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The Human Conveyor Belt

plenty of help

Here is a real simple one, that we often overlook. . . WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! No matter what type of SE project you are working on, chances are you have to unload and load materials. Contrary to popular opinion, I have found that you should NOT do all the preparation behind the scenes in […]

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I Want My Name Back by Fr. Joe Butler


Sometime ago I was driving down one of the beautiful streets in downtown St. Augustine. As I was driving, I looked to my right and saw a bumper sticker that said, “Jesus save me from your followers.As I looked at this sticker, a wave of emotions flooded over me. I thought to myself: “How […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King Day Outreach? door Dr. Savant

Dr. Savant

Geachte Dr. Savant, Heeft u ideeën voor de SE op Dr. Martin Luther King Day? Pastor Eugene Jackson –Detroit Michigan Dat is een uitstekende vraag! De meeste scholen zou graag hebben leden van uw gemeente te helpen tijdens programma's en festiviteiten op deze zeer belangrijke dag. In werkelijkheid, waarom niet gastheer een ouder leerkracht […]

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Keep on Servinga Target Group by Charlie Wear


In 1998 I was burnt out. Three years earlier, I had taken over as the interim pastor of a local Vineyard church. For my three years pastoring the church, everything that I had previously learned about church growth and leading a church stopped working. As a person who believed that cause and effect were a […]

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