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Water For Living by Camey Gravley

Many years ago, a man intentionally invested in the lives of my family. Because he was such a living breathing portrait of Christ, our family could not help but be changed forever. He gave of himself in ways that many times no one else had a clue about. Countless phone calls, emails, and etc even […]

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A Biblical Commitment Demands Cultural Relevance by Paul Alexander

Much has been said and written in recent years, offering up all kinds of criticism of modern day Churches for trading off adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for contemporary methods of communicating it. Interestingly enough the overwhelming majority of this criticism comes by way of other Churches. Typically it comes from Churches that […]

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It’s the Medium, Dummy by Steve Sjogren


All communication boils down to two simple things: The message and the medium. One president in our generation won his election in a come from behind victory as his election manager wrote on the central white board, “It’s the economy dummy!” With that focus in mind, the campaign supposedly hammered on that single message for […]

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