Siku ya Mama Maua giveaway na Janie Sjogren

mothersdayBaadhi ya watu kusahau au kusubiri mpaka dakika ya mwisho ya kupata Mama maua au kadi ya. Maua unaweza kuwa ghali wakati kununuliwa katika duka mmoja mmoja, lakini wanaweza kununuliwa kwa chini ya senti hamsini kwa maua kwa wingi. Your group can probably explain to a local supermarket florist what you are trying to do with your outreach. Given enough advance notice, he or she can order a quantity of carnations and pass the discounted price on to you.

Attach to each flower an outreach connect card and a ribbon. As with a soft-drink or water giveaway, if your’e doing this at a grocery store (where we usually locate), situate yourself by the entrance, not the exit. You’ll want 5+ people per team.

Another version of this is the Secretaries Day or Sweetest Day flower giveaway with a blank card for the giver to write his or her sentients on as a greeting.

Of course, don’t give away flowers near a flower vendor.

Where To Go:

  • Campuses
  • Parks
  • Neighborhoods
  • Sporting Events
  • Downtown
  • Commuters
  • Shopping Centers

What You’ll Need

  • Carnations
  • Ribbons
  • Outreach Connect Cards like those below

Mother's Day Connect Card

Mother's Day Connect Card

Mother's Day Connect Card

Keep It Wikipedia na Steve Sjogren

outreachHata ingawa sisi kuwa na pointi kadhaa hapa kuhusu kuanzia muhimu kuwafikia wazo msingi nyuma ya Fadhili Outreach ni rahisi.

Tabia yangu ni kuruka ndani ya kitu mimi kupata kusisimua na kuchochea mambo juu kama iwezekanavyo. Wakati mwingine kuchochea mambo juu inajenga utata. Maisha tu mtiririko kwamba mwelekeo. Kama wengine kupata maono ya jambo jipya, kabla ya muda mrefu, wazo inaweza kuwa haki ngumu.

Je, kuna njia ya kuweka mambo rahisi? Kabisa!

Outreach ni wote kuhusu jambo moja - kuona watu kuja uhusiano na Kristo. neno "kuwafikia" ni neno zaidi ya jumla ya "uinjilisti." kwanza ni kuhusu wigo mzima wa mambo tunaweza kufanya kwamba kusababisha hadi mtu kuja kwa Kristo. mrefu Uinjilisti ni mrefu zaidi mafupi kwamba inahusiana madhubuti na kuona mtu kuvuka mstari na kuja katika uhusiano kuokoa na Yesu.

Kushika yote rahisi hii, tunahitaji kukumbuka nini sisi ni kuhusu. Sisi si juu ya 1,000 mambo mema ambayo inaweza kuboresha maisha ya watu lakini si ni pamoja na kuona wao kuja kujua Kristo. Kama matokeo ya mwisho ni si kuwaona waongofu basi sisi ni kupoteza wimbo wa nini sisi ni kuhusu. Sisi ni waliopotea katika utata.

Watu ambao kukaa rahisi, ambao ni umakini kama laser, unaweza kuwa karibu rude wakati. Wao huwa na kuwa hivyo ililenga wao kurudisha watu nzuri wanaokuja na mawazo mazuri kuhusu mambo mazuri kwamba atawabariki watu. Kuna kitu kibaya na yoyote ya kwamba. Kuna mengi ya maeneo kwa ajili ya kwamba kwa kweli. Katika eneo la kuwafikia, Hata hivyo, tunapaswa kutembea nje urari wa kutabasamu na wakati huo huo kutembea katika uamuzi gritty kufanya chochote inachukua kujitosa kwenye.

3 Kubwa Outreach Miradi Kwa Spring kwa Janie Sjogren

Spring ni hapa na msimu huu ni fursa kubwa ya kufikia nje kwa jamii yako na kuwaonyesha upendo wa Mungu kwa njia ya vitendo.

Hapa ni tatu kubwa kuwafikia miradi ambayo ni kamili kwa ajili ya spring:

1. Free Car Wash

This is an effective, vitendo huduma. Sisi kutoa kuosha gari kila wiki katika majira ya joto. Have a professionally made banner or sign that says “Totally Free Car Wash!” au “Free – No Kidding – Car Wash!” Have a few people who are not shy, cheerfully yell at cars driving by – “Free Car Wash!” Former cheerleaders are great for this role! This outreach needs a good project manager to organize volunteers, car flow and ensure a quality job.

Purchase high quality car wash soap and do a thorough job – scrub the tires and dry the car. Your hard work will speak volumes about God’s love!


  • Connection Cards
  • Free Car Wash Signs
  • Hoses and nozzles
  • Water Source (important!)
  • Buckets
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Squeegee
  • Tire brushes
  • Towels/Chamois Cloth

Team Size: 8+

Outreach Cost: Inexpensive

Child-friendly: Ndiyo, it’s great fun for kids, but they must be well supervised


2. General Yard Cleanup

After the winter weather is over, all sorts of debris become obvious. Go door to door with gloves, rakes, and trash bags.


Team Size: 2+

Outreach Cost: Free / inexpensive

Child-friendly: No


3. Bottled Water Giveaway

Many people prefer water to soft drinks. Ice down bottles of water in Igloo coolers for an alternative to Coke giveaways. Use the same drink connection cards. We don’t recommend combining this with a soda giveaway because it offers too many options and gets complicated. You can do this anywhere there are a lot of people gathered.


Team Size: 3+

Outreach Cost: Moderate

Child-friendly: No


Don’t forget to give out outreach connect cards during your spring outreaches. If you need high-quality outreach cards, you can click on any of the links above to see the great selection of designs we offer, or simply go to this link below:

Keep walking in the outflow!

Bora Kosa - Kufanya Outreach Alone na Steve Sjogren

mistake(From time to time in Serve I am going to post Excellent Mistakes I have made in outreach over the years. These are “excellent” mistakes because I have learned from them and our typical step of progression is “Two steps forward, one step backward.” Thus, we are making progress in dropping the ball!) Of course we are able to do outreach on our own. We ought to be willing to do significant acts of outreach apart from our need for a team. There is plenty we can do that is accomplished just by ourselves. However in the long run that policy is going to lead to burnout. We will quit if we seek to be a one-person outreach team. We just aren’t wired to do this stuff apart from connecting with others who are similarly wired to us, with both our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Fire left alone has a tendency to go out rather quickly. This is just as true in the spiritual world as it is in a physical realm. We need others who are going the same direction as us in outreach. It is vital that we team up with others who have a similar heart. You can’t go it alone in outreach. You need at least a couple of others to team up with you in order to do this for the long haul. The question is How can we move forward to make it for the distance? How can we proceed in a way that is going to endure? Sprinting down the path for a short bit is simple enough. Many can do that. To make it for a marathon distance takes some careful strategy. Jesus calls us to give our entire lives to his cause, for the rest of our lives. This is a matter of the lordship of Jesus.

Pray. Ask God to supply a sidekick or two. Jesus said, “The fields are white unto harvest. …Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers.” The beginning point is simply to ask God to show up. Jesus also said, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name there am I in their midst.” There is something unfathomably powerful about having our focus on the Lord Jesus. He delights in showing up in our midst when we aim at lifting him up. “If you agree on anything…I will do it.” Amazing power is unleashed when we pray.

Look. Don’t forget to look for the supply of God. He might be in your midst right now doing something great even as you complain and are depressed. A key to progress is having the wherewithal to notice the move of God in both the obvious and the obscure. Pray for truth-tellers to come alongside you to speak words of obviousness to you. Sometimes childlike people will come as a gift to you with the ability to speak plain truth to you. Receive such people with enthusiasm. Take their words to heart.

Start. In the film Forest Gump, Forest begins to jog full-time for reasons not even he understands. He just feels it is important to go for a run, a long run! He runs across the entire United States. When he arrives at one coast he decides to run back the opposite direction again. He doesn’t stop this routine for several years. Forest runs alone for a while, but people start to hear about his run and believe there is something innately spiritual about his trek and slowly other joggers join him. Before long a cadre of fellow runners surround him wherever he runs.
Outreach (and much of leadership!) follows this pattern. Momentum begets momentum. We may not fully understand what we are doing. That’s just fine. Don’t wait until that ethereal point happens. It never will! Just start. Momentum is what life is all about. Without momentum you are either dead or quickly on your way to being dead. Progress happens as you proceed in a willingness to take a stab at the future. Ready, FIRE, Aim.

That’s your mantra from now forward.We need one another in order to do outreach for the long haul. God is going to provide our coworkers. Look for them, but thank him in advance for the amazing team he is sending.


Mimi alikuwa na furaha ya mkutano Steve Sjogren katika mkutano wa yeye kufadhiliwa katika Kings Island Inn katika 1989. Ningalipaswa kitu ilikuwa up wakati mimi waliopotea moja ya yangu 2 mbele meno kuanzisha vifaa vya sauti (hadithi kwa wakati mwingine, but feel free to insert your favorite hillbilly joke here. That began a decade’s long friendship. The coffee we shared spurred great conversations and stories from Steve. His passion helped me both recognize where God had already been developing a servant’s heart in me and inspired me to begin intentionally leading others to love those around us. Here is one of the lessons I have learned that keeps me in the game 25 years later.

This was something I first heard from Steve, but it has played out in one way or another in every project I have participated in. “When you move into servant evangelism you will bump into Murphy’s Law…no, you will move into Murphy’s country!"

It seems that loving your neighbor as yourself is actually difficult – that all that can go wrong tends to go wrong. It’s weird – it didn’t seem so hard when Jesus talked about loving our neighbors.

I actually thought I was getting off easy! Every time we choose to trust Jesus and operate in the gift of the Spirit, LOVE (yes singular, because absolutely every follower of Jesus gets this one!) the Enemy is right there to make sure we don’t like it. If we did like it, we might recognize God’s power is revealed in love, and we might start to share it like it made a difference and actually change the world. To prevent this, our enemy makes sure that Murphy’s Law is powerfully at work through various circumstances, ordinances, personalities and attitudes from the get go so we are frustrated from the get go.

Murphy showed up at the very first outreach I did with Steve at the Cincinnati Vineyard. They were hosting a free carwash (that actually was free—back in the day when that was novel) at Jenny’s Sports Bar on Route 42. I jumped in with both feet and started working hard. I got hot enough that spring day to shed my t-shirt (not nearly as terrifying an image 25 miaka iliyopita) as I pressed into washing fenders, hoods and bumpers. As we began to clean up I started looking for my white t-shirt, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally wandered over to the rag pile and there it was. Someone had used it to polish brake dust from at least a dozen rims. I wrung it out and considered this reward for my labor. Later though 2 stories circulated that made me realize that I would gladly give my shirt every time we served to see God’s love revealed like that.

That experience helped me realize that to deal with Mr. Murphy and not give up we must be both hard and soft. We must be hard to keep serving for the long haul. Hard to the outreach realities of circumstances, ordinances, personalities and attitudes that Murphy employs. Dealing with Murphy requires that we develop a callous over the part of our heart that wants to be right, wants to be in control, wants to look good and most of all be successful. The bad news is that callous is developed the way all good callouses are – through repeatedly being pressed down, pushed on, rubbed and scraped. In a deep sense we need to become hard to the awkward feelings of being foolish, unappreciated and embarrassed. I believe this sacrifice is a pleasing fragrance to our God. If we can grow hard, develop this ability to embrace Murphy, we can enjoy a long season of loving our community into relationship with Jesus.

We must also stay soft. Soft to the voices of those we are serving and those we are serving with. The breath of fresh air for me in this discipline of reaching out in service is the stories that capture a moment in the transformation process. Make time to listen every time you are serving. Whether it is a debrief over food after an event with your co-laborers or stopping your “kindness” to listen to one of the people you are working so hard to reach. Their stories are the catalog of the Holy Spirit’s work in and through you, in a tangible way, the very coming of His kingdom. Don’t be distracted by your work and miss this sweet fruit. As these stories are shared, they create energy for us to continue to reach out.

Love Strong.

4 Hali ya hewa ya joto Outreach Mawazo na Janie Sjogren

Ni kupata joto na hii mabadiliko nini tunaweza kufanya kwa kuonyesha upendo kwa jamii zetu. Kuangalia ugavi yako chumbani, na kufanya baadhi ya spring-kusafisha freshen up kila kitu. kawaida kits choo-kusafisha na windshield kuosha vifaa ni mwanzo, but add some more spark to your outreaches with a good variety of options at the ready. Here are four outreach ideas for warmer weather.

Put A Twist On The Typical Car Wash – Make It a $1 Car Wash

Get big banners that read, “Free Car Wash—No Kidding!” or “$1 Car Wash!” In the $1 Car Wash version, you give the person $1 after washing their car, with a connect card explaining why you are doing this, “This is a simple way to say God loves you, bila kuwa na masharti!"

Set up on a street that has significant traffic flow, with water access and an easy entrance and exit. Use soccer cones to direct traffic where you want it. Create an inviting sitting area with soccer chairs and iced down drinks in a cooler.

Place several high-energy, cheerleader types on corners near your site. Tell them to shake their signs, wave their hands and generally direct people into the car wash.

Make sure to have friendly people to greet the drivers, and to talk to people. Don’t get so busy washing that you forget to pass out a card and an explanation that you are doing this as a community service project to show them a little of God’s love.

Put Your Coolers To Work!

Rolling coolers are great for water and pop outreaches. If your church can afford one, get a large Ice Maker to always have ice at the ready. Coolers also work well to transport hot dogs and hamburgers wrapped in fast-food foil wrappers. The cooler acts like a steamer, and the goods arrive warm. Offer with individually wrapped condiments, and deliver around 11am while people are still hungry.

Ice Cream Coupon Give-Away

Ice cream is a happy food! Buy a quantity of ice cream coupons at a discount. Connect with your local ice cream shop, or with McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A. Explain that you are doing, a community service project, and that you plan on giving the ice cream coupons away.

Places to go include campuses, parks, neighborhoods, sporting events, and skate parks. Give out a Connection Card with each Ice Cream Coupon.

Festival Survival Packs

Where food and drink are being sold as part of a community event, don’t be rude and give away drinks or food. Instead, make up little packs of items in a small zip-lock bag.

Items could include: Towelettes for cleaning sticky fingers, small samples of lotion or suntan cream, a peppermint hard candy to freshen breath, tissues, golf pencils and small pads of post-its or pads made from clean-cut scrap paper.

Don’t forget to give out outreach connect cards during your spring outreaches. If you need high-quality outreach cards, you can click on any of the links above to see the great selection of designs we offer, or simply go to this link below:

4 Masomo Wema Outreach Afundisha Wewe…Lakini Seminari Je, si kwa Samuel Aldridge

Kama muda kamili MDiv mwanafunzi mimi kutumia kiasi ya muda wangu siri nyuma ya laptop yangu na rundo la vitabu na makala journal. Mimi kujadili na kutetea teolojia na wanafunzi wengine, kushindana na Kigiriki na Kiebrania, na kupokea maelekezo juu ya mada kutoka kwa utawala kanisa kwa njia ya mbinu bora ya mawasiliano; Mimi hata kuwa madarasa hasa kujitoa kwa malezi yangu ya kiroho. Lakini hata kwa elimu hiyo ya jumla ya kiteolojia nimeona kuna mambo mengi ambayo tu hawezi kujifunza kuhusu maisha ya Kikristo kutoka seminari darasa, au patakatifu kanisa. Baadhi ya masomo hayo ni kudhani, na wengine ni kupuuzwa, wakati na baadhi ya nadharia tajwa, lakini somo kamwe kweli kujifunza au kueleweka. Ili kujifunza masomo haya tuna kwenda mahali pengine.

Kwangu mimi mahali pengine imekuwa mitaa ya mji kufanya yangu mitaa ya kufikia walio nje Wema. Mimi kukubali kwamba hii ilikuwa kamwe kitu mimi ilianza kufanya kwa lengo la kuelimisha mwenyewe, ilikuwa wote kuhusu watu nilikuwa kuwahudumia, na bado ni, lakini hakuna jambo gani Nadhani kujua, Mimi daima wanaonekana kujifunza kitu kipya kila wakati mimi kwenda nje kwenye mitaa kutumikia. Hivyo bila mengi zaidi ado, hapa ni baadhi ya mambo ambayo Mtumishi Uinjilisti aliyonifundisha ... na seminari ina si.

1. Watu muda mrefu na kupendwa

Mimi waliopotea kuhesabu sasa idadi ya watu kwamba mimi wamekwenda hadi wakati wa Wema kufikia walio nje na majibu imekuwa ama dumbstruck nyuso au machozi. Smiles ni hakika majibu ya kawaida mimi kuwa na ingawa. Wakati mmoja mimi nilikuwa nje kufanya Wema Outreach na mke wangu, kutoa mbali popcorn kwa watu kazini. Yeye tanga katika moja ya biashara na katika tukio hili mimi Hung kuzunguka nje ya kuhifadhi kuangalia kwa kioo kuhifadhi mbele (Nadhani hii ilikuwa ya pekee muda wangu wa pili kufanya Wema Outreach na nilikuwa bado hofu kisha nyuma). Kama mke wangu kutembea nje ya kuhifadhi, baada ya kupewa mbali popcorn, mfanyakazi single, aliyekuwa ameketi kuangalia kuchoka sana na upweke katika duka tupu, alikuwa na tabasamu kubwa katika uso wake. Nadhani tulikuwa tu alifanya siku yake.

Hii inaweza kuonekana kama kitu ambacho lazima hivyo kimsingi kueleweka kwa Wakristo: kwamba upendo wetu si tu inahitajika, lakini pia alitaka. Mara nyingi, ingawa, Nadhani sisi kudhani hii ni hivyo msingi kwa jinsi Mkristo anapaswa kufikiri kwamba sisi waache ni. Wakati wangu katika seminari nimekuwa sehemu ya mijadala kadhaa ambayo inaonekana katika ukuaji wa kanisa, maendeleo na masuala ya mazingira walidhani "matumizi ya mkutano,"Lakini ndani ya mazungumzo haya inaonekana kwamba wazo la kanisa kuongezeka kwa kikamilifu kwenda nje na upendo kwa jamii yake mitaa ni mara nyingi kupuuzwa, inaonekana sisi tu hawana wanaonekana kufikiri kwamba upendo ni nini "matumizi mkutano" anataka. Lakini Wema Outreach aliyonifundisha kwamba upendo ni nini hasa watu wanataka.

2. Community ni hai na vizuri

Mara baada ya, nyuma katika Oktoba, wachache wetu alichukua lori kujazwa na Pumpkins kuzunguka baadhi ya ghorofa vitalu katika mji wangu. Sisi vunjwa hadi kuzuia kwanza ya vyumba na kuanza kuzungumza na kundi la vijana wakasimama katika kura ya maegesho, wao tuko na hamu ya kuchukua baadhi ya Pumpkins. Basi jambo ajabu kilichotokea: watoto walianza kumtia nje ya woodwork kutoka kote isiyohamishika na sumu kabisa umati kote lori kama sisi mitupu nje Pumpkins. Ndani ya dakika chache lori akaenda kutoka kupasuka kamili ya nusu tupu. Sisi alikuwa imeweza kutumika tata nzima na waligonga jumla ya mlango mmoja. Badala jamii aliyoyafanya kazi kwa ajili yetu, watoto walikuwa kukimbia kutoka ghorofa na ghorofa, kuwaambia marafiki wote na familia zao juu ya watu kutoa mbali Pumpkins bure, na kama watu zaidi kupatikana nje wao kwa upande aliwaambia watu zaidi mpaka tata nzima alikuwa na ufahamu wa uwepo wetu.

Mimi naona aina hii ya roho jamii mengi wakati Mimi nje kutumikia jamii, labda mara nyingi wakati mimi karibu wakitoa mifuko ya chakula kwa wale ambao wanahitaji hiyo. Kama mimi kuanza kuzungumza na watu mimi mara nyingi kuuliza kama wanajua mtu mwingine ambaye ni katika haja ya baadhi ya chakula bure, na wakati mwingine mtu shrugs mabega yao, mara nyingi zaidi kuliko mtu hatua nje ya mlango na kuanza akizungumzia nyumba nyingine katika mitaani.

3. Sisi ni sehemu ya single Kanisa Katoliki

Nilipokuwa nje kuwahudumia na mifuko ya bure ya chakula siku nyingine kitu kilichotokea kwamba sikuweza kutarajia. Mimi nilikuwa katika rundown trailer park na waligonga mlango wa moja ya matrekta, kufanya pumzi yangu kuwa ujenzi tete bila kuanguka kama mimi knocked. umri mdogo mwanamke akajibu mlango, mikono yake kujazwa na chakula. Amemwona nini tunafanya na alitaka kuwa sehemu yake na hivyo stuffed tani chakula zaidi katika mifuko kwamba sisi walikuwa wakifanya. Hii kidogo, umri wa mwanamke haikuwa sehemu ya kanisa letu, au hata dhehebu wetu, lakini kama sisi alielezea kwa yake nini sisi walikuwa wakifanya yeye bado alikuwa msisimko kusaidia nje. Katika wakati huo yetu inachukua tofauti kidogo juu ya teolojia walikuwa lisilo, kwa wote wa kwetu mafundisho yetu ya kidini hakuwa na haja ya kwenda yoyote zaidi kuliko "Sisi tuna upendo kwa sababu Mungu alitupenda kwanza."

Watu kutoka kila aina ya asili na madhehebu kwenda nje kufanya Mtumishi Uinjilisti: Wamethodisti, Baptists, Walutheri, Wapentekoste, na wengine wengi. Tuna kila wakati kujadiliwa na vita juu ya theologia yetu, na kuwa katika seminari mbalimbali madhehebu Mimi wakati mwingine kupata mwenyewe kwa kulenga zaidi juu ya jinsi sisi tofauti kuliko jinsi sisi ni sawa. Lakini wakati mimi niko kwenye kwamba doorstep kufanya Wema Outreach, Napenda bat Eyelid kama rafiki yangu kwa siku alikuwa na dhehebu tofauti, kwa wakati huo tunahitaji kwenda hakuna zaidi kuliko "Sisi tuna upendo kwa sababu Mungu alitupenda kwanza." Na hakika sisi, kama kanisa, wanaweza angalau kukubaliana juu ya kwamba kiasi.

4. Na hatimaye ...

Pengine somo muhimu kwamba nimejifunza kutoka kwa kufanya Wema Outreach, Hata hivyo, ni moja kwamba inatokana nje ya uzoefu wangu wote kuwafikia. Ni inatokana nje ya ukweli kwamba watu wanahitaji kupendwa, inatokana nje ya ukweli kwamba jumuiya bado ni muhimu, inatokana nje ya kanisa kuwa na uwezo wa kusimama kwa ujumla umoja, na inatokana na kila mlango kwamba mimi kupitiwa hadi na Mungu ametumia mimi kufanya mabadiliko chanya katika maisha ya mtu: kuwa kuna matumaini kwa kanisa leo. Wema Outreach amenionyesha kwamba kuna njia kwa ajili yetu kwa ufanisi mwanga wa Kristo kwa dunia na, kwamba kupitia kwetu Kristo inaweza kuathiri maisha ya watu isitoshe. Yote ya kufanywa ni kwa ajili yetu kupata kutoka huko na kumtumikia.

Wakati Mtumishi Uinjilisti Huwa mara kwa mara na Marty Boller

outreachMimi nina uhakika wakati neno 'mtumishi uinjilisti' kwanza kufika katika mchezo. Katika siku za mwanzo wa harakati Vineyard, Steve Sjogren ilikuwa ni sauti ya kwanza mimi kusikia kuzungumza juu ya kulenga kanisa jamii nzima ya kuzunguka wazo la kuwahudumia nje kupitia vitendo, vitendo husika ya wema. Vineyard My kanisa katika Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been actively involved with servant evangelism for much of our thirteen years of our existence. Katika 1998, when we started our church, it was common for our small church planting team to be involved in SE events nearly every weekend.

We did free car washes, free water bottle giveaways, free neighborhood leaf-raking, free carnations to moms on Mother’s Day, free snow shoveling, etc. etc. It was common back then that when a new person started coming to our church, we knew they were staying when we saw them at our next giveaway! And while I can’t deny that we did these servant evangelism events in our earliest days because we were trying to plant a new church, over time I believe some of us actually caught the SE bug and decided it was a good thing to do even when it wasn’t all about building a new church. In truth, as I see it, servant evangelism should never be about planting or building a church, but about simply loving people we don’t know. And as Steve Sjogren has so often taught us over the years, words just can’t express how thrilling it is to give something away with no strings attached.

But isn’t it interesting that over time, we Christians can take something that is at its’ core something new and fresh and make it into a routine, or worse yet, a church project? And so it becomes with many churches as we grow and get into facilities of our own. As I look back, I see how my church went from having a ‘freely-received-freely-given’ attitude about servant evangelism to a programming mode that can make SE all about growing our church and measuring for results. Sadly, as we grow larger, the concept of random acts of kindness tend to evolve into highly-developed, well-planned-out programs of servant evangelism. And somehow, someway, the true joy of doing SE for the right reasons is nearly lost.

Today, as I write these words, I’m praying about what it might take in our well-established church to once again return to the carefree, light-hearted spontaneous SE giveaways we once enjoyed when we were smaller. I’m guessing there might be other pastors out there who share that same dream. In recent weeks, I’ve been blogging about what type of changes might need to happen in my thirteen-year-old church in order to get back to the joys of doing simple Kingdom outreach ministry just because Jesus loves it that way. Join me at my blog and chime in on some of your ideas as well. Together with God’s help, I believe we might just see a fresh wave of SE, for His Name’s sake!

Kumsikiliza Mungu ... Kweli? na Jason Taylor

Ilionekana mimi alijaribu yote! Kutoka kuacha maelfu ya mayai kutoka helikopta kwa kutuma kile ilionekana kama mamilioni ya postcards, lakini kanisa letu wala hakuwa na kupata "matokeo" kwamba kila mtu mwingine alikuwa na kujipatia. Mimi walioajiriwa makocha na washauri ambaye aliniambia "jinsi gani" kupanda kanisa. I did everything by the book, but the results were minimal in comparison to what everyone else was “getting”. Was there something wrong with me? Was I really called? Is this really what God wanted me to do, start a church from scratch?

I still remember the day that I just came to a realization that I needed to stop listening to coaches, books, and blogs first and start listening to what God was saying through the Holy Spirit for our church in our town. That’s when everything changed! I remember praying and asking God, “What’s next?” As I stopped and listened, He spoke and we started becoming who God wanted us to be as a church in our town.

Kwa mfano, God said…

  • Move your location 9 miles across town to another school, when you do not have the money to do so- we did, and we started growing and God provided!
  • Set a goal to touch 5,000 people with random acts of Kindness in six months, when we had no dollars for this outreach- we did, and people’s lives were changed forever and God provided!
  • Move again to another location that you cannot afford- we did, and God provided and since that time over 260 people have given their lives to Jesus in our services!

My point is this: There is nothing wrong with coaching, mentors, and blogs, but please LISTEN TO GOD FIRST, and God will use the other voices to implement the vision that He gives you.

5 Uzinduzi wa masomo kutoka Johnny Appleseed na Steve Sjogren

Yohana Chapman, aka hadithi "Johnny Appleseed" alikuwa mmisionari ambao kufikiwa nje ya Wamarekani ya asili katika Bonde la Ohio katika miaka ya 1800 mapema.

Alikuwa yeye Vyombo Wikipedia

Upandaji wake chombo msingi ilikuwa fimbo! Je, una fimbo? Wakati fimbo yake ya sasa walivaa nje alikuta fimbo mpya. Nikasikia hivi karibuni kwa njia ya mzabibu kwamba vijiti bado ni rahisi kupata!

zaidi kufafanua sisi kufanya mipango yetu ya zaidi ya uwezekano ni kwamba tutashindwa.

Yeye Heard Mwaliko

Yeye ilichukua juu ya mwaliko wa Baba kukamilisha kazi yake wa muda mrefu, Basi wakati wa kwenda got mgumu alikuwa na uwezo wa kurudi mwanzo wa yote kwa wakati Mungu bila kosa alizungumza naye kwenda nje katika nafasi ya kwanza.

Yeye Je Majadiliano Kuhusu Outreach, Yeye Je Outreach

Johnny kueleweka ni kuhusu uanaharakati, si tu majadiliano, wala daima maandalizi utafiti, wala yanayotokana ya madaftari zaidi ya baridi mkutano. Alikuwa wote kuhusu kuchukua hatari na kupata huko nje. Kama yeye angekuwa hai katika 2012 kauli mbiu yake itakuwa, "Utume schmissional! Kuacha majadiliano incessant, kuacha kuwa na kuku tu kufanya hivyo kwa ajili Pete ya!"

Je yeye Mambo Small

Haina kuchukua mengi ya mabadiliko ya dunia. vidogo apple mbegu kukua katika ukubwa mti kuzaa matunda katika dunia kupanda kwamba atachukua maelfu ya apples.

Alikuwa mwaminifu

Alikuwa wote katika! Akaiteketeza madaraja yake. Kulikuwa hakuna kurudi.

Yeye Saw Uwezo katika Ulimwengu wa Imani

Baadhi ingekuwa ni vigumu, kama siyo haiwezekani, kufanya huduma ya Johnny kwa sababu ilikuwa ni ya muda mrefu na si mara moja kutimiza. Naye aliitwa na Mungu kufanya jambo kubwa lakini kitu ambacho si ingekuwa kikamilifu kuzaa matunda katika maisha yake.

Kila mbegu ilikuwa mwisho wa kuzalisha mti wa ajabu kwamba ingekuwa kuzalisha maelfu ya apples kwa utukufu wa Mungu. Inachukua aina ya imani Mungu tu anaweza kutoa kuishi kwa mtazamo kwamba. Hatuwezi kufanya kazi kuwa hadi. "Mungu kuwapa yetu uwezo wa kusikia wito wako, bila kujali majira. "

Na mtumishi wa huduma ya uinjilisti matunda inachukua muda kuja juu, lakini uhakika, lakini wakati wa kupanda kanisa hubaki mwaminifu kwa dhati kuwatumikia na kuonyesha ukarimu kwa jamii yao yanayozunguka, matokeo ya ajabu atakuja kuhusu.

Mtu yeyote anaweza kuhesabu idadi ya mbegu katika apple,
Lakini Mungu tu anaweza kuhesabu idadi ya apples katika mbegu.

Robert H. Schuller