Proslava Moj najveći pogrešaka 2011 Steve Sjogren

Na kraju godine prije nekog vremena sam dao poruku o nekoliko kraju godine razmišljanja sam cloaked oko "Moji najvećih pogrešaka godine." Na moje iznenađenje više slušali tu poruku od bilo koje prethodne godine. Sljedeće godine sam učinio isto sa svježim, nove greške. Opet, there was an enthusiastic response. I continue to make this a year-end message, but I am now doing an enhanced version online for some of my sites – thus what you are now reading.

On the surface of things, it may seem a little dark to ponder one’s mistakes, but I don’t see it that way, and neither does God. In the Bible, God consistently choose people who were prone to make mistakes yet went on to be stellar examples of lives strongly lived.

Peter, for one, was a mistake maker who went on to great things. His mistakes didn’t impair him from greatness. He took risks that often led to failure but always left a deposit of faith in him. He was able to walk on water when the others were afraid to step out of the security of the boat. He failed after a step or two, but he received an amazing installation of faith just the same.

What you read here are my confessions from this past year. Each of them is an area where I blew it but then made a mid-course correction along the way.

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