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5 Gli ostacoli alla evangelizzazione di Doug Murren


Everything that has to do with communication runs into some hurdles. Bringing a message of hope can even have hurdles it must face. When trying to nudge someone into Jesus’ arms there are five obstacles to evangelism you should be aware of. One: What options will I give up? People are smart they know in […]

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Webinar gratuito con Doug Mürren e Steve Sjogren!


Finding Your Voice: Ministero Successo Nel tuo stile dato da Dio. Abbiamo unito le forze per questo evento speciale sul mar., Febbraio. 28, Noon EST – e più a venire, perché: Da una parte … Sappiamo che dovete affrontare sfide Dio di dimensioni. Come pastori, facciamo troppo. (Non abbiamo smettere nostro “lavoro al giorno”! Stiamo portando chiese locali, mentre noi […]

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3 Things To Address Before Starting A New Church by Doug Murren


Starting churches is sometimes gone into with insufficient preparation. I know I have made several mistakes that were costly in starting churches by not having an adequate preparation period. I believe failure can garner greater insights more than success. I want to talk about three major areas of concern that need to be addressed before […]

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Motivating the Start-Up by Doug Murren


One of the best ways to build morale in an early work is recording milestones. This can be done ahead of time or after. But every church has milestones they can see ahead or have added to their success. I think there are several categories that could be looked at: financial, staffing, locations, impact on […]

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