Makinig sa Diyos ... Talagang? ni Jason Taylor

Ito ay tila ako ay sinubukan lahat ng ito! Mula sa drop sa mga libo-libong mga itlog mula sa isang helicopter sa pagpapadala sa kung ano tila tulad ng milyon-milyong mga postkard, ngunit ang aming simbahan ay hindi pagkuha ng "mga resulta" na ang iba ay nakuha. Ako bisikleta coach at tagapayo na sinabi sa akin "paano" upang planta ng simbahan. I did everything by the book, but the results were minimal in comparison to what everyone else was “getting”. Was there something wrong with me? Was I really called? Is this really what God wanted me to do, start a church from scratch?

I still remember the day that I just came to a realization that I needed to stop listening to coaches, books, and blogs first and start listening to what God was saying through the Holy Spirit for our church in our town. That’s when everything changed! I remember praying and asking God, “What’s next?” As I stopped and listened, He spoke and we started becoming who God wanted us to be as a church in our town.

Halimbawa, God said…

  • Move your location 9 miles across town to another school, when you do not have the money to do so- we did, and we started growing and God provided!
  • Set a goal to touch 5,000 people with random acts of Kindness in six months, when we had no dollars for this outreach- we did, and people’s lives were changed forever and God provided!
  • Move again to another location that you cannot afford- we did, and God provided and since that time over 260 people have given their lives to Jesus in our services!

My point is this: There is nothing wrong with coaching, mentors, and blogs, but please LISTEN TO GOD FIRST, and God will use the other voices to implement the vision that He gives you.

5 Paglulunsad Aralin Mula sa Johnny Appleseed sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

John Chapman, aka ang maalamat na "Johnny Appleseed" ay isang misyonero na naabot sa katutubong Amerikano sa Ohio Valley sa maagang 1800s.

Siya ay Simple Tools

His primary planting tool was a stick! Mayroon ba kayong isang stick? Kapag ang kanyang kasalukuyang stick wore out siya natagpuan ng isang bagong stick. I heard recently through the grapevine that sticks are still easy to find!

The more elaborate we make our plans the more likely it is that we will fail.

He Heard the Invitation

He picked up on the invitation of the Father to accomplish his lifelong mission, therefore when the going got tough he was able to return to the beginning of it all to when God unmistakably spoke to him to go out in the first place.

He Didn’t Talk About Outreach, He Did Outreach

Johnny understood it’s about activism, not mere talk, nor continual preparation study, nor the accruing of more cool conference notebooks. He was all about taking risks and getting out there. If he were alive in 2012 his motto would be, “Missional schmissional! Stop the incessant talk, stop being a chicken and just do it for Pete’s sake!"

He Did Small Things

It doesn’t take much to change the world. A tiny apple seed grows into the largest fruit bearing tree in the plant world that will bear thousands of apples.

He Was Faithful

He was all in! He burned his bridges. There was no return.

He Saw Potential in the Faith Realm

Some would find it difficult, if not impossible, to do the ministry of Johnny because it was long-term and not immediately fulfilling. He was called by God to do something great but something that not would fully bear fruit in his lifetime.

Each seed was destined to produce an amazing tree that would produce thousands of apples to the glory of God. It takes the kind of faith only God can provide to live from that perspective. We can’t work that up. “God empower us the ability to hear your calling, regardless of the timing.”

With servant evangelism ministry the fruit takes a while to come about, but guaranteed, but when a church plant remains faithful to strongly serve and show generosity to their surrounding community, astounding results will come about.

Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple,
But only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

Robert H. Schuller

3 Things To Address Before Starting A New Church by Doug Murren

Starting churches is sometimes gone into with insufficient preparation. I know I have made several mistakes that were costly in starting churches by not having an adequate preparation period. I believe failure can garner greater insights more than success. I want to talk about three major areas of concern that need to be addressed before getting started on any church venture.

Pre-Mortem Assessment

Post-mortem assessment is very common. We usually think of reviewing our success or failure after the event or venture has wound down. I like to do what I call pre-mortem assessment. It works just like post-mortem with the exception that it precedes the start date.

I now do pre-mortems on my messages. I also like to preview and consider upcoming events. It can be fun. Basically it means drawing your team together to ask how this thing fail. It means looking at what will bring us down. Obviously once you have done this exercise you will find ways to improve even before you start and likely avoid painful post-mortems.

Here are some questions that might help your pre-mortem:

  • What will stop people from returning?
  • What could go wrong with our message presentation?
  • What will make it difficult for people to hear about us and show up?
  • How could we waste our money?
  • What parts of our presentation are week or substandard?
  • What could make our worship terrible?


Recruiting Leaders

Choosing your first leaders properly is a vital effort. Sometimes we recognize people just because we need some help. It is true that you will likely within the first three years see a complete turn over of your initial leaders. But nonetheless your chances of succeeding can be greatly increased by calling the right partners.

This is an area where I have been weak. I have often not taken the time to recruit and deploy the right people. I have invested money in the ill prepared and under qualified leader and have not only wasted resources but cost myself a great deal of pain.

Where do you find leaders? Almost always the best leaders are going to come via referrals. It is true you may need to recruit leaders from places they are already being productive. I have come to believe that you shouldn’t start if you can’t convince some friends to join you in the venture.

The following are six traits of leaders you will need to be successful:

  • They are willing to invest money.
  • They are influencers and bring other people into the journey with you.
  • Are willing to put in time on the extras.
  • Do they evangelize?
  • Are they optimists?
  • Are they there when its time to pray?

Friends of the Start

I have heard for years planters complain about little or no support from their denominations or sending church. It sounds to me like the people who join your church and want you to hand them some friends. You have to take responsibility for building your own support network.

I think finding a coach and being willing to pay them is a great step. Yes they may be a paid friend but they are still a friend. You may have to go outside your particular organization to find connections.

It is well worth the effort to make some appointments with church leaders that have been successful and ask to share your dream. Don’t ask for money. If they are impressed with you and your plan they will offer on their own. What you need are friends. Often these friends will connect you with resources you need.

I think a network of ten key mentors and friends is essential. Be a listener and learner. Offer to take them to lunch or meet whatever fits their schedule best. Be certain to ask for future meetings after your first meeting. I have had many church planters ask me to mentor them or hire me as a coach. I am always flattered. Often I will work to help them find resources.

Come prepared when you seek to collect friends. Have a list of four or five questions you would like to ask them. They can be anywhere in the country, they don’t have to be in your backyard.. But don’t be vague. Describe your concerns. Ask them to pray for and with you. Send them a note of appreciation after your meeting.

Some of my best friends in the ministry were made this way. I often asked them to speak at my fledgling churches and I was amazed how many were takers. And when you have them speak prepare an honorarium no matter how poor you are. They may give it back but it shows you value their input.

These are the areas that should get a great deal of your attention. This is why I think a church plant or new plan for a church should be preceded by six months of hard preparation time. Happy preparing!

Motivating the Start-Up by Doug Murren

One of the best ways to build morale in an early work is recording milestones. This can be done ahead of time or after. But every church has milestones they can see ahead or have added to their success. I think there are several categories that could be looked at: financial, staffing, locations, impact on people’s lives measured by conversions, and missional progress.

One milestone may be a major gift that started you in a new level of ministry. Or a milestone may be the first person that receives Christ. Or your first baptism. Celebrating these steps of progress builds morale. And morale is the most valued asset of any church. So build it step by step.

Parties are great to celebrate milestones through as well. Have some cake and coffee after a service celebrating a milestone. Keep a record of successful events and report and review them regularly in newsletter form.

One Tuesday afternoon I asked God for an African American keyboardist, for the owner of the lot next to us to sell even though he had obstinately refused many times and for someone to head up the construction of an addition we were planning.

I told my partner in the ministry God was going to answer that day. That afternoon a talented African American keyboardist came into our offices and said she felt she was supposed to see if we needed a keyboardist. And our neighbor called me over to talk under his large cedar tree. He said he was ready to sell. And to top the day off a builder, new to the church, who had just retired, asked if he could help on our addition project. It was a great day. I talked about those milestones for years and still do.

Stories are the backbone of every great church. Stop and make a list of milestones that you will pass by faith. Share them with your leaders and watch them grow from seeds in your heart.

Look forward as well to milestones that await you. It could be hiring your first staff person or getting your first meeting place. Or setting up your first board. Or maybe your first public meeting. Whatever it is mark it, celebrate it, record it, and communicate it.

Ang 90 Araw ng Outreach Hamon sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Church halaman kailangan upang makahanap ng creative mga paraan upang kumonekta sa mga di-paniniwala kultura sa kanilang paligid. Kung manalangin ka para sa hindi-pa mananampalataya upang ipakita up kalooban nila. Ngunit paano ka humantong ang mga ito sa relasyon sa Kristo? Karaniwan doon ay isang proseso na kasangkot sa pinangungunahan ang mga ito sa Kristo.

When my wife Janie was seeking to know who the Lord really was, she asked God to reveal himself at the beginning of the summer. On June 1st she prayed an open ended prayer: “Show me who you really are by the end of the summer.” She promptly forgot about her prayer but God was at work arranging her circumstances. Some months later she ended up at a wedding (for a couple who weren’t even engaged in June) thousands of miles away. That was Labor Day weekend – the end of summer! She took a several hour car trip with a couple of turned on Believers who enthusiastically shared the Gospel with her. She became convinced that Jesus was Lord and that she had misunderstood him. On the Saturday before Labor Day weekend, marking the end of summer, she was converted to Christ!

True to answering her prayer, God moved by the end of summer. God loves a challenge! He takes the prayers of not-yet Believers seriously.

Making deals with God

Consider this:

Make deals with the not-yet believer. It’s a daring stand off. Either God will move specifically or nothing will happen. I’ve seen God move time after time in these situations. He loves to prove himself to Seekers.

Choose 3 things they need to see God move in their life to prove himself. Choose things that are measureable, for example jobs and finances. Stay away from romantic situations – those are too subjective. Pray in agreement for those things to happen.

I recommend you give it 90 days to see God show up. Come together at the end of those 3 months to compare notes.

In my experience the person in question will often have either forgotten about the prayer or will be convinced God didn’t answer their prayer, but when you look at the specifics it is usually clear that God clearly did move.

At that time bring them back to the original agreement – that they would open their hearts to Christ. Bring them around to the notion that God is madly in love with them! Pray together. Start their relationship with Christ.

Ang Tamang-tama ang sukat na pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao? Sumubok 500! sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

congregationMahusay simbahan ay makukuha sa iba't-ibang mga laki, napakalaking mga bago, medium-sized na mga bago at mas maliit na mga bago.

Ang ilan ay bigo sa Mega eksena simbahan sa aming araw para sa iba't ibang mga dahilan. Ito ay isang pagkakamali na diskwento ang mahalagang papel Mega simbahan-play sa diskarte ng Diyos para sa pag-abot sa mundo. May Diyos na nasa isip na gamitin ang Mega simbahan sa mahusay na paraan sa aming araw. Higit sa lahat ng iba pa ay nais niyang kunin ang mga simbahan na gawin dakilang mga gawa ng magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo sa buong Amerika. Tapos nang makatarungan gaya simbahan ay maaaring maglingkod bilang catalysts para sa mas malawak na komunidad sa tingin nila ang kanilang sarili sa gayon ay simbahan ng lahat ng mga laki ay maaaring makakuha ng tiwala para sa magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo.

Naniniwala ako na ang laki ng pinaka-mahusay na iglesya ay…500.
Ipinahayag ko ang konklusyon ng ilang taon na ang nakakaraan sa isang aklat batay sa maraming mga obserbasyon na ginawa sa aklat na (Paggawa ng Isang Mahusay na Iglesia Great, Regalo, 2010). Ako ay higit pa kumbinsido ngayon kaysa kailanman na ang aking orihinal na kutob ay tama.

Pag-isipan ito: magiging mas produktibo upang makabuo ng 10 -pagbibigay buhay ng simbahan 500 sa katapusan ng linggo pagdalo kaysa sa pagbuo ng isang Mega simbahan ng 5,000. Naniniwala ako na may masaganang ebidensiya upang gawin ang mga punto na ang per capita antas ng espirituwal na kalakasan ay karaniwang mas malaki sa isang simbahan katamtaman ang laki kumpara sa isang solong isa Mega. Ang mga indibidwal na mananampalataya ay malamang na katibayan na mas malaki bunga ng discipleship sa medium sized na mga simbahan kaysa sa Mega mga.

Mega pastors simbahan ay tinatawag ng Diyos upang makagawa ng mahusay na mga bagay.
Hindi ko nais anumang bagay nagbabala sa mga balikat ng aking kapatid Mega simbahan, pa ito ay isang katotohanan na kung kanino magkano ay ibinigay magkano ang kinakailangan. Sa mga lead na napakalaking congregations ay tumayo sa harap ng Diyos sa hindi masyadong malayong hinaharap upang magbigay ng isang account ng paraan sila kumilos bilang stewards ng pagkakaloob ng Diyos sa kanilang oras bilang lider ng isang napakalawak pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao na may napakalawak na mapagkukunan.

Paano mo gagawin ko bilang isang guro? Nakatulong ba akong matapang at buong pagmamahal naroon sa aking mga tao ang matatag na katotohanan ng Ebanghelyo?
Paano mo gagawin ko bilang isang modelo? Ipakita ba ako ng mga tao sa aking buhay ni Jesus sa pamamagitan ng aking buhay?
Gawin ba namin ang gawain ng magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo? Nakatulong ba namin tuloy-tuloy na, profoundly humingi upang dalhin ang aming mga lungsod sa Jesus?
Ipinakita sa mahihirap ng isang kasaganaan ng awa ng Diyos?

Mga naturang katanungan ilagay ang takot sa Panginoon sa akin. Gamit ang pasanin ng responsibilidad na nasa isip Hindi ko makaligtaan ng isang araw ng aking oras sa mga nangungunang ng isang Mega simbahan. Manalangin ko awa sa iyo kung ikaw ay isang pastor sa isang pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao ng ganitong uri.

Kung ikaw ay isang pastor sa ibang laki pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao mayroon kang mas madali sa maraming paraan. Manalangin para sa Mega pastors simbahan na malapit sa iyo. Umaasa ako na kayo ay kapwa magbati up ang "pag-ibig at mabuting gawa" Banal na Kasulatan tawag sa amin upang maglakad sa.

Steve Sjogren ay isang may-ari ng taniman simbahan beterano at ministro ng limang mga simbahan sa US siya at Europa, ang ilan sa kung aling mga lumaki sa katayuan Mega simbahan. Kasalukuyang Siya ay tumatakbo sa kanyang perpektong papel sa pamamagitan ng humahantong ang palabas na nakatuon pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao ng 500 sa Greater Portland lugar. Siya ang may-akda ng ilang mga pinakamahusay na nagbebenta ng libro at marami booklets libreng PDF. Ang Steve Sjogren Blog ay na-publish araw-araw bilang isang pagtutok sa magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo, outreach at sa kapangyarihan ng Espiritu upang magawa ito.

Maverick Minister Richard Rossi Pupunta ang Hollywood sa pamamagitan ng Dan Wooding

Pagkatapos magtrabaho para sa labing-anim na taon bilang isang planter simbahan, Sabi ni Richard Rossi na narinig niya ang isang "mataas na pagtawag sa Hollywood" upang magamit ang kanyang pagiging malikhain upang ibahagi ang ebanghelyo, at journeyed 3,000 milya mula sa Pennsylvania sa Hollywood, California.

Richard Rossi

He’s currently shooting his second feature film as a writer-director about Christian baseball player Roberto Clemente, and recently released his controversial coming-of-age novel “Stick Man”

“I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘You’re a missionary to Hollywood,’” Rossi said.

His first feature film “Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story” was nominated for best film in Milan, Italy, and a prior short film he made on McPherson, a female evangelist, was Academy Award-considered in the short film category.

Rossi’s creative work emerges out of Eternal Grace, the Hollywood house church network that he and his wife of twenty-seven years, Sherrie, founded to “reach artists and actors with the gospel and also heal the wounds artists often experience from the church.”

He explained, “The theme of our work and lives is grace. It’s grace that saves us and gives us hope.”

Book cover

Rossi’s new novel “Stick Man” tells the story of a young man’s journey from legalism to love. Though Rossi won’t say what percentage of the novel is semi-autobiographical, he admits his own odyssey from his alma mater (Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University) to his current grace-orientation was a basis of the character’s journey.

“I had to recover from aspects of rigid religion that were abusive,” Rossi said. “I think my novel ‘Stick Man’ is embraced by believers and unbelievers alike because of the honesty about the toxic teachings sometimes found in fundamentalist churches that supplant the saving gospel of grace.”

Like “Stick Man”, the audience for his films have transcended Christian categorization. “Sister Aimee” set attendance records at New Beverly Cinema, a Los Angeles theater owned by Hollywood heavyweight director Quentin Tarentino, and screenings at the prestigious Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in Hollywood sold out within twenty-four hours.

“There were some in the church who wanted me to edit out of ‘Sister Aimee’ some of the trials Aimee McPherson went through, like her divorce, breakdown, and overdose,” Rossi said. “Again, because the film showed that God’s grace worked in her life despite her weaknesses, it reached many outside the church who are tired of preachers presenting a facade that Christians are perfect.

Newcomer Mimi Michaels (pictured above in a hands-on healing prayer scene that moves theatre audiences) is Oscar-worthy in her portrayal of “Sister Aimee” from her teenage years through her controversial death at age fifty-four. Mimi went to LaGuardia High school, the “FAME” high school for the top young actors in the country, where she excelled as Best Actress

“Like my characters in ‘Stick Man’ and ‘Sister Aimee’, I’ve found through my personal participation in twelve step programs and therapy, that God’s grace is perfected in our weakness,” Rossi added.

“If we’re going to reach the world for Christ in the twenty-first century, we must embrace the arts and our own humanity and share the gospel because we need grace as much as the person we’re preaching to.”

Paul Levy, an advisor to Rossi, said, “Based on Blockbuster and Netflix rentals, Amazon sales, theatrical screenings, and those who contacted us through the film’s website (, which has a visible counter, ‘Sister Aimee’ reached over seventy-five thousand people who opened their hearts to the gospel the first year.

“The film is a work of genius shot on a shoe-string for less than five thousand dollars, the lowest budgeted film to be bought and stocked in all the Blockbuster stores; so in essence, Richard has shared the gospel worldwide on Blockbuster’s nickel.”

Production is now under way on Rossi’s new baseball film, “Baseball’s Last Hero: The Roberto Clemente Story.”

Eternal Grace church has raised half of the budget and they are believing the resources will continue to come.

“The Spirit has been speaking to people I don’t even know from different parts of the world to send gifts to help us share the gospel,” Rossi said.

Media Note and Links:

To donate to the work of Eternal Grace online, visit and send contributions to the e-mail or mail to: Eternal Grace, 5030 Whitsett Avenue, Suite One, North Hollywood, CA 91607, USA.

To read Richard Rossi’s new novel ‘Stick Man’, visit this page on—age/dp/1456368680/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1296939460&sr=8-2

Sister Aimee film:

Roberto Clemente film:

Eternal Grace Church:

Interview Requests: To interview Richard Rossi, e-mail

Dan Wooding, 70, is an award winning British journalist now living in Southern California with his wife Norma, to whom he has been married for 47 taon. They have two sons, Andrew and Peter, and six grandchildren who all live in the UK. He is the founder and international director of ASSIST (Aid to Special Saints in Strategic Times) and the ASSIST News Service (ANS) and was, for ten years, a commentator, on the UPI Radio Network in Washington, DC. He now hosts the weekly “Front Page Radio” show on KWVE in Southern California which is also carried on the Calvary Radio Network throughout the United States. The program is also aired in Great Britain on Calvary Chapel Radio UK. Besides this, Wooding is a host for His Channel Live, which is carried via the Internet to some 200 countries. You can follow Dan on Facebook under his name there or at ASSIST News Service. He is the author of some 44 books. Two of the latest include his autobiography, “From Tabloid to Truth”, which is published by Theatron Books. To order a copy, press this link.Wooding, who was born in Nigeria of British missionary parents, has also recently released his first novel “Red Dagger” which is available dito


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Living with people leaving…

One of the most discouraging aspects of planting churches is the fact that most people who start with you leave early on. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • Unmet expectations.
  • Physical fatigue.

Some people just aren’t called to be with you for the long term. God might be using you to develop them for the next church they attend.

Sometimes people have their own agendas that just don’t fit with what you are doing. They can’t stay if they can’t get you to plant “their” church. You’d be crazy to try and get these people to stay.

So what do you do? Brace yourself. Many churches will see an annual turnover rate of 25%. That isn’t uncommon, so don’t be surprised if it happens to you. Try to walk securely in God’s will by developing mentors and leaders around you as well as outside of the church. This will help you maintain perspective. Most of all, maintain perspective by focusing on the fact that God has many people who will be joining you who aren’t there yet!

I have often asked myself if it’s just me or does everyone else lose good friends in the process of planting a church? And when you are planting do you get closer than usual to your people? This is painful stuff. I have been leading for more than thirty-five years and have been in on planting at one level of leadership or another approximately 150 churches. It still catches me off guard when major supporters bail out. And it hurts.

Every once in a while you stumble upon a miracle. In my most “successful” church plant I had a dozen of the original fourteen people “founders” of the church with me after eighteen years. It is possible to be surprised! Maybe these people stayed with me because I didn’t really “need” them to stay. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Doug Murren
Doug Murren

Doug Murren is the senior pastor of New Heights Church in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of a number of books. Visit his web site at