Magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo Key: Simulan ang pag-uusap! sa pamamagitan ng Rice Broocks

Sa aking nakaraang artikulo “Magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo ay hindi lamang relasyon” Isinumite ko na hindi kami dapat mag-atubiling upang ibahagi ang Ebanghelyo kahit na hindi kami magkaroon ng isang relasyon sa mga tao. Aking pag-asa ay upang makapag-tao ng pakikipag-usap tungkol sa Ebanghelyo. Oo, preaching the Gospel to those we come in contact with.

If we try to build a genuine relationship with someone and fail to mention our faith either one of two things is true. Either that relationship is not very deep or our faith isn’t .

Pa, great soul-winners are also relationally intelligent. They are good at starting conversations that eventually lead to God and the Gospel. It is also critical to remember that evangelism involves listening, not just talking.

The principle I would like to introduce is called S.A.L.T.: Start a conversation, Ask questions, Listen, and then Tell the story.

In many cases, when looking for ways to engage unbelievers, it is critical to ask them questions and then genuinely listen before presenting the Gospel. The more you listen to others’ beliefs or lack thereof, the more they will listen when you tell the story of the Gospel and how it has impacted you.

As far as starting a conversation goes – I have never seen people more open to discussing God and spiritual things as they are now. Just remember to respect the person you are talking to by listening carefully to what they say. You’ll be amazed at how they return the favor.

We’ve developed a tool to help you engage those around you in this way. It’s called The God Test. For more information go to GodTest.Org o RiceBroocks.Com