Voda za život po Camey Gravley

Prije mnogo godina, Čovjek namjerno uložio u životima moje obitelji. Budući da je bio takav portret dnevni disanja Krista, Naša obitelj nije mogla pomoći, ali se promijenio zauvijek. On je dao od sebe na način da mnogo puta nitko drugi nije imao pojma o tome. Bezbroj telefonske pozive, e-mailove, and etc even after our family had moved away and were no longer under his seemingly direct care as our pastor. That’s how sold out he was to what he believed in and whom he believed in.

This past week, our church took 13 youth to camp. You might be thinking that does not sound like very many to you. In other context, I might tend to agree with you on that. But these were not just any 13 youth. They were youth that we have been exceedingly intentional on investing in. Youth that have cups with their name on it in our kitchen cabinet in our home because they have spent time in our home at our table. 13 may sound like an unlucky number to some as well. But considering it was almost double of what went last year, how could that possibly be bad?

We learned that the man unexpectedly to us went to Heaven on his 58th birthday while at camp. I must confess that I was shook hard. Not that I had left anything unsaid with him because that is far from the case. We did not hesitate in saying that we loved each other because of how tender & God-life giving the love was. I was shook hard because it reminded me yet again about his intentionality in our lives. How even though he did not know any of the youth that were with us personally – he was praying for them. How often do you pray for someone you do not even know just because they’re connected to someone you love relentlessly and are invested in?

When we’re truly living in a way that shows who is the real leader of our minds as well as hearts – we will have cups with people’s names on them that other people might just want to pass right on by even if they trip on their untied shoelaces in the process. When we take the time to remember that our lives are truly to be about and for God and not the capital “I” – we will be intentional on not only noticing others but being willing to bend down and tie their shoelaces. Even if doing so means bending down on the ground to reach it. For someone short like me – it’s not that far of a distance to reach the ground. But just that simple act of kindness can speak volumes.

Our lives are busy. I’m sure yours is no different. But what ways are you being intentional in living life with others? As a pastor’s family – we can use the excuse that our home should be totally off limits. We’ll just see them when at the physical church building when it’s time for “church.” As the current youth leader, I could pull the – “I’m with you on Wednesday & Thursday nights. That ought to be enough.” Sure Jesus went off to have time to get alone. We should too. But not at the expense of closing off that which God meant to be shared – everyday life and living. You hurt – I hurt too. You cry – I wipe your tears. That’s a radical kind of “I” because it goes against what Satan wants and points directly to God and His love. How busy are you again?

Summer is here. Just yesterday, it was 112 degrees. No denying how incredibly hot that is. You simply could not escape the heat. A simple thing like a cup of water or cool refreshing sweet ice tea does wonders on a hot summer day. How sweeter to have it in a cup with your very own name on it in someone’s home that loves you relentlessly? God loves us like that so much so that Jesus died on the cross with my name not only on Him but pouring out of His veins too.

Stop for just a moment and think about individuals who have been intentional in your life’s moments because of God’s love for them first and then theirs for you. Perhaps it was a pastor, youth leader, teacher or someone you went to school with? What would your life’s moments look like now if they had not invested intentionally in you? What if they had ran right on past you because they were too busy to notice you? Or they did not want to take the time because it was you?

May summer of 2011 be the time when God’s love is spread like a flowing spring of living water! You’re reading this! You’ve been prayed for! It was intentional.

Megafon Evangelizam… Postoji li bolji način? Steve Sjogren

Jeste li ikad bili omeo nekoga da je bio uzbuđen zbog svoje vjere? Bio sam u Gradskom području New Yorka, a kad sam dobio od metro nadvožnjaka u Queensu na zvuk nekih španjolskih propovijedi pentekostalaca, koji su naizmjence propovijedanje (vikao je glasno točnije) u bullhorn. As one finished his turn he turned the mic over to the next with a high five and a chuckle. Those guys were having a good time at what they were doing, but clearly they were not connecting with the crowd. My ears were nearly bleeding! The crowd was trying to ignore them and everyone wished they would unplug themselves and go home. They were overly aggressive and not connecting with the passing crowds. I believe God will use any approach to sharing the Gospel we make available to him, but some approaches are awfully difficult for him to use!

Just below there another church was doing an outreach based on serving. They were washing cars, trucks – even a huge metro garbage truck pulled up to test the sincerity of the team’s faith! (Da, they passed the test and made it spick and span!) This was a study in contrasts. The group below the overpass was attracting a crowd, bit by bit, little by little, and making an impact one person at a time with no sound reinforcement other than to say, “We are showing Jesus’ love in a practical way…” (There were plenty of conversations that followed those introductory words.)

Before I became a Believer I met an occasional person who was downright excited about Christ – not many of them, but a few along the way. Those people got me thinking about the possibility of following Jesus. It began to occur to me that there was something out there that was worth giving my life for. Positive zeal is powerful and beautiful. Our zeal needs to be a lot like the oath doctors take upon graduation before they treat their first patient: “First, do no harm…!"

Je li Osama bin Laden Spremljeno?

Osama Bin LadenThe cover of Time magazine recently featured Pastor Rob Bell and his controversial new book that hones in on the weighty issue of eternity. Unatoč Bellova intervjuu zaobilaženja jer je knjiga objavljena, the book flatly endorses Universalism – the notion that all will get a chance to come to Christ after death no matter what beliefs they held to in this life. I find that position impossible to hold in light of a multitude of scriptures.

I see the heart of God broken for the Lost, but they are still the Lost as the Bible addresses them.

The Lord is…not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. (2 Pet. 3:9, NKJV) Clearly the heart of God is that all come to know Christ and spend eternity in the presence of God. Will that choosing of God be violated? Clearly yes.

For many are called, but few chosen. (Matt. 20:16, NKJV) Based on the context of Jesus’ words we could easily restate that concluding statement to this: “Many are called but few choose.” Most want to choose their own way forward and violate God’s choosing of them for relationship with God. It is particularly true that religious people choose their own way versus the way of humility into relationship with God. Few choose the way of humility. Few (something less than 50%) find authentic relationship with God through Jesus’ atoning death for them.

Bottom line, was Bin Laden a follower of Jesus? Of course he wasn’t. I don’t mean to be a party pooper but here’s what I think. Though millions of Americans are celebrating the shooting of this notorious criminal, there is a sense in which God is not celebrating. Da, evil has been judged. For that we are grateful. On the other hand, this man has gone into a christless eternity. For those who understand the heart of God, this is nothing to get overly excited about, regardless of the evil he stood for.

& Nbsp;

Proročki Evangelizacija Made Easy Doug Addison

To nije previše teško primijetiti novu duhovnu glad kod ljudi. Mediji su je prepun televizijskih emisija i filmova vezanih za duhovnost. Emisije poput, Charmed, Srednja i Buffy the Vampire Slayer su pokazatelji otvorenosti novih ljudi moraju duhovnosti, iako ovi nisu pokazuje pozitivan utjecaj. S ovim povećanjem interesa za okultno i New Age duhovnosti, nitko ne može pomoći, ali čudo ako su demonske snage su napale naše društvo. Vjerujem da smo gledajući tu čudnu buđenje duhovnosti, jer sam Bog je sadnja duhovnu glad u ljude i oni su u potrazi za razumijevanjem i ispunjenje.

Novi način za evangelizaciju
Prije deset godina, Bog me uputio da se početi koristiti duhovnim darovima riječ znanja i proroštva (1 Corinthians 12) kao sredstvo evangelizacije da dosegnu ljude koji ne reagiraju na tradicionalne metode evangelizacijskih. Jer ljudi su već ide na vidovnjake, Zašto ne pustiti ih znati što Bog doista ima za reći im? To zvuči vrsta sablasno i teško raditi, ali zapravo, otkrili smo da je to tako lako kao daje govorio riječi ohrabrenja.

U osnovi, Riječ znanja je nešto što Duh Sveti komunicira s nama, a to je obično oko sadašnjeg ili bivšeg situaciji dok proročanstvo o budućnosti. Mi smo sami osposobljeni komunicirati ono što mi osjećamo Boga govoreći u svakodnevnom jeziku, izbjegavanja povlaštene kršćanske razgovora i opskurne biblijske reference. Mi smo nalaz da su ljudi zapravo vrlo otvoren za sluh od Boga, pa čak i primiti Isusa Krista u ovim susretima.

Gdje je to u Bibliji?
Kad sam prvi put zacrtao da će učiniti ovu vrstu evangelizacije, Tražila sam Bibliju i pronašao u Ivanu 1:45-51 Da je Isus privukao Natanaela da ga slijede dajući mu riječ znanja kad je izjavio, "Ovdje je pravi Izraelac, u kojem nema ništa lažno. "To mora da je točna jer Natanael bio je izvan sebe da je Isus znao o njegovom karakteru. Isus je također rekao Natanaela da je "vidio" Natanael sjedi pod smokvom; možda je to bilo mjesto gdje Natanael je imao vremena za molitvu s Bogom, jer Isus je poziv Natanael čovjeka istine. Isus je da će mu dati riječ proročanstva za budućnost. Ovaj susret izazvao Nathanael proglasiti, "Učitelju, ti si sin Božji, Kralj Izraela,"I da postane jedan od njegovih sljedbenika.

U Ivanu 4:7-30, 39-41, Isus susreće Samarijanku i oni su počeli pričati o štovanju Boga. Tada joj Isus kaže nešto o sebi: ona je bila u braku pet puta i nije bio u braku s čovjekom ona je sada živjela s. On je to učinio bez osuđuje ju; On je to učinio riječ znanja (o svojoj prošlosti i sadašnjosti). Da je Isus bio sudeći ju, On bi se zove joj preljubnica. Umjesto toga, Rekao joj, "Ono što je rekao je sasvim iskreni." Isus kao da se nalaze u pozitivni ljudi. Isus ju je ocijenjen točno i Njegovo suosjećanje i briga za nju zapalio evangelizacijski plamen unutar. Potrčala je natrag u grad reći svima o Njemu, zbog čega su mnogi Samarijanci slijediti Isusa taj dan.

Ljubav i poticanje ljudi
Moramo vidjeti sebe kao misionari u našim zajednicama. Trebamo učiti jezik i kulturu i pronaći načine kako bi se ispunio Isusovu poruku u ono što ljudi već vjeruju. U današnje pop kulture, postoji veliki broj "reality" prikazuje. Mnogi od tih emisija su zlobni i pokušati napraviti odbacuje ljudi smiješno. U "makeover" pokazuje s druge strane, imaju tendenciju da izgrade ljude. Zašto ne bi postali dio "Extreme Make Over-Boga Edition"!

To je evidentno s povećanim popularnost vidovnjake da su ljudi čeznuli čuti od Boga. Ljudi danas su obuzeti strahom, pobijediti, i pod stresom. Oni su dugo za ohrabrenje i nadu. Prema Prvom Korinćanima 14:3, proročanstvo (ili bilo koji oblik objave) je za jačanje, ohrabrenje, i udobnost, pogotovo kada se koristi kao sredstvo evangelizacije.

Jedan od naših brojnih pristupa proročkoj evangelizacije je dati ljudima poticaj i riječi od Boga o njihovoj sudbini. To je vrlo slično načinu na koji je Isus interakciji s Nathaniel i Samarijanke. Kažemo stvari kao što su, "Uzeli smo klase o tome kako potaknuti ljude; možemo vježbati na vas?"Idemo na reći im kako ih Bog vidi i dati im novu nadu. Često čujemo, "Jesu li vidovnjaci?"To je zapravo njihov način da se kaže da ste točno s onim što govore. Mi odgovaramo, "Ne učimo čuti Boga,"Ili" Mi smo kršćani, ali vjerojatno ne kao i većina koje ste sreli. "

Imagine the possibilities if Christians everywhere began to speak positive words of encouragement to people. I’m convinced it would change the face of evangelism and bring millions of people into a relationship with Jesus.

About The Author
Doug Addison is the founder of InLight Connection, and he travels worldwide helping people transform their lives and discover their destiny. His training seminar topics include finding your destiny, hearing God, and understanding dreams and visions. Doug is the author of the books, Prophecy, Dreams and Evangelism and Personal Development God’s Way. On i njegova supruga, Linda live in Santa Maria, California. For more information, posjetiti www.dougaddison.com.

Cvjetni dati-prospekti su veliki Outreaches po Janie sjogren


Okupite društvo na skupinu do cvijeće, s nekim drugim naglaskom zelenilom. Ciljana bilo gdje da se nalaze žene, I. E. shopping područja, Starački domovi, a ljudi odlaze biblioteke i vježbe klubova.

Kupite kante cvijeća, bebe dah, a neki paprat. Dobiti neke vrpce, jasan i Zelena knjiga zamotati cvijeće u, i neke Prethodno ispisani kartice i gumene bendova.

outreach cardStvaranje kartice priložiti cvijeća:
Samo smo vas željeli znati što su voljeli!

Jeste blagoslovljeni dan!

Od ______(crkva, website, proslava puta, telefonski broj)

Ovo je mali podsjetnik da su voljeli!


Imati veliki dan!

Od ______(crkva, website, proslava puta, telefonski broj)

Napravite frazu: Koristite izraz iznad, ili napraviti svoj vlastiti.

Kopirajte ga: na papiru u boji ili karton.

Izrežite ga: Dodjela perfekcionist koristiti papir za glodanje i izrezati na manje karticama.

Punch ga: Napravite rupu s bušiti rupe u svakoj kartici.

Bala It: Kupite kante cvijeća, bebe dah, a neki paprat. Zamotajte cvijet s nekim zelenilom, okružuju sa zelenim i jasnim plastičnih listova cvjetnim papira zamotati cvijeće u, i učvrstite gumicom.

Nit: Provucite vrpcu ili dva kroz otvor za pričvršćivanje bilješku cvijeća. Koristite jednu ili dvije šarene niti, možda 2 pramenovi 12 "u bilo crveno, roze, ljubičaste ili bijele curling vrpce.

Bucket It: Postavite donji krajevi cvijeća u vodu u kante, kada, Hladnjaci ili kante za prijevoz svoje cvijeće na svoju ruku-out stranicu.

Mjesta za Outreach

Namjernih radnji dobrote: Nađi ženama dati cvijeće na uglovima ulica, staračkim domovima, shopping područja i od vrata do vrata dati prospekti.

Osnažiti ljude u crkvi proširiti ljubav izvan zidina crkve: Jeste cvijeće s karticama u prilogu i spreman je u nedjelju ujutro, i zamolite ljude da ih se što napuste odati. Oni bi mogli imati nekoga na umu, ili su možda znaju nekoga tko živi sam u svom susjedstvu, koji bi mogao koristiti lift. Ili su ih mogli predati strancima koji su došli preko.

Što reći

"Mi smo samo htjeli da blagoslovi svoj dan!"" Samo smo vas željeli znati što su voljeli!"

Biblijska Predanost zahtjevi kulturni Relevantnost Paul Alexander

Mnogo je toga rečeno i napisano u posljednjih nekoliko godina, nudi sve vrste kritike suvremenih crkava za kompromis pridržavanja Evanđelja Isusa Krista za suvremenim metodama ga komuniciranje. Zanimljivo je da je velika većina ovom pitanju kritike putem drugih Crkava. Typically it comes from Churches that are not growing criticizing Churches that are growing. After all, if a Church is growing, they’ve got to be doing something wrong don’t they?

I have a tendency to go the other way on this one. Zapravo, I’d go so far as to say if a Church isn’t working hard to be culturally relevant, it isn’t working hard to remain true to the Scriptures! You can’t be radically committed to the Scriptures without being radically committed to communicating the Scriptures in a culturally relevant manner.

It’s an easy statement to make because God has always communicated his message to people in a culturally relevant manner. Language, the time, place, ethnicity, gender, community, governance, and more has always been taken into consideration as the message of God was communicated to a particular audience.

The Apostle Paul, a master missionary, knew this about the heart of God and understood that the Gospel must be contextualized to each specific culture:

#1 Take time to understand the culture of your audience.

"…for as I was walking along I saw your many altars…” Acts 17:23

#2 Be positive, not negative, about the culture of your audience.

“So Paul, standing before the Council, addressed them as follows: ’Men of Athens, I noticed that you are very religious…” Acts 17:22

#3 Use the culture of your audience to connect with the heart of your audience.

“His purpose in all of this was that the nations should seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him—though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and exist. As one of your own poets says, ‘We are his offspring.’” Acts 17:27-28

#4 Relationally speak truth to your audience.

“For he has set a day for judging the world with justice by the man he has appointed, and he proved to everyone who this is by raising him from the dead.” Acts 17:31

About The Author

Paul Alexander is a Pastor, Leader, and Church Strategist. He has spent the last ten years of ministry serving in three mega-church settings as a Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Lead Pastor. He has been married to his wife Lisa for 14 godine. Together they have three children Kennedy, Mia, and Lincoln. You can follow Paul on Cvrkut or at his blog.

Šest Molitve za povećanje Outreach IQ Steve Sjogren

prayer in outreachObično se misli da je nečiji IQ je prilično statična broj, da se ne može se povećati, ali ne u slučaju Outreach IQ. Kad je riječ o radu na terenu možete povećati razinu inteligencije. It’s a matter of doing some practical things—prayerful things. 

Prayer is the lifeblood of all vital outreach. You can pray without doing outreach, but you can’t do outreach without prayer.

You can pray without doing outreach, but you can’t do outreach without prayer.

It is easy to fall into the trap of being busy in outreach activities without walking in a spirit of prayer. Such a routine will only stir up lots of activity but little lasting fruit. Operating in this mode won’t yield the results we seek. 

God communicates with us all the time. The only hold up is on our end—the receiving end of things. As we pray we are able to hear his voice clearly. There are certain prayers that bear more fruit than others. Some prayers are easy to answer. They are the kinds that express his heart without hesitation.

If we hope to be effective in outreach we need to offer up prayers in faith, with no reservation.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting. James 1:5,6 NKJV & Nbsp;

We are wise if we choose our prayers well. If we hope to pray enthusiastically our prayers need to express the heart of God as revealed in his word. Consider the following as part of your prayer arsenal.

Prayer 1. “Bring People To You O Lord”
Pray for the Lost.

God shapes our hearts by the things we pray. 

The beginning point of prayer for outreach is to focus on THE point of it all—the Lost. Pray for the Lost around you. God will sensitize you to their plight, their pain, their struggle as you lift them up to God. Until we pray for the Lost we will likely only be irritated by the them. We are likely to lose patience until we enthusiastically welcome them in—in word and action.

Prayer 2. “Capture My Heart”
Molite Boga da Move Your Heart.

God will take a risky prayer like that seriously and move in your life. This can be a dangerous prayer to utter—at least dangerous if you don’t wish to participate in the action of the kingdom. Once God has gotten hold of your life he will take you, use you and send you to do his work. 

Prayer 3. “Increase My Anointing
Ask God for more power.

Praying this prayer is Part A. Being available to obey is Part B.
Practice doing the will of God. Practice a LOT. We get better at any skill as we do it frequently. Evangelism works in the same way. Get among others to practice your outreach chops frequently. God will build his momentum in you as you walk out his power. 

Prayer 4. “Stir Up My Gifts
Ask God for greater skill.

The Bible says the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. God has clearly gifted you whether you can see the extent of his gifting in you or not. Life is about seeing more of the gifting he has given us and we explore our way forward. Flow with your gifting. Allow him to explore your gifting. Allow him to pour more gifting into you. Don’t demand perfection. If you do you will miss out on the majority of what he has for you. God will use you in new ways as you pray to that end. 

Prayer 5. “Give Me Favor
Ask God for greater effectiveness.

As God moves in your life, he gives you his favor and you are able to move forward with momentum. One of the first things you will need is a cadre of people to support you in your mission. You will need a team to help carry out the mission God has called you to. His favor needs to rest upon you if you hope to walk out the vision he has given. 

A prayer that goes hand in hand with this one is this:

Prayer 6. “Bring Contagious People To Me”
Jesus prayed this with slightly different wording.
After these things the Lord appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. 2 Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. 3 Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves. Luke 10:1-3, NKJV& Nbsp;

The key verse is Luke 10:2, “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” A friend of mine encourages people to set their watches and cell phone alarms to sound at 10:02 every day to remind them to pray in agreement that the Lord would send laborers into the harvest. Thus twice a day (AM and PM) people all over the globe are praying in agreement that God will send out workers into the harvest field. A great reminder!

Spend time with those who have the outreach virus. We catch it from others more than we are taught it in a head-to-head fashion. It’s about catching outreach. You don’t so much learn about it in a classroom setting. It’s vital that we walk with those who are already fluent in outreach. Catch on as you catch it from those who have it. Better yet, let’s pray our way forward.

Idealno-Sized Kongregacija? Pokušajte 500! Steve Sjogren

congregationVelike crkve dolaze u različitim veličinama, vrlo velika,, srednjih one i manjih.

Some are frustrated with the mega church scene in our day for a variety of reasons. It is a mistake to discount the vital role mega churches play in God’s strategy for reaching the world. God has in mind to use mega churches in great ways in our day. Above all else he wants to redeem these churches to do great works of evangelism across America. Done rightly such churches can serve as catalysts for the greater community they find themselves in so that churches of all sizes can gain confidence for evangelism.

I believe the most efficient church size is…500.
I stated this conclusion several years ago in a book based on the numerous observations made in that book (Making A Good Church Great, Regal, 2010). I am more convinced now than ever that my original hunch was correct.

Ponder this: it would be more productive to produce 10 life-giving churches of 500 in weekend attendance than in building one mega church of 5,000. I believe there is abundant evidence to make the point that the per capita level of spiritual vitality is usually greater at a medium-sized church versus a single mega one. The individual Believer will likely evidence greater fruit of discipleship in medium sized churches than in mega ones.

Mega church pastors are called by God to accomplish great things.
I don’t wish anything ominous upon the shoulders of my mega church brethren, yet it is a fact that to whom much is given much is required. Those who lead very large congregations will stand before God in the not too distant future to give an account of the way they acted as stewards of the provision of God in their time as the leader of an immense congregation with immense resources.

How did I do as a teacher? Did I boldly and lovingly present to my people the uncompromising truth of the Gospel?
How did I do as a model? Did I show my people the life of Jesus through my life?
Did we do the work of evangelism? Did we consistently, profoundly seek to bring our city to Jesus?
Were the poor shown an abundance of the mercy of God?

Such questions put the fear of the Lord in me. With this burden of responsibility in mind I don’t miss a day of my time of leading a mega church. I pray mercy upon you if you are a pastor in a congregation of this sort.

If you are a pastor in another size congregation you have it easier in many ways. Pray for mega church pastors near you. I hope you will mutually stir up the “love and good deeds” Scripture calls us to walk in.

Steve Sjogren is a veteran church planter and pastor of five churches in he US and Europe, several of which have grown to mega church status. He is currently operating in his ideal role by leading an outward-focused congregation of 500 in the Greater Portland area. He is the author of several best-selling books and many free PDF booklets. The Steve Sjogren Blog is published daily as a focus on evangelism, outreach and the power of the Spirit to accomplish this.

Postizanje Artists, Glumci, i glazbenici u Hollywoodu Richarda Rossi

“You’re missionaries to Hollywood,” the Holy Spirit said to my wife Sherrie and I. We were shocked.

We met and married at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in 1984, a fundamentalist college in which we were forbidden to attend the movie theatre and taught that Hollywood was Sodom and Gomorrah. Deep down, we knew Jesus was a friend of sinners, and He never met a city He couldn’t change.

After Sherrie and I graduated Liberty, we returned to my hometown of Pittsburgh to preach and plant churches. For many years, I suppressed by creative instincts and worked solely as a pastor and healing evangelist.

Our ministry grew to healing services that drew thousands of people, but the flames of our marriage and ministry died when I began suffering from depression that stemmed from childhood abuse. I was trying to heal the world without healing myself, and became powerless and burned out.

I had resentment towards God. When people said, “God really uses you,” I replied, “I’m tired of being used.”

I experienced a rise and fall that landed me into a restoration process which included going to Healing for the Nations, a ministry in Atlanta that restores burned out leaders. I also enrolled in a twelve step program that continues with my participation in several recovery meetings a week.

Believing in God’s redemption for ourselves and others, we packed our belongings in a U-Haul. With our two children in tow, we made the three thousand mile journey west on a wing and a prayer, with no job or ministry position awaiting and $500 to our name. Little did we know, Hollywood would minister to us just as much as we would to Hollywood.

Sherrie and I felt led to read the bible cover to cover praying for insight into how to reach out to a culture of bohemians. From the opening pages of Genesis, God spoke to us as we read.

“I am the Master Artist, and I love to support other artists. As My Spirit hovered over creation in the beginning, I hover over you as you create today. Creativity shows you are made in My image. Your creativity is a part of My creativity.”

We discovered a spiritual hunger in Hollywood. On a prayer walk up Beachwood Drive leading to the famed Hollywood sign, the Spirit said, “I am transforming Hollywood into Holywood. My Son Jesus is the Bright and Morning Star, and His light can reach the stars.”

Soon actors, artist, producers, porn stars and painters began meeting in our small apartment to discuss their spiritual journey. Some were agnostic, some New Age, and some from Christian backgrounds that they felt suppressed their creativity.

We read the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, learning that God gave each of us talents and we must take the risk to follow where those talents lead. After praying for each other and our creative callings, we shared a potluck dinner.

A woman with prophetic gifting prayed and spoke. “The movies that will come out of this gathering will be a movement of My Spirit,” she said with fire in her eyes. “A city on a hill cannot be hid.”

We returned to God together. As part of my amends, I determined what God was doing would be built on Christ, and not my personality.

When God directed us to make movies, I played catch up and educated myself on film history by borrowing films from the local library and taking film classes at the community college. The European masterpieces of Bergman and Fellini gave me an idea: I could make a film as an allegory for my experience to share the gospel with others.

I began writing and directing a movie entitled “Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story” about the 1920’s famed female evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson. The film came out of my brokenness, and the brokenness of others who were drawn to help.

We made the film on a shoestring budget of five thousand dollars, but it was honored at the Screen Actor’s Guild with a special screening that sold out within twenty four hours. When I stood before the 500 members of the guild who came, I spoke about God’s ability to work through broken, wounded people. I was speaking as much about myself as I was Sister Aimee.

I identified with Sister Aimee, because she was a conduit for healing for others, but struggled to get healing in her own life and relationships. When I was in the healing ministry, the higher I was up on the pedestal, the more isolated and depressed I became.

Sister Aimee was nominated for Best Film in Milan, set an attendance record at Quentin Tarentino’s New Beverly Cinema, and was the first of a half dozen films to come out of the Hollywood house church network Sherrie and I started to reach artists. Made by our members, these movies are now distributed worldwide in Blockbuster, Netflix, and Amazon.

Art is an eternal seed, reaching not only multiple countries but multiple generations. Those who work together artistically form a natural bond built around the three C’s: Christ, Creativity, and Community.

A high percentage of our participants are unbelievers drawn to the love of God that treats all people equally. A celebrity sits on the couch at a house church gathering beside the homeless person. The only difference is we let the homeless person use the shower and take the food in the refrigerator, and we protect celebrities by keeping who attends confidential.

Our gatherings of artists meet house to house, confessing our sins to each other and praying for healing, but we break from this sometimes to create new work. The film set then becomes the church.

We serve artists by allowing them time to process the injuries afflicted on them by religion and guiding them to relationship with the Great Artist. We use our collective creativity to share the gospel.

We call our Hollywood ministry Eternal Grace, because the theme of our outreach is grace. Grace saves us and gives us hope.

Some Christians wanted me to edit out of my film and my new novel the struggles characters go through, like Aimee’s divorce, breakdown, and morals trial. Because we chose to show God’s grace working in her weakness, the film reached many outside the church who are tired of preachers presenting a facade that Christians are perfect.

My new novel “Stick Man” tells the story of a young artist’s journey from legalism to love. I wrote it for my own catharsis and healing after my Dad died.

I prayed that Stick Man would bring healing to others who have experienced loss in life or in love. God has answered prayer, as I am receiving letters and e-mails from fans of the novel who have been touched by it.

Like my characters in Stick Man and Sister Aimee, I’ve discovered through my participation in recovery and therapy an eternal grace that is perfected in our weakness.

We are recovering from religion, reclaiming our creativity, and creating new work to share our faith and experience with others. Production is now under way on our latest film “Baseball’s Last Hero: The Roberto Clemente Story.”

Otvorite svoje srce Velikog Stvoritelja i njegova kreativnost. Ministarstvo avantura čeka vas koji će napraviti razliku u svijetu, te je izvan vaše wildest snovima.

Richard Rossi Richard Rossi is a multi-medium artist. He works as a writer, an Academy Award considered filmmaker, an actor, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist. Richard lives with his wife of twnety-seven years Sherrie in North Hollywood, with their two children, Karis and Joshua. His novel “Stick Man” and his film “Sister Aimee: The Aimee Semple McPherson Story” are available at Amazon.com You can connect with Richard at http://www.facebook.com/richardrossiactor

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