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Launching Outreach In Your Church

Offered by the ServeCoach.com Network

Kindness Outreach Coaching with Steve and Janie Sjogren is now being offered through the ServeCoach.com Network to five churches!

In the past few years everyone has figured it out – we need to reach out to those who don’t know Christ. If we don’t reach out, our churches aren’t going to make it. We need to bring people into the Church who aren’t already Believers.

The challenges are enormous, at the same time resources are available today like never before to those who are willing to learn. Days like these require the wisdom that comes with experience. Churches often need outside input to assist in their journey. Over the last 20 years my wife Janie and I have worked with hundreds of churches that have been transformed as they put outward-focused principles into practice.

Often (usually!) churches can’t afford expensive consultations, so we have found a way to make this affordable. You will be part of a team, learn from others and grow into success together.

The ServeCoach Network will provide Kindness Outreach Coaching through consultation, coaching, and expert input from Steve and Janie Sjogren. Each church will pay a monthly investment of $250.00. For that investment each church will get:

  1. Once a month SKYPE group and individual conferencing.
  2. A bundle of 10 required books and 2 videos essential to the coaching.
  3. Receive a monthly review of insights from your coaching cluster and other sources.
  4. Optional review of the preaching of your church, one per month (based on your MP3 messages).
  5. Phone access to Steve and/or Janie.
  6. Access to all resources available to members at ServeCoach.com

The material and coaching will include the following topics and modules:

  • How to put the Kindness Challenge into practice, and get kindness outreach off the ground in your church
  • Building Outreach Leadership
  • Creative Outreach
  • Building Missional DNA into your Church
  • Website Ideas
  • Launching Outreach that sustains for the long haul!
  • How to Encourage Momentum
  • Learning to Powerfully Celebrate Success
  • Marking Milestones
  • Getting Small Group Involvement
  • Breaking the Budget Barrier
  • Volunteer Activation
  • Breaking the Fear Barrier
  • Turning Fear into Fun!
  • Maximize your Church’s Calendar
  • Incorporating Prayer into Outreach Plans
  • Finding and Creating Your Outreach Core
  • Developing Your Church’s Serving Style
  • Finding the Unique Keys that will Unlock the heart of Your Community
  • Moving in God’s power as you reach out to your community

Just 5 slots are available. We expect that these slots will fill up quickly. We will not take on any more churches at this time. All commitments begin with a six-month contract with the option to drop from the consortium after three months if not satisfied. This is a money back guarantee. If at any point you are dissatisfied with the coaching, we will refund the full amount of your coaching fee.

Direct any questions to SteveSjogren@mac.com.

Let’s jump on board and change the world together!

Steve & Janie Sjogren


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