Plan Now For Valentine’s Day Kindness Outreaches! by Janie Sjogren

“Did you get your Valentine today?“ It’s easy to put a Valentine’s Day outreach together in a short time.  People are really open this time of year, and everyone loves getting a little love shown to them!

Roses are a great idea, wrapped with baby’s breath and some florist paper from your local florist.  Order the parts and have your team wrap everything up.  Wrap up each red rose individually.  Wrap with baby’s breath, red florist paper and clear plastic sheets, then tie a ribbon with an outreach card to it.  Roses are great to give out on street corners, and people are surprised it is free.  Some churches use a “$1 Roses” sign and then give the rose and the dollar to people!  Red carnations also work well for this project.

Chocolates are a great gift of love this time of year.  Put Hershey kisses or other wrapped candies into small clear bags tied with ribbon and a card stating that “This is a little way to let you know God loves you, no strings attached!”  Gifts of candies to workers at stores are often well received, as well as showing love at nursing and care homes.  Buy 3” X 5” zip-closure bags online.

Set the date and time!  Get your team together, plan what you’ll give out and set the date for your Valentine’s Day outreach.  Make sure you have all the items to assemble before the outreach.

If you pack them, your people will give them away!  Another great way to get the sweets out to people is to send your Sunday attendees out the door with 5 or 10 sets of candies with cards attached ready to give away.

People need to know they are loved, and this is an easy way to do it!

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