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Celebrando il mio più grande errori del 2011 da Steve Sjogren


Alla fine dell'anno, qualche tempo fa ho dato un messaggio su alcune riflessioni di fine anno avevo ammantate around "I miei più grandi errori dell'anno." Con mia sorpresa più ascoltato quel messaggio di ogni nell'anno precedente. L'anno successivo ho fatto lo stesso con il fresco, nuovi errori. Ancora una volta, ci […]

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3 Things To Address Before Starting A New Church by Doug Murren


Starting churches is sometimes gone into with insufficient preparation. I know I have made several mistakes that were costly in starting churches by not having an adequate preparation period. I believe failure can garner greater insights more than success. I want to talk about three major areas of concern that need to be addressed before […]

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Surprise People with God’s Power by Doug Addison


People are longing to be touched by God’s love, power and acceptance. As Christians, we carry inside us an amazing arsenal of spiritual gifts that can help those in need in the hurting world around us. As an outreach leader and trainer for a number of years, I have come to realize that to become […]

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I Heart My City by Dino Rizzo


Did you know Jesus has a plan for you in the city He has sent you to? We see a great example of this in Luke 8:26-38. This once demon-possessed man is ready to follow Jesus after this miraculous life change. But Jesus commands him to, “Return home and tell how much God has done […]

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