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4 Moves That Guard Against Burnout by Steve Sjogren

Burnout is a regular problem with anyone who reaches out. Jesus was in nearly continual outreach mode in his three-year ministry so he found it necessary to take on a number of mindsets in order to live with spiritual centeredness. Here are a few of Jesus’ points of view you might find encouraging. Define for […]

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How To Flush Your Spiritual Pipes by Ken Glassmeyer

No matter how long I do outreach, I am often surprised at how much impact serving others actually has on our own spiritual health. When we feed the poor, or do some small gesture of kindness, not only are we giving them a small taste of the kingdom, we get refreshed spiritually as well. I have heard more than one pastor use the metaphor that we are a conduit or pipeline for God’s grace when we let Him flow through us to others.

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Water For Living by Camey Gravley

Many years ago, a man intentionally invested in the lives of my family. Because he was such a living breathing portrait of Christ, our family could not help but be changed forever. He gave of himself in ways that many times no one else had a clue about. Countless phone calls, emails, and etc even […]

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Carpe Sushi with Steve Sjogren

Author/Speaker Steve Sjogren uses Sushi as a metaphor for taking a risk in starting a faith journey.

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