12 Mambo Kanisa wako anahitaji kujua ... na Steve Sjogren

... Na wakati ni 12 months old


1. Don’t take yourselves too seriously
You are important to God. Je, si ni wa kutosha kujua kwamba bila ya haja ya kuthibitisha hilo wakati wote? Kutembea kwa unyenyekevu. Kutii. Kuendelea katika hatua kwa Roho.

2. Outreach is your lifeblood
It’s tempting to settle in on the point of problem centeredness, especially if you’ve had a modicum of success. People will ask that you “pastor” them instead of persevering instead of living out your roles as Evangelists. Pastoring at that point is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Tell people to go to counseling who need help. Pray for them while you stand up after a gathering. Don’t you dare see them more than once in the name of ministering to them.

3. There’s always a process to what you’re doing
God is at work with your people and those you seek to reach. God is continually doing something though we are sometimes frustrated with his timetable. Our desire is for details to work out quickly. None of us are naturally patient, but then again God’s work is more stable than ours.

4. As you serve a powerful spiritual atmosphere is created inside and outside your church
As you consistently love, serve and show generosity to outsiders you build an almost tactile reality around your church that impacts others that has a profound spiritual effect on others at dimensions that are difficult to easily see or measure on the surface of things but is real just the same.

As people nearby experience this they will change their perceptions about God and recognize that he is positive – not negative, loving – not necessarily judgmental.

As you serve you are also going to shape the spiritual atmosphere inside your church community as you walk out the heart of God. Your people will see that serving is part and parcel of the normal Christian life.

5. Others are more important than your venture
Don’t worry about your success. As you serve, God will show up in your midst. His presence is the greatest guarantee of success.

6. It’s vital to teach on living generously if vision is to succeed
People will tell you they like your church because you don’t talk about money “all the time like other churches.” It’s tempting to fall into the trap of under emphasizing this vital topic. Of course, your people need to be challenged. Deep down they crave this instruction for their growth’s sake.

7. A vision for church planting
Set a goal from the beginning of your launch as to how many and how fast you will produce your first of several plants. Talk about that frequently from the front…with a smile of faith!

8. See the city as your mission field
World missions are great but God is first interested in capturing the hearts of your church with the immediate. The “ends of the earth” is safe because all it requires is a check and an occasional prayer. God has in mind that your “Jerusalem” will come before the ends of the earth. Serve them. Care for the poor down the street in practical ways. Pray for them door to door in ten-second segments.

9. Worship stirs the presence of the Spirit
One of the top couple of necessities for success is Spirit-inspired worship. If your worship doesn’t bring the presence of the Spirit then change it until it until it does. You won’t succeed in much else till you do.

10. Ministry to the poor is basic to a discipleship
We are all – 100% of us – are called to care for the Poor in some way. Ministry to the Poor is part of any outreach emphasis. I highly recommend you make this a vital part of your initial foray into the community. No matter where you live in the world there are people in need within a 15-minute drive, if not next door.

11. If you don’t make outreach akaonekana focus it won’t be any of focus
That’s just the way it works. Outreach will be relegated to a program side by side with ushering, working in the parking lot and making coffee with about as much passion as the other ones mentioned above. It will be an utterly ineffective token effort that is in place for members to point as something that says their church cares about the Lost even though everyone knows there’s nothing effective being accomplished.

12. The way your senior leader(s) live and model ministry (and life!) is the greatest determiner as to how the local church will approach discipleship
Your church is like a flock of geese flying in formation on a journey. At the tip of the flock is a lead goose directing the rest toward in a certain direction. Where that leader goes, the rest of the formation follows. It’s a simple principle. Like it or not, the leader is carefully followed whether the rest of the flock understands the principle or not. It’s intuitive.

Regardless of that leader’s natural inclination, it’s vital that they become the person the flock needs in order to grow. Any person – any leader – can change by merely determining to change. It’s a matter of making a decision then leaning into the empowering of the Spirit for change to happen. God will show up and empower that decision. It is easy for a leader to cop out by thinking they don’t possess the needed gifts in the area where help is needed. As that leader merely shows up with an available attitude God will provide the needed gifts, energy and physical resources. As St. John of the Cross said, “Where there is no love, bring love, and there will be love.”

4 Hali ya hewa ya joto Outreach Mawazo na Janie Sjogren

Ni kupata joto na hii mabadiliko nini tunaweza kufanya kwa kuonyesha upendo kwa jamii zetu. Kuangalia ugavi yako chumbani, na kufanya baadhi ya spring-kusafisha freshen up kila kitu. kawaida kits choo-kusafisha na windshield kuosha vifaa ni mwanzo, but add some more spark to your outreaches with a good variety of options at the ready. Here are four outreach ideas for warmer weather.

Put A Twist On The Typical Car Wash – Make It a $1 Car Wash

Get big banners that read, “Free Car Wash—No Kidding!” or “$1 Car Wash!” In the $1 Car Wash version, you give the person $1 after washing their car, with a connect card explaining why you are doing this, “This is a simple way to say God loves you, bila kuwa na masharti!"

Set up on a street that has significant traffic flow, with water access and an easy entrance and exit. Use soccer cones to direct traffic where you want it. Create an inviting sitting area with soccer chairs and iced down drinks in a cooler.

Place several high-energy, cheerleader types on corners near your site. Tell them to shake their signs, wave their hands and generally direct people into the car wash.

Make sure to have friendly people to greet the drivers, and to talk to people. Don’t get so busy washing that you forget to pass out a card and an explanation that you are doing this as a community service project to show them a little of God’s love.

Put Your Coolers To Work!

Rolling coolers are great for water and pop outreaches. If your church can afford one, get a large Ice Maker to always have ice at the ready. Coolers also work well to transport hot dogs and hamburgers wrapped in fast-food foil wrappers. The cooler acts like a steamer, and the goods arrive warm. Offer with individually wrapped condiments, and deliver around 11am while people are still hungry.

Ice Cream Coupon Give-Away

Ice cream is a happy food! Buy a quantity of ice cream coupons at a discount. Connect with your local ice cream shop, or with McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A. Explain that you are doing, a community service project, and that you plan on giving the ice cream coupons away.

Places to go include campuses, parks, neighborhoods, sporting events, and skate parks. Give out a Connection Card with each Ice Cream Coupon.

Festival Survival Packs

Where food and drink are being sold as part of a community event, don’t be rude and give away drinks or food. Instead, make up little packs of items in a small zip-lock bag.

Items could include: Towelettes for cleaning sticky fingers, small samples of lotion or suntan cream, a peppermint hard candy to freshen breath, tissues, golf pencils and small pads of post-its or pads made from clean-cut scrap paper.

Don’t forget to give out outreach connect cards during your spring outreaches. If you need high-quality outreach cards, you can click on any of the links above to see the great selection of designs we offer, or simply go to this link below:


5 Vikwazo Uinjilisti na Doug Murren

Kila kitu kwamba ina nini na mawasiliano anaendesha katika baadhi ya vikwazo. Kuleta ujumbe wa matumaini unaweza hata kuwa na vikwazo ni lazima uso. Wakati akijaribu kuwashawishi mtu katika mikono ya Yesu kuna vikwazo tano kwa uinjilisti unapaswa kuwa na ufahamu wa.

Moja: Nini chaguzi nitawapa up?

People are smart they know in reality nothing is free. And following Christ does have some requisites and we all know it. The gift of faith via prevenient grace is one. The willingness to repent is another. And the beginning of the experience of total surrender is another. Turning salvation into a quick prayer just isn’t honest.

You need to be honest and make part of your message a clear indicator of what options you give up when you receive Christ. And what new options you gain.

If you can get your friends beyond this consideration you have gone along way toward doing some real nudging.

Two: Am I making a mistake?

Believe it or not one of the chief fears of people is that they may be making a mistake. People have an aversion to being wrong. People have to be convinced that they are making a credible step or they will resist your message.

Do you know enough to thwart this great fear the enemy uses? Let’s face it a personal experience of your own can be very authoritative and genuine. Be ready to help a friend know that they are not making a mistake. Show that the greater mistake is to not receive the message.

Three: Peer Pressure

The next question you need to work through is, what will this cost me relationally?

This is a big one. In our community we have a strong Mormon presence. And we have many converts from Mormonism in our church. Their step toward the Gospel was a costly one for most.

People do decide to change or not change partly based on how will their friends think about there choice. It helps to address this hurdle when nudging. How you go about that will depend upon the person and their circumstances. I like to reference this issue when I am speaking publicly about the need for Christ in my friend’s lives.

Four: Am I going to look foolish?

I think this fear is a predominate one in people’s lives. No one wants to look like a nut case. It is essential that we uphold the wisdom of a decision for Christ. I like to recount great leaders who have been Christians when I present the Gospel to a friend.

I like supporting deal with the foolishness of not deciding for Christ when I have someone’s ear. Churches should have an environment that makes sense for this reason. People are already afraid of looking foolish and if we confirm it to them we lose.

Five: Is it going to cost me too much?

Everyone has a threshold as to what life currency he or she is willing to spend. I like to make people aware of that fact that God was not cost adverse when He gave His only Son for us.

We shouldn’t try and make it too easy for people or we will have faulty conversions. A quick easy careful prayer just isn’t receiving Christ. I must pause and surrender fully to Him and His vision for me not my own. It cost everything to be a true follower of Christ and we should address this.

Kwa nini Wema? Ni kawaida Supernatural na Steve Sjogren

Kuna mengi ya kuzungumza siku hizi kuhusu neno “Aina.” Kuna mengi chatter siku hizi, kwa kweli, mtu anaweza hata kufikiria wema ni sifa ya binadamu. Sana kama upendo. Na wote wawili mawazo / maneno, kuna dymensions ya wazo. Na wote, dhana imekuwa hivyo inapuuzwa, it is becoming difficult to nail down what is meant when people use the word in conversation.

As a word smith, I move we take the time to clarify this powerful word, AND we honor term that is of such enduring significance, it nearly belongs on the Periodic Chart of elements – on the bottom part of that chart if you are familiar with that from a chemistry class. That part of the chart deals with elements that endure for such long time frames we refer to them as having “Half Lives.” When humans touch such elements, there is no missing that one has been touched. Life will never be the same when anything with a half-life has touched our lives. Such is the power of kindness.

Kindness is everlasting. It is! A touch of kindness goes on eternally. When one has experienced an act of kindness – you have been served or you have served others – that touch, that expression will echo all hearts involved for the rest of earthly life. How is this possible? As Jesus said, “With man, this is cannot be done, but with God all things all things are possible.” Kindness is from God. Human effort cannot produce kindness. True kindness never has originated from man apart from God and it never will. Only as God’s kindness flows through available people can anyone experience true kindness.

Kindness is Naturally Supernatural

What humans often confuse with with true kindness is actually ‘Niceness.’ Niceness is great. Hurrah for niceeness! There are far worse things for one to be caught up with than niceness. Make no mistake however – human niceness is utterly different than the kindness of God.

The Apostle Paul clarifies the untangled way of kindness in this verse:

“God’s kindness leads to a radical life change…” Romans 2:4, The Message Version

“God’s kindness”

If you have lived more than a decade, you hopefully have discovered that those things that last originate from God. The temporal is apart from God’s eternal strength.

“Radical life change”

When God changes a life, that life changes for real and for the endurance. That change occurs from the inside out. This is no self-imposed attempt at self-betterment. This is no resolution. This is no ‘I’ll never again’ try harder self-help. God has mercy on us by doing what we could not accomplish in a thousand lifetimes of a grand effort.

Kindness is contageous

The kindness of God Paul refers to flows from one human to another. God is by nature kind among other aspects of his diverse character. The scriptures clarify when God changes a person’s life, a new normal way of living begins. Our bodies look the same, but spiritually we are transformed. We are converted. We are turned inside out. Entirely new ways of living and seeing occur. One of the primary overflows of that life is kindness. The kindness of God himself. (Galatians 5:22, 23)

God invites us to jump onboard!

Once we click into the kindness of God, at whatever point in our journey in life – time of following Jesus, it is as though blinders fall from our eyes. In my life, though I had followed ‘Hard after God’ I had never picked up on the many verses that illustrate the concepts shared in this article alone. I hear this story each day several times via emails and texts – “I can’t believe I never got it before now! How could I have not seen those verses? I’m onboard now. I want to move forward – I want to serve, I want to live in the power of God’s kindness!"

There is a universal light bulb beginning to blink over hundreds of leaders worldwide. The conclusion being discovered is: “We need to show our culture the reality of God. Information without first providing credibility does not work.” This credibility building sequence is the way life has worked for all people of all time of all cultures. This simple request is reasonable. Jesus operated from this perspective.

Let’s begin to live from this new normal way of life as well!

4 Masomo Wema Outreach Afundisha Wewe…Lakini Seminari Je, si kwa Samuel Aldridge

Kama muda kamili MDiv mwanafunzi mimi kutumia kiasi ya muda wangu siri nyuma ya laptop yangu na rundo la vitabu na makala journal. Mimi kujadili na kutetea teolojia na wanafunzi wengine, kushindana na Kigiriki na Kiebrania, na kupokea maelekezo juu ya mada kutoka kwa utawala kanisa kwa njia ya mbinu bora ya mawasiliano; Mimi hata kuwa madarasa hasa kujitoa kwa malezi yangu ya kiroho. Lakini hata kwa elimu hiyo ya jumla ya kiteolojia nimeona kuna mambo mengi ambayo tu hawezi kujifunza kuhusu maisha ya Kikristo kutoka seminari darasa, au patakatifu kanisa. Baadhi ya masomo hayo ni kudhani, na wengine ni kupuuzwa, wakati na baadhi ya nadharia tajwa, lakini somo kamwe kweli kujifunza au kueleweka. Ili kujifunza masomo haya tuna kwenda mahali pengine.

Kwangu mimi mahali pengine imekuwa mitaa ya mji kufanya yangu mitaa ya kufikia walio nje Wema. Mimi kukubali kwamba hii ilikuwa kamwe kitu mimi ilianza kufanya kwa lengo la kuelimisha mwenyewe, ilikuwa wote kuhusu watu nilikuwa kuwahudumia, na bado ni, lakini hakuna jambo gani Nadhani kujua, Mimi daima wanaonekana kujifunza kitu kipya kila wakati mimi kwenda nje kwenye mitaa kutumikia. Hivyo bila mengi zaidi ado, hapa ni baadhi ya mambo ambayo Mtumishi Uinjilisti aliyonifundisha ... na seminari ina si.

1. Watu muda mrefu na kupendwa

Mimi waliopotea kuhesabu sasa idadi ya watu kwamba mimi wamekwenda hadi wakati wa Wema kufikia walio nje na majibu imekuwa ama dumbstruck nyuso au machozi. Smiles ni hakika majibu ya kawaida mimi kuwa na ingawa. Wakati mmoja mimi nilikuwa nje kufanya Wema Outreach na mke wangu, kutoa mbali popcorn kwa watu kazini. Yeye tanga katika moja ya biashara na katika tukio hili mimi Hung kuzunguka nje ya kuhifadhi kuangalia kwa kioo kuhifadhi mbele (Nadhani hii ilikuwa ya pekee muda wangu wa pili kufanya Wema Outreach na nilikuwa bado hofu kisha nyuma). Kama mke wangu kutembea nje ya kuhifadhi, baada ya kupewa mbali popcorn, mfanyakazi single, aliyekuwa ameketi kuangalia kuchoka sana na upweke katika duka tupu, alikuwa na tabasamu kubwa katika uso wake. Nadhani tulikuwa tu alifanya siku yake.

Hii inaweza kuonekana kama kitu ambacho lazima hivyo kimsingi kueleweka kwa Wakristo: kwamba upendo wetu si tu inahitajika, lakini pia alitaka. Mara nyingi, ingawa, Nadhani sisi kudhani hii ni hivyo msingi kwa jinsi Mkristo anapaswa kufikiri kwamba sisi waache ni. Wakati wangu katika seminari nimekuwa sehemu ya mijadala kadhaa ambayo inaonekana katika ukuaji wa kanisa, maendeleo na masuala ya mazingira walidhani "matumizi ya mkutano,"Lakini ndani ya mazungumzo haya inaonekana kwamba wazo la kanisa kuongezeka kwa kikamilifu kwenda nje na upendo kwa jamii yake mitaa ni mara nyingi kupuuzwa, inaonekana sisi tu hawana wanaonekana kufikiri kwamba upendo ni nini "matumizi mkutano" anataka. Lakini Wema Outreach aliyonifundisha kwamba upendo ni nini hasa watu wanataka.

2. Community ni hai na vizuri

Mara baada ya, nyuma katika Oktoba, wachache wetu alichukua lori kujazwa na Pumpkins kuzunguka baadhi ya ghorofa vitalu katika mji wangu. Sisi vunjwa hadi kuzuia kwanza ya vyumba na kuanza kuzungumza na kundi la vijana wakasimama katika kura ya maegesho, wao tuko na hamu ya kuchukua baadhi ya Pumpkins. Basi jambo ajabu kilichotokea: watoto walianza kumtia nje ya woodwork kutoka kote isiyohamishika na sumu kabisa umati kote lori kama sisi mitupu nje Pumpkins. Ndani ya dakika chache lori akaenda kutoka kupasuka kamili ya nusu tupu. Sisi alikuwa imeweza kutumika tata nzima na waligonga jumla ya mlango mmoja. Badala jamii aliyoyafanya kazi kwa ajili yetu, watoto walikuwa kukimbia kutoka ghorofa na ghorofa, kuwaambia marafiki wote na familia zao juu ya watu kutoa mbali Pumpkins bure, na kama watu zaidi kupatikana nje wao kwa upande aliwaambia watu zaidi mpaka tata nzima alikuwa na ufahamu wa uwepo wetu.

Mimi naona aina hii ya roho jamii mengi wakati Mimi nje kutumikia jamii, labda mara nyingi wakati mimi karibu wakitoa mifuko ya chakula kwa wale ambao wanahitaji hiyo. Kama mimi kuanza kuzungumza na watu mimi mara nyingi kuuliza kama wanajua mtu mwingine ambaye ni katika haja ya baadhi ya chakula bure, na wakati mwingine mtu shrugs mabega yao, mara nyingi zaidi kuliko mtu hatua nje ya mlango na kuanza akizungumzia nyumba nyingine katika mitaani.

3. Sisi ni sehemu ya single Kanisa Katoliki

Nilipokuwa nje kuwahudumia na mifuko ya bure ya chakula siku nyingine kitu kilichotokea kwamba sikuweza kutarajia. Mimi nilikuwa katika rundown trailer park na waligonga mlango wa moja ya matrekta, kufanya pumzi yangu kuwa ujenzi tete bila kuanguka kama mimi knocked. umri mdogo mwanamke akajibu mlango, mikono yake kujazwa na chakula. Amemwona nini tunafanya na alitaka kuwa sehemu yake na hivyo stuffed tani chakula zaidi katika mifuko kwamba sisi walikuwa wakifanya. Hii kidogo, umri wa mwanamke haikuwa sehemu ya kanisa letu, au hata dhehebu wetu, lakini kama sisi alielezea kwa yake nini sisi walikuwa wakifanya yeye bado alikuwa msisimko kusaidia nje. Katika wakati huo yetu inachukua tofauti kidogo juu ya teolojia walikuwa lisilo, kwa wote wa kwetu mafundisho yetu ya kidini hakuwa na haja ya kwenda yoyote zaidi kuliko "Sisi tuna upendo kwa sababu Mungu alitupenda kwanza."

Watu kutoka kila aina ya asili na madhehebu kwenda nje kufanya Mtumishi Uinjilisti: Wamethodisti, Baptists, Walutheri, Wapentekoste, na wengine wengi. Tuna kila wakati kujadiliwa na vita juu ya theologia yetu, na kuwa katika seminari mbalimbali madhehebu Mimi wakati mwingine kupata mwenyewe kwa kulenga zaidi juu ya jinsi sisi tofauti kuliko jinsi sisi ni sawa. Lakini wakati mimi niko kwenye kwamba doorstep kufanya Wema Outreach, Napenda bat Eyelid kama rafiki yangu kwa siku alikuwa na dhehebu tofauti, kwa wakati huo tunahitaji kwenda hakuna zaidi kuliko "Sisi tuna upendo kwa sababu Mungu alitupenda kwanza." Na hakika sisi, kama kanisa, wanaweza angalau kukubaliana juu ya kwamba kiasi.

4. Na hatimaye ...

Pengine somo muhimu kwamba nimejifunza kutoka kwa kufanya Wema Outreach, Hata hivyo, ni moja kwamba inatokana nje ya uzoefu wangu wote kuwafikia. Ni inatokana nje ya ukweli kwamba watu wanahitaji kupendwa, inatokana nje ya ukweli kwamba jumuiya bado ni muhimu, inatokana nje ya kanisa kuwa na uwezo wa kusimama kwa ujumla umoja, na inatokana na kila mlango kwamba mimi kupitiwa hadi na Mungu ametumia mimi kufanya mabadiliko chanya katika maisha ya mtu: kuwa kuna matumaini kwa kanisa leo. Wema Outreach amenionyesha kwamba kuna njia kwa ajili yetu kwa ufanisi mwanga wa Kristo kwa dunia na, kwamba kupitia kwetu Kristo inaweza kuathiri maisha ya watu isitoshe. Yote ya kufanywa ni kwa ajili yetu kupata kutoka huko na kumtumikia.