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Listen To God… Really? by Jason Taylor

It seemed I had tried it all!  From dropping thousands of eggs from a helicopter to sending out what seemed like millions of postcards, but our church was not getting the “results” that everyone else had gotten.  I hired coaches and mentors who told me “how” to plant the church.  I did everything by the […]

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5 Launching Lessons From Johnny Appleseed by Steve Sjogren

John Chapman, aka the legendary “Johnny Appleseed” was a missionary who reached out to native Americans in the Ohio Valley in the early 1800s. He Had Simple Tools His primary planting tool was a stick! Do you have a stick? When his current stick wore out he found a new stick. I heard recently through […]

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3 Things To Address Before Starting A New Church by Doug Murren

Starting churches is sometimes gone into with insufficient preparation.  I know I have made several mistakes that were costly in starting churches by not having an adequate preparation period.  I believe failure can garner greater insights more than success.  I want to talk about three major areas of concern that need to be addressed before […]

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Motivating the Start-Up by Doug Murren

One of the best ways to build morale in an early work is recording milestones. This can be done ahead of time or after. But every church has milestones they can see ahead or have added to their success. I think there are several categories that could be looked at: financial, staffing, locations, impact on […]

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The 90 Day Outreach Challenge by Steve Sjogren

Church plants need to find creative ways to connect with the non-believing culture around them. If you pray for not-yet Believers to show up they will. But how do you lead them into relationship with Christ? Usually there is a process involved in leading them to Christ. When my wife Janie was seeking to know […]

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The Ideal-Sized Congregation? Try 500! by Steve Sjogren


Great churches come in a variety of sizes, very large ones, medium-sized ones and smaller ones.

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Maverick Minister Richard Rossi Goes Hollywood by Dan Wooding

Richard Rossi

After working for sixteen years as a church planter, Richard Rossi says that he has heard a “high calling to Hollywood” to use his creativity to share the gospel, and journeyed three thousand miles from Pennsylvania to Hollywood, California. Richard Rossi He’s currently shooting his second feature film as a writer-director about Christian baseball player […]

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Living with people leaving…


One of the most discouraging aspects of planting churches is the fact that most people who start with you leave early on. There are several reasons why this happens: Unmet expectations. Physical fatigue. Some people just aren’t called to be with you for the long term. God might be using you to develop them for […]

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