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Six Prayers To Increase Your Outreach IQ by Steve Sjogren

prayer in outreach

Normally it is thought that one’s IQ is a fairly static number, that it can’t be increased, but not in the case of Outreach IQ. When it comes to outreach you can increase your level of intelligence. It’s a matter of doing some practical things—prayerful things.

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The Ideal-Sized Congregation? Try 500! by Steve Sjogren


Great churches come in a variety of sizes, very large ones, medium-sized ones and smaller ones.

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Reaching Artists, Actors, and Musicians in Hollywood by Richard Rossi

Open your heart to the Great Creator and His creativity. A ministry adventure awaits you that will make a difference in the world, and is beyond your wildest dreams.

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Prayer and Outreach by Steve Sjogren

This video with Steve Sjogren talks about the importance of prayer and outreach.

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Maverick Minister Richard Rossi Goes Hollywood by Dan Wooding

Richard Rossi

After working for sixteen years as a church planter, Richard Rossi says that he has heard a “high calling to Hollywood” to use his creativity to share the gospel, and journeyed three thousand miles from Pennsylvania to Hollywood, California. Richard Rossi He’s currently shooting his second feature film as a writer-director about Christian baseball player […]

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