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Evangelists of Unbelief by Rice Broocks

I’ve been deeply challenged by the tireless efforts of the men and women that advance the cause of the “new atheism” into the empty hearts of postmodern westerners. Nature abhors a vacuum so in the absence of faith, unbelief or atheism becomes the anti-cause. The mission of these atheist crusaders is to rid the world (especially the […]

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Guerilla Love by Vince Antonucci

Elizabeth Morris is a woman from a small Kentucky town who, two days before Christmas in 1982, was sitting up one night waiting for her son Ted to come home from his job at the mall. He was in college but was home and working a temporary job over Christmas break to make some extra […]

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Who Is Doing The Evangelizing? by Steve Sjogren

I don’t want to sound heretical but I have an observation to make. My friend Fred was prolific at leading people to Christ in the first few years of his Christian life as he came out of the music scene in Los Angeles and pointed something out to me I thought was interesting. He noticed […]

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Motivating the Start-Up by Doug Murren

One of the best ways to build morale in an early work is recording milestones. This can be done ahead of time or after. But every church has milestones they can see ahead or have added to their success. I think there are several categories that could be looked at: financial, staffing, locations, impact on […]

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3 Fun Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Outreaches by Steve Sjogren

The holiday season is here and it’s never been a better time to show God’s love in practical ways! Here are 3 projects to jump-start your holiday outreaches.

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