8 Vodstvo Grijesi kako bi se izbjeglo… I Kako pronaći svoj put naprijed Steve sjogren

Svi čelnici proći kroz mentalne i emocionalne gyrations koje mogu uzrokovati mentalnu messiness. Neki od tih grijeha su veći od drugih. Neki su lakše oporaviti od od drugih. Početak hodanja na slobodi je prepoznati da su stvarno zapeli. Once you see the problems you can more easily walk away from your challenge.

Not mentoring others
We need to perpetually work a plan for developing others. The easy plan is to hire others, especially as your church grows. Like many things in life, the easy way out is to throw money at problems, but the right thing, the biblical thing, is usually to take the slow route forward that requires personal attention and patience.

Falling into over cautiousness
As a leader you will regret the risks you didn’t act on. Today I read an anonymous posting by a Boomer-aged mother who reflected on her life as a mother now that her kids are in their twenties and off on their own. As she shared her regrets time and time again she wrote that she wished she’d taken more risks financially, been less fearful of not having enough finances, all of which drove her to spend far too much time away from the home and far too little time with her kids as they grew up. Now that it’s too late she realizes that though they were financially cared for she failed to adequately risk had she been more courageous.

Giving up on humility
When you’re young it’s somewhat natural to walk with a humble, teachable heart. You don’t know much and you will more gladly admit that fact. You’ll take all the help you can get from older, more experienced people, zapravo, you practically beg for help.

It’s easy to begin to live by the adage – “Experts don’t need advice – they give advice.” No matter where you stand in your expertise you will never outgrow your need to walk in humility.

Not having a mentor
No matter your age or level of experience, it’s imperative that you have a mentor. You will never come close to achieving what you’ve been called to apart from a mentor.

Make a decision to humble yourself and seek out a mentor. Find one that is suited for you. I met revered business guru Peter Drucker a year or so before he passed away in the late 1990s. He was with a couple of guys who hung out with him a good part of the each month, but surprisingly, it seemed obvious he was learning from them as well. With Peter Drucker the relationship went both ways – he toward them and them toward him though the younger guys were many decades younger than Mr. Drucker.

What will your mentors look like as you get into your 90s?

Not having enough fun time
Leaders are often too intense for both their own good and for the sake of those around them. It’s easy to move from having a love for people to becoming obsessive about ministry. Some are successful partially because they are driven. They are rewarded for their great drive. Their churches or works in ministry tend to prosper, but unfortunately what causes them to grow is destructive to them personally and to their families.

Fight against this tendency by working at having fun each week.
Sing songs.
Dance a little.
Walk barefoot in the grass.
Ride a bike.
Watch the sorts of movies that relax you.
Take a walk at the mall with your spouse with a big cup of something hot just to enjoy the puttering of it.
Read the kinds of books that help you take a mental vacation – not something on leadership or ministry!

Not accurately reading leaders
Being overly impressed with “leaders” those who aren’t really spiritual leaders but merely possess the outward trappings of success. This is a common mistake made by top-shelf church leaders as they build increasingly larger churches. A CEO, or COO or C-Whatever may look good on paper, but I’ve seen time and again that people who fit that category don’t necessarily walk in the Spirit. They can easily make decisions based on outward, business-like, “worldly wisdom” as Paul wrote. Sadly because these folks are often poorly taught the Scriptures their decisions are not necessarily well girded in biblical principles.

Not trusting your team enough
No matter how much you may have been hurt by others in the past, your level of success is tied to your ability to team with others. You personal skills and gifting will take you only so far. You will top out sooner than later. The so-called Peter Principle will kick in – the position of getting into a role that is beyond your ability to adequately perform, then being so stuck in fear of being honest enough to admit your failure you stay stuck indefinitely. The way out of that scenario is to build a great team.

Trusting some too much
Between these two sins, I’m not sure which side of the boat is the riskier one to go overboard with. I’ve committed both errors and lived to regret them greatly.

When you trust some too much you will end up removing at least a measure of your trust in God. There is only so much weight of trust in your heart to go around.

When you “overtrust” people, it will be difficult to adequately put your trust in God.

12 Stvari Vaš Crkva treba znati ... by Steve sjogren

... Je vrijeme da je 12 mjeseci star

& Nbsp;

1. Don’t take yourselves too seriously
You are important to God. Nije li to dovoljno da znam da bez potrebe da se dokaže to cijelo vrijeme? Šetnja u poniznosti. Poslušati. Budite u korak s Duhom.

2. Outreach is your lifeblood
It’s tempting to settle in on the point of problem centeredness, especially if you’ve had a modicum of success. People will ask that you “pastor” them instead of persevering instead of living out your roles as Evangelists. Pastoring at that point is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Tell people to go to counseling who need help. Pray for them while you stand up after a gathering. Don’t you dare see them more than once in the name of ministering to them.

3. There’s always a process to what you’re doing
God is at work with your people and those you seek to reach. God is continually doing something though we are sometimes frustrated with his timetable. Our desire is for details to work out quickly. None of us are naturally patient, but then again God’s work is more stable than ours.

4. As you serve a powerful spiritual atmosphere is created inside and outside your church
As you consistently love, serve and show generosity to outsiders you build an almost tactile reality around your church that impacts others that has a profound spiritual effect on others at dimensions that are difficult to easily see or measure on the surface of things but is real just the same.

As people nearby experience this they will change their perceptions about God and recognize that he is positive – not negative, loving – not necessarily judgmental.

As you serve you are also going to shape the spiritual atmosphere inside your church community as you walk out the heart of God. Your people will see that serving is part and parcel of the normal Christian life.

5. Others are more important than your venture
Don’t worry about your success. As you serve, God will show up in your midst. His presence is the greatest guarantee of success.

6. It’s vital to teach on living generously if vision is to succeed
People will tell you they like your church because you don’t talk about money “all the time like other churches.” It’s tempting to fall into the trap of under emphasizing this vital topic. Of course, your people need to be challenged. Deep down they crave this instruction for their growth’s sake.

7. A vision for church planting
Set a goal from the beginning of your launch as to how many and how fast you will produce your first of several plants. Talk about that frequently from the front…with a smile of faith!

8. See the city as your mission field
World missions are great but God is first interested in capturing the hearts of your church with the immediate. The “ends of the earth” is safe because all it requires is a check and an occasional prayer. God has in mind that your “Jerusalem” will come before the ends of the earth. Serve them. Care for the poor down the street in practical ways. Pray for them door to door in ten-second segments.

9. Worship stirs the presence of the Spirit
One of the top couple of necessities for success is Spirit-inspired worship. If your worship doesn’t bring the presence of the Spirit then change it until it until it does. You won’t succeed in much else till you do.

10. Ministry to the poor is basic to a discipleship
We are all – 100% of us – are called to care for the Poor in some way. Ministry to the Poor is part of any outreach emphasis. I highly recommend you make this a vital part of your initial foray into the community. No matter where you live in the world there are people in need within a 15-minute drive, if not next door.

11. If you don’t make outreach the focus it won’t be any of focus
That’s just the way it works. Outreach will be relegated to a program side by side with ushering, working in the parking lot and making coffee with about as much passion as the other ones mentioned above. It will be an utterly ineffective token effort that is in place for members to point as something that says their church cares about the Lost even though everyone knows there’s nothing effective being accomplished.

12. The way your senior leader(s) live and model ministry (and life!) is the greatest determiner as to how the local church will approach discipleship
Your church is like a flock of geese flying in formation on a journey. At the tip of the flock is a lead goose directing the rest toward in a certain direction. Where that leader goes, the rest of the formation follows. It’s a simple principle. Like it or not, the leader is carefully followed whether the rest of the flock understands the principle or not. It’s intuitive.

Regardless of that leader’s natural inclination, it’s vital that they become the person the flock needs in order to grow. Any person – any leader – can change by merely determining to change. It’s a matter of making a decision then leaning into the empowering of the Spirit for change to happen. God will show up and empower that decision. It is easy for a leader to cop out by thinking they don’t possess the needed gifts in the area where help is needed. As that leader merely shows up with an available attitude God will provide the needed gifts, energy and physical resources. As St. John of the Cross said, “Where there is no love, bring love, and there will be love.”

5 Pokretanje lekcije iz Johnny Appleseed Steve sjogren

John Chapman, aka legendarni "Johnny Appleseed" bio misionar koji je posegnuo za Indijancima u Ohio Valley u ranim 1800-ih.

Imao jednostavne alate

His primary planting tool was a stick! Imate li štap? Kad je njegova sadašnja štap nosio je pronašao novi štap. I heard recently through the grapevine that sticks are still easy to find!

The more elaborate we make our plans the more likely it is that we will fail.

He Heard the Invitation

He picked up on the invitation of the Father to accomplish his lifelong mission, therefore when the going got tough he was able to return to the beginning of it all to when God unmistakably spoke to him to go out in the first place.

He Didn’t Talk About Outreach, He Did Outreach

Johnny understood it’s about activism, not mere talk, nor continual preparation study, nor the accruing of more cool conference notebooks. He was all about taking risks and getting out there. If he were alive in 2012 his motto would be, “Missional schmissional! Stop the incessant talk, stop being a chicken and just do it for Pete’s sake!"

He Did Small Things

It doesn’t take much to change the world. A tiny apple seed grows into the largest fruit bearing tree in the plant world that will bear thousands of apples.

He Was Faithful

He was all in! He burned his bridges. There was no return.

He Saw Potential in the Faith Realm

Some would find it difficult, if not impossible, to do the ministry of Johnny because it was long-term and not immediately fulfilling. He was called by God to do something great but something that not would fully bear fruit in his lifetime.

Each seed was destined to produce an amazing tree that would produce thousands of apples to the glory of God. It takes the kind of faith only God can provide to live from that perspective. We can’t work that up. “God empower us the ability to hear your calling, regardless of the timing.”

With servant evangelism ministry the fruit takes a while to come about, but guaranteed, but when a church plant remains faithful to strongly serve and show generosity to their surrounding community, astounding results will come about.

Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple,
But only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

Robert H. Schuller

5 Načini kako bi unaprijedili Outreach Momentum Steve sjogren

Momentum je sveta stvar. Može se blažen za povećanje ili može biti zabrljati sa i smanjiti, ako mi to uzeti zdravo za gotovo. Kad se to događa svi mi osmijeh, slavimo i izgledaju prilično pametna. Ako smo mudri ćemo naučiti hodati u skladu s Božjim Duhom, bez obzira na sve promjene vanjske čimbenike.

To je Božja volja da njegova Crkva neprestano označena prisutnosti njegova Duha, što je sila zamaha outreach. Ovdje su neke prepreke za naš zamah.

Momentum je umanjena kad dopustimo scaredy mačke govoriti.

Možete izbjeći tako ide van nakon dosezati i trošenje vremena radi vrijeme učitavanja.

Momentum je umanjena kada postoji previše razgovarati o novcu.

Duh straha će ubiti entuzijazam za outreach. Crkva vodstvo može početi razmišljati da ne mogu priuštiti da doprijeti.

Momentum je umanjena kada govorimo ili planiramo neprestano.

Momentum je umanjena kada modelirati doseg samo s ljudima koji su vrlo nadaren.

Iznijela ljudi koji su vrlo nadaren i da će zastrašiti većinu svog zajednice.

Momentum je umanjena kada radimo doseg koji je preskupo.

Ako ono što mi radimo je izvan dosega naših naroda cemo produži model koji se samo gura ljude od korisnosti.

Prekidač Idemo zupčanici malo. Kako se krećemo prema pozitivnom i lansirati van u ono što će prodrmati zamah?

1. Pokažimo što se događa kroz outreach.

  • Video
  • Website
  • Slike

2. Idemo trač ono što se događa kroz outreach.

  • Prenose priče cijeloj Crkvi.

3. Idemo prenijeti izvodljiv-rt ljubaznosti dosezati kao kreativno kao što možete.

4. Idemo igrati s riječima.

  • "E" riječ zastrašuje mnoge. Razmislite o korištenju izraza "Ljubaznost Outreach."

5. Dajmo svjedočanstvo o bivšoj StRAH koji su riskirali koje dopire i pronašao doseg iznenađujuće zabavno.

  • Priče su snažni, pogotovo kada se prenosi od ljudi drugih su poznati biti stidljiv.

Za punu verziju ovog članka check out ServeCoach.com.

Nemojte mirovinu… To se odnosi! Dr. Gary Zasladite

Svaki utorak skupina nama geezers igrati golf zajedno. Imamo puno natjecateljskog zabave i dijelimo neke o tome što Bog radi u njemu i kroz nas. Vidite, geezers u današnjem svijetu nisu kao što su bili i prošle generacije. Zapravo, jedna od mojih omiljenih knjiga je pravo, "Uključivanje Silver u zlato: Kako dobiti u New Boomer Marketplace "Marija Furlong. Iako autor usredotočuje na novac, njezine ideje su na čelu novog duha vremena koji je vodeći zapadni svijet oluja i oni razumiju da su koristi enormno.

Nažalost, Samo nekoliko kršćani i čini da budu svjesni onoga što se događa na kulturnom, duhovno i relacijski a ipak može biti najvažniji duhovni pokret jer Luther pjevala, "Ako bih imao čekić" i otišao u Wittenbergu Castle. Na primjer, Koliko vaše "Outreach orijentirana" folk nije čuo za "Svrha nagrade"? Nedavno je dobio pet inovativnih muškaraca i žena $100,000.00 Svrha nagrade Nagrade za svoje "socijalne inovacije" i sudjelovanje u "Encore karijere"! Ja sam u nadi da će biti jedan od sljedećih primatelja.

Ti ljudi su sve više 55 te su odbili otići u mirovinu. Umjesto toga su odlučili odnosi tO koristiti svoje vrijeme, mudrost, iskustvo i novac za napraviti nešto veliko za svijet.

http://www.encore.org/prize?utm_source=cv&utm_medium=email&utm_content=textlink&utm_campaign=endoct )

Usporedite to s onim što prečesto događa u crkvama diljem SAD-a. Jednom sam sjedio pokraj nenametljiva potpredsjednik multinacionalne korporacije, dok leti u Singapuru. Kad je otkrio svoje misijske namjere da podijelite da je vjernik koji je predavao nedjeljnoj školi svaki tjedan. Bio je na putu da govori na konferenciji o korištenju videotelekonferencijske obuku menadžera diljem svijeta. Pitao sam je što će učiniti kad je u mirovini. "Igrati golf,", Rekao je on.

I pozvao ga da razmotri rad s kršćanskom organizacijom postaviti konferencija za ljude poput mene. Mogao sam ostati kod kuće i dalje učiti u svijetu. On je rekao, "Ne mislim da je moj župnik će dopustiti mene za to. Nisam bio u sjemeništu ili ništa. Ja sam samo laik. Prilično sam siguran da će me pustiti da i dalje učiti nedjeljnoj školi ipak. "Šteta" Mislio sam! "Nauči nedjeljnoj školi kada kršćanski svijet očajnički treba međunarodno osposobljene voditelje; s novcem?"

Cincinnati ima više od dvadeset tisuća muškaraca i žena u mirovini od P&G, GIVE, Kroger, itd, koji imaju financijskih sredstava, vrijeme, široka iskustva, kreativci i duhovna dubina. Koliko Pastiri, ali su ih opremanje koristiti svoje darove, talenata i ideja doći na svijet? Jedan od mojih prijatelja ima iskusan vjerujući više 200 patenti, ali njegova crkva nema pojma kako se osloboditi svoju kreativnost. Druga je osnivač $100 milijuna dolara tvrtka koja svaka crkva, Misija Ministarstva iu Americi može koristiti. Jedini put kad se približila svojim ministrima je donirati na drugu zgradu. Jedan čovjek se redovito pitao trenirati non profit o etici, ali se ne traži da uče u svojoj kućnoj crkvi.

Stara crkva paradigma top dolje organizacijskih birokracija s ogromnim zgradama je završio. Većina lideri još uvijek pokušavaju izgraditi na prošlim generacijama klupi sjede. Samo mislim, mogu nuditi nagrade za inovativne poduzetnike koji mijenjaju svijet od ponedjeljka do subote. "Iskusan Vjernici" ne uklapaju u svačije strateškog plana, osim ako je podržati proračun ili najam umirovljenog ministra da se autobusne ture u Muzeju za izradu.

Vodstvo časopisi govoriti o zapošljavanju mladih ljudi koji su otvoreni za nove ideje. U stvari mnogi mladi su zapeli u svojim kratkovidnim prijateljstva. Mi koji smo bili inovatori svi naši životi su spremni dovesti nove pothvate za Kraljevstvo. Počastite nas s poštovanjem i razumijevanjem i pitati nas za stvaranje vlastite načine dopire do onih oko nas. Nagradite nas od shvaćanja da smo znali što se događa i srebro u kosi može biti zlato bilo pastira s crijevima da nas pretvore slobodi.

Ovdje je tajna o Steve Sjogren. Kao župnik nije se bojao za zapošljavanje starijih, mudriji sive brade iskusniji od njega. Steve tražili jake muškarce i žene tada promovirali ih i potvrdio. Kao rezultat toga on je izgledao kao junak. Budite genij. Zaposliti hrpa iskusnih vjernika, ali ne držite ruke ili predložiti bus vozi posjetiti muzej!

PS. Budući da je izvorno pisanja ovog članka u 2009, Bog je dao neke iskusan vjernici u SLS priliku doprijeti do obitelji s djecom s invaliditetom. Crkve su ih ignorirali, ali oni očajnički žele naučiti kako da imaju odnos s Bogom kako bi im pomogli svojim borbama.

Zasladite životnih sustava

®Building vijek velikih odnosa.


Ono što je u ime? Randy Bohlender

Povijest nam ne govori li Earnest Shackleton bio osobito religiozan čovjek, ali sigurno je da prorokuje kada je krstio njegovog broda Endurance. Iako je razumio neodoljiv izazov je suočiti u pokušaju prvi marš preko Antartica, toliko toga se dogodilo da on nikako ne bi mogao predvidjeti.

How would he have known…

  • That the ice would be early in the fall of 1914, leaving them trapped in the ice, far from their goal by January of 1915?
  • That the spring melt of 1915 would not free their ship, but that it would remain fast until October?
  • That once the ice did begin to shift, rather than breaking free, his ship would be crushed, leaving his men to abandon the craft, only to stand on the ice staring down through the hole where the ship used to be?

How would he have known…

  • That he and his men would spend 497 days either on the ship or on ice floes before they set foot on land once again?
  • That once they found their way to land, it would be Elephant Island, one of the most inhospitable places on earth.
  • That he would be forced to split the party, and a portion of them would have to once again take to their open boats for a fifteen day sail through a storm that sunk a 500 ton steamer?
  • That his portion of the party would include McNish, a carpenter that he threatened to shoot for insubordination, but recognized that he would need his skills later.

How would he have known…

  • That on their second landing, they would put ashore on an island that was inhabited, but find themselves on the opposite side of the whaling camp, separated by a glacier never before crossed by man?
  • That after climbing the glacier with little or no climbing equipment, they would need to slide down the other side through thick fog, sitting in shovels for sleds? When his men objected, Shackleton is credited with saying “Well, we very well can’t go back…”.

In the end, Shackleton worked to collect each of his men and returned to England having not lost a life in the journey. How could he possibly have known that when he named his ship The Endurance?

As leaders, we chart the course for our initiatives early with a hundred finite decisions that work together to establish the culture for our ministry.

  • Do you cancel an outreach because it rains? You’ll cancel it for other reasons.
  • Do you boldly approach strangers or hang back, waiting for them to make the first move? You’ll hang back your entire life.
  • Do you lead by example, knowing it’s going to be harder – and more rewarding – than you expected?

Ministry – as much as Shackleton’s odyssey – requires an uncommon endurance. The same goes for those of you on the adoption journey. Going in, you know there’s a lot to it.

You can’t pre-imagine every struggle that will materialize. At the end of the journey, you innately know it was worth it all, even if it required every bit of your endurance.

You might as well get used to the idea and call it what it is.

Malo tko može dotaknuti Mnogi Steve Sjogren

To ne uzima veliku posadu čine ostaviti veliki trag.

Pobjeda u Božjem kraljevstvu uvijek je otišao na underdogs. Bog je gotovo uvijek pomazuje zanemariv skupine učiniti svoje ponude. Smatram to ohrabrujuće, jer sve što sam počeo bio mali - obično za dugo vremena, ako ne i zauvijek. What God builds usually starts (and typically stays) on the smallish side.

I used to say that it started small but then would grow large, but now I see that often numbers usually only grow fat. I now see that it is almost always the case that a radical but small fringe gets the Kingdom lifestyle and message. Why does it stay small? It’s all about the offensive cost of mercy. Jesus said “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matt. 18). The context of that verse could well be restated, “Many are called but few choose” the Kingdom. The Kingdom, as God defines it, is always something that is set up according to his parameters, not ours. Most don’t like that much, so they protest, they decide it’s not for them, and vote themselves out of it like the religious people in Matthew chapter 18 (yes, it was the religious people who decided not to participate in the Kingdom once they figured out how the mercy of God works as in this story).

This Jesus story is fresh with me today. A few of us went out mixing it up with dozens of lost people who, like those in Nineveh, didn’t know their left hand from their right. We did a $1 carwash. We washed people’s cars and paid them a dollar for the privilege of serving them. We stunned many. Numbers teared up. We teared up! I’m always amazed what can happen when a few, enthused, dedicated people move in a common direction and pour their hearts into something. Do something great with God. It only takes a few.

Biblijska Predanost zahtjevi kulturni Relevantnost Paul Alexander

Mnogo je toga rečeno i napisano u posljednjih nekoliko godina, nudi sve vrste kritike suvremenih crkava za kompromis pridržavanja Evanđelja Isusa Krista za suvremenim metodama ga komuniciranje. Zanimljivo je da je velika većina ovom pitanju kritike putem drugih Crkava. Typically it comes from Churches that are not growing criticizing Churches that are growing. After all, if a Church is growing, they’ve got to be doing something wrong don’t they?

I have a tendency to go the other way on this one. Zapravo, I’d go so far as to say if a Church isn’t working hard to be culturally relevant, it isn’t working hard to remain true to the Scriptures! You can’t be radically committed to the Scriptures without being radically committed to communicating the Scriptures in a culturally relevant manner.

It’s an easy statement to make because God has always communicated his message to people in a culturally relevant manner. Language, the time, place, ethnicity, gender, community, governance, and more has always been taken into consideration as the message of God was communicated to a particular audience.

The Apostle Paul, a master missionary, knew this about the heart of God and understood that the Gospel must be contextualized to each specific culture:

#1 Take time to understand the culture of your audience.

"…for as I was walking along I saw your many altars…” Acts 17:23

#2 Be positive, not negative, about the culture of your audience.

“So Paul, standing before the Council, addressed them as follows: ’Men of Athens, I noticed that you are very religious…” Acts 17:22

#3 Use the culture of your audience to connect with the heart of your audience.

“His purpose in all of this was that the nations should seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and exist. As one of your own poets says, ‘We are his offspring.’” Acts 17:27-28

#4 Relationally speak truth to your audience.

“For he has set a day for judging the world with justice by the man he has appointed, and he proved to everyone who this is by raising him from the dead.” Acts 17:31

About The Author

Paul Alexander is a Pastor, Leader, and Church Strategist. He has spent the last ten years of ministry serving in three mega-church settings as a Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Lead Pastor. He has been married to his wife Lisa for 14 godine. Together they have three children Kennedy, Mia, and Lincoln. You can follow Paul on Cvrkut or at his blog.

Idealno-Sized Kongregacija? Pokušajte 500! Steve Sjogren

congregationVelike crkve dolaze u različitim veličinama, vrlo velika,, srednjih one i manjih.

Some are frustrated with the mega church scene in our day for a variety of reasons. It is a mistake to discount the vital role mega churches play in God’s strategy for reaching the world. God has in mind to use mega churches in great ways in our day. Above all else he wants to redeem these churches to do great works of evangelism across America. Done rightly such churches can serve as catalysts for the greater community they find themselves in so that churches of all sizes can gain confidence for evangelism.

I believe the most efficient church size is…500.
I stated this conclusion several years ago in a book based on the numerous observations made in that book (Making A Good Church Great, Regal, 2010). I am more convinced now than ever that my original hunch was correct.

Ponder this: it would be more productive to produce 10 life-giving churches of 500 in weekend attendance than in building one mega church of 5,000. I believe there is abundant evidence to make the point that the per capita level of spiritual vitality is usually greater at a medium-sized church versus a single mega one. The individual Believer will likely evidence greater fruit of discipleship in medium sized churches than in mega ones.

Mega church pastors are called by God to accomplish great things.
I don’t wish anything ominous upon the shoulders of my mega church brethren, yet it is a fact that to whom much is given much is required. Those who lead very large congregations will stand before God in the not too distant future to give an account of the way they acted as stewards of the provision of God in their time as the leader of an immense congregation with immense resources.

How did I do as a teacher? Did I boldly and lovingly present to my people the uncompromising truth of the Gospel?
How did I do as a model? Did I show my people the life of Jesus through my life?
Did we do the work of evangelism? Did we consistently, profoundly seek to bring our city to Jesus?
Were the poor shown an abundance of the mercy of God?

Such questions put the fear of the Lord in me. With this burden of responsibility in mind I don’t miss a day of my time of leading a mega church. I pray mercy upon you if you are a pastor in a congregation of this sort.

If you are a pastor in another size congregation you have it easier in many ways. Pray for mega church pastors near you. I hope you will mutually stir up the “love and good deeds” Scripture calls us to walk in.

Steve Sjogren is a veteran church planter and pastor of five churches in he US and Europe, several of which have grown to mega church status. He is currently operating in his ideal role by leading an outward-focused congregation of 500 in the Greater Portland area. He is the author of several best-selling books and many free PDF booklets. The Steve Sjogren Blog is published daily as a focus on evangelism, outreach and the power of the Spirit to accomplish this.