the Lost to Himself, it inspires us to live a life that is bursting out with the love and kindness God has shown us. Every small act of our life becomes meaningful simply because a small act of love shown to an Unbeliever could be all God needs to draw them to a better understanding of who He is, which in effect draws them closer to accepting Jesus’ love.

Our church has recently caught fire on giving people within our community a first impression of who God is. As we focus on giving the Lost a little nudge closer to Jesus we like to perform small acts of kindness such as passing out free water on a hot day, passing out free candy, doing free car washes, raking leafs for free, or any free service that aims just to show people that God loves them in a practical way with no strings attached. The people we are serving often say, “I have never felt so loved by a Christian” or “I have never heard of a church doing something like this just to tell me God loves me”. Over time we have seen the fruit of nudging people towards Christ through small acts of love.

If Stubby can use small genuine acts of love to bring me to a place where I admit that I love cats, how much more can God use our small, genuine acts of love overtime to bring an Unbeliever to a place where they accept Him.

Hang in there as the ball moves closer to the hole. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will inspire you to have patience.


Paghahatid ng Sama-sama = lumalagong Sama-sama sa pamamagitan ng Austin Cooper

“Enjoyed spending my morning with the kids and my church family doing a Winter Survival kit outreach!! It’s an awesome experience and I am so thankful to be able to have the opportunity to teach my kids how to show Gods love in simple, practical ways.”

“I am blown away by God’s mercy, just to be a part of His work…it’s amazing!!! Today we got the opportunity to drive a little boy and his sister, whom we met on an outreach, to church and he said are you taking us to Jesus’ house??? He was SO excited! What a blessing to be able to be used by God to draw people into Himself…we are SO unworthy!!! It BLOWS my mind.”

These quotes are real Facebook posts from two different people in our church that have occurred in the past month. As a culture of Servant Evangelism is enveloping our church there seems to be a two part blessing that has occurred from our church developing an outward focus: a blessing for us as a church and a blessing for the people we are reaching by showing them God’s love in simple and practical ways. Nothing highlights these two blessings better than the two Facebook posts above.

In August of 2010 our church started participating in Servant Evangelism. As a church we did a kindness outreach on a Saturday from 10am-noon once a month in which we served people in very simple and practical ways such as $1 car washes (wash a car and give away the dollar), leaf raking, toilet cleaning, soda and water giveaways, washing windows, atbp. When we were asked by the people we were serving why we were doing this we would just respond, “We wanted to show you that Jesus loves and cares for you in a practical way.” Furthermore, we passed out a card with a big smiley face on the front that says: “We hope this small gift brightens your day, there are no strings attached. We just want to let you know God loves you.” We had so much fun we decided in January of 2011 to start doing the kindness outreaches twice a month. Finally in June of 2011 we decided to completely dive in and start doing a kindness outreach every single week whether we have 1 person show up or 20 (trust me there has been plenty of weeks where we have had only 1 person show up to an outreach, but God still uses it) and we have seen the outpour of blessings that God has put upon our church, both from the inside and the out.

From the very beginning of our outreach efforts it became apparent that God was using this outward focus to bless and bring our church together. Whenever we step out and look to further God’s kingdom there is a great deal of joy involved. I have never felt or seen strangers within a church grow to become a loving family quicker than when we are serving others in fun and practical ways. When we set out on our outreaches whether it be simply giving away soda or putting on a block party there is an overwhelming sense that God’s Spirit is going before us and just as in Acts 13:52 which says, ““And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit” there is a great deal of fun, bonding, and joy involved. Lahat kami narinig ang parirala: "Ang isang pamilya na sama-sama prays nananatiling magkasama" na rin ang gusto kong sabihin "A simbahan na naghahain ng sama-sama ay lumalaki." Paglago Nangangahulugan ito na tumatagal ng lugar sa parehong pisikal at espiritwal. The two Facebook posts at the top of the page illuminate this truth greatly. Diyos blesses sa amin ang pinakadakilang paraan posible kapag kami pagpalain iba.

Of course our ultimate goal in reaching out to others in our community is to allow God to use us to bring those who he chooses to a place where he can draw them to Himself. When we pass out sodas, or chap stick, or whatever it may be we always pray that God’s spirit will use such a simple, material thing to change someone’s heart towards him. I like to think that through Servant Evangelism and a simple offer of a 10 second prayer after we serve someone, we are giving people a new and redefined first impression of who Jesus is. This impression destroys any other impression that they may have had in the past through bad experiences with other Christians. We constantly get comments from people who say “I have never heard of a church that would do something like this” or “I have never felt so blessed and loved by a simple act of kindness”.

After consistently serving every Saturday for just an hour and a half for 6 months we have started seeing many of the people we have reached out to come to our church on Sundays where they get to hear in even more detail about who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

At a recent free block party outreach we put on I met a student, introduced him to Christ then baptized him. This was one of the neatest moments of my life. We have multiple people in our church picking up those who we have met during kindness outreaches and bringing them to church (i.e. second Facebook post at the top). We have people that have never been to church before coming in our doors and actually enjoying it. The truth is God chooses to bless those who are warriors for his kingdom. Strangely enough our warriors clean toilets, rake leaves, mow yards, and pass out soda, however sometimes there is nothing more fulfilling to us, and useful to God, than to reach out to the Lost providing them with a spotless toilet, a clean looking yard, and a quenched thirst.

Magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo Ay Hindi lamang Relasyon sa pamamagitan ng Broocks Rice

O "Hindi mo na kailangang malaman ang nalulunod na tao upang i-save ang kanilang buhay."

Nagkaroon ng napakalaking diin ilagay sa pangangailangan para sa pakikipag-ugnayan sa mga tao bilang mga paunang kinakailangan para magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo. So magkano kaya na ang ilang mga pumunta bilang malayo bilang nagsasabi na kaugnayan sa iba ay dapat na ang motibo lamang at hindi ang mga nakatagong agenda ng magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo.

Relationship-Relasyon-Relasyon ... Ito ay tila na maging ang salita ng oras. Nagsalita ako sa simbahan planters sino ay hindi nagtagumpay sa kanilang mga pagsisikap upang ilunsad ang isang ministeryo. Tulad ng aking utong mas malalim na ito ay naging maliwanag na sila ay ginawa ng maraming mga kaibigan at napakakaunting mga alagad. Sa katunayan sila pinapapasok, sila bihira nakuha sa Ebanghelyo. "Kami ay nakatuon sa pagbuo ng mga relasyon muna."

Kaya narito ang tanong: paano sa lalong madaling panahon dapat ang Ebanghelyo ay ipinakilala sa isang relasyon sa isang tao?

Naghahanap sa ministeryo ni Jesus, maraming beses na siya nakipag-usap nang direkta sa mga tao sa kanilang mga unang nakatagpo.

  • Ang babae sa well
  • Nicodemus
  • Kakapalan - Siya palayasin ang diyablo out sa kanya sa panahon ng kanilang unang pulong. Hesus na tinatawag na mga tao upang sundin Siya na walang kaugnayan sa lahat. (Hindi ito lalabas na Siya ay kahit na ipinakilala mismo ganap pa.)

Paul ay nagkaroon ng isang katulad na pattern sa kanyang mga saksi.

Siya ipinangaral agad pagkatapos ng kanyang pagliligtas.

Siya ay pinalo at pinagdudusahan bilang isang resulta.

Siya confronted estranghero sa Athens, sa Macedonia, sa karami ng kung ano ang naitala sa Gawa.

Naniniwala ako na ang Ebanghelyo ay mas maaga sa bibliya halimbawa ng mga testigo hindi mamaya. Sa akin, Ebanghelyo ay talagang ginawa tunay, walang pagkupas relasyon sa iba.

Mga bagay na dapat tandaan:

Pangangaral ng Ebanghelyo tumatagal ng katapangan.

Ang Espiritu ay dapat punan sa amin ng Kanyang simbuyo ng damdamin at kapangyarihan. Kung kami ay tapat, ang aming pag-aatubili na ipangaral ang ebanghelyo ay maaaring lamang maging isang kaso ng pagiging isang tao pleaser o pagiging napapahiya ng Ebanghelyo.

Pangangaral naglalabas ng mga pag-uusig.

Ito ay lubhang mas madaling sabihin walang anuman. Kung ang mga apostol sana ay tapos na lamang ng komunidad serbisyo o naghintay sa mga talahanayan hindi nila na-inuusig bilang malubhang. Kung sila kinasusuklaman Kanya sila ay mapoot sa amin. Kami ay isang aroma ng buhay sa mga nai-save na at isang aroma ng kamatayan sa mga taong nabubulok.

Pangangaral ng Ebanghelyo gumagawa ng pananampalataya.

Faith ay nagmumula sa pamamagitan ng pagdinig ang Salita ng Diyos. Walang pangangaral ay nangangahulugang walang pananampalataya. Sa order para sa kanila upang maniwala ang mga ito ay pagpunta sa may upang marinig ang Ebanghelyo.

Ako ay tiyak na naniniwala gusali relasyon ay mahalaga.

Maraming mga beses ito ay tumatagal ng isang bilang ng mga pagdinig ng Ebanghelyo upang mai-save. Din ako naniniwala doon ay karunungan sa pag-alam kung kailan dapat naming makipag-usap sa mga tao tungkol sa Kristo at kung paano namin maaaring i-maximize ang epekto ng aming mga testigo.

May isang taong kamakailan Sinabi sa akin "Kailangan naming kumita ang karapatan na marinig." Bilang ko pondered ang pahayag na ito, isang bagay ay hindi umupo sa kanan sa akin. Bilang magkano bilang Sinubukan kong upang maunawaan kung ano talaga siya nilalayong Hindi ko maaaring makatulong ngunit sa tingin na ayon sa Banal na Kasulatan, Nagkamit si Jesus na tama para sa akin pati na rin. Ipangaral Kami ay nasa kapangyarihan at katuwiran Natamo niya sa pamamagitan ng Kanyang buhay at kamatayan.

Sa katunayan kung walang hanggang kaluluwa ng isang tao ay sa taya pagkatapos ay dapat naming magkaroon ng ilang mga kahulugan ng pangangailangan ng madaliang pagkilos sa aming mga pagsusumikap. Matandaan, hindi mo na kailangang malaman ang nalulunod na tao upang i-save ang kanilang buhay.

Makipag-usap Up Ang Ebanghelyo ni Steve Sjogren

Ako narinig ng maraming haka-haka tungkol sa pagpapamana ng ari-arian bumigkas ng kusang-loob evangelistic pag-uusap tulad ng verbalizing ang Ebanghelyo sa mga hindi kakilala. Nauunawaan ko ang obserbasyon ng mga prognosticators ngunit hindi sumasang-ayon ako sa kanila. Ito ay totoo na ang mga tao ay mas nakahiwalay kaysa kailanman bilang sila lungga higit pa at mas malalim sa kanilang mga self-made na digital na mundo, ngunit mayroong isa pang bahagi sa ito digital barya. Ito ay totoo rin na ang isang emosyonal na vacuum ay nilikha kapag ang mga tao na i-cut-off ang kanilang mga sarili mula sa malaking mga tao sa pakikipag-ugnay at ang isang malawak na pagiging bukas ay nilikha para sa mga koneksyon sa iba - yes, kahit na hindi kakilala. Tulad ng mga tao sa paligid mo venture sa karagdagang papunta sa kanilang mga digital na mga butas kuneho sabay na nagiging sila lumago upang buksan ang mga tao sa pakikipag-ugnay.

Narito kung ano ang tingin ko: mga tao ay mga lonelier ngayon kaysa sila ay lamang ng ilang taon na ang nakalipas bago ang digital na mundo na ginawa ang advances mayroon itong. Sila ngayon ay buksan sa pakikipag-usap sa mga estranghero habang ang mga ito nang isang beses ay. Isang pamilyar na cycle ay nagawa na. Ano ang tunay na ng ilang dekada na nakalipas - mga taong kumikilos magiliw sa kabuuang mga estranghero at pagiging bukas sa mga pag-uusap tungkol sa Ebanghelyo - ay totoo sa sandaling muli. Ito ay hindi lamang mabuting balita - ito groundbreaking para sa lahat na pag-ibig kay Jesus at ang mga naghahanap upang mapalawak ang Kaharian ng Diyos. Ito ay isang kamangha-manghang oras upang mabuhay sa mundong ito. Ito ay magiging isang pangmatagalang trend sa buong mundo. Sa wakas, cell phone sa lahat ng dako - sa gayon ay ang paghihiwalay at impluwensiya na napupunta sa mga ito.

Natin maging matalino sa mga paraang ito at ilipat sa ang mga pagkakataon bago sa amin.