Steve sjogren Razgovarao Rice Broocks na TBN

Steve sjogren nedavno učinio veliki intervju s rižom Broocks o sluga evangelizacije na TBN mreži. Možda će vam ovo pomoći proslijediti drugima kao način objašnjavanja koncepta SE u malom. (Zanimljiva napomena: It was taped in Nashville at what was previously the estate of country music legend Conway Twitty on his sound stage, known asTwittyLand!” – not as over the top as the name sounds but a cool bit of Nashville lore. If you are ever in Nashville-Hendersonville on a Tuesday night, you might want to check out the taping of one of these shows.)

steve chplanting Steve Sjogren Interviewed by Rice Broocks on TBN

Steve is the head of ServeCoach(.com) and is considered thefather of servant evangelismas he pioneered that then-unique approach to outreach while leading the Vineyard Church of Cincinnati. He has coached dozens of church plants from a wide array of denominational backgrounds. He and his wife Janie have planted 5 churches in the U.S. and Europe. His book Conspiracy of Kindness is considered by many to be a primer in outreach for skeptical settings.

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