Kā Kickstart Jūsu Outreach ar Stīvu Šegrena & Stīvs Bowen

On Servecoach.com we broadcast and recorded an incredible live interview-conversation with veteran Servant Evangelism guru Steve Bowen of the Dayton, Ohaio Vineyard baznīca – vieta uzcelta squarely uz informēšanas porciju un kalpošanu trūcīgajiem. Dzirdēt, kā viņi sāka ar izbeigs ar 7 bags of groceries one Saturday morning with no idea of how to approach people or what to say.

Steve shares the topic of Kick Starting Outreach. Steve opens the toolbox he has put together over the past couple of decades and offered some amazing and practical insights.

Get a sample of this powerful coaching call by checking out the first 10 minutes of it right here:


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Mark your iCalendars for Thursday, March 8th, at 10:00 AM PST Time U.S. for our next ServeCoach.com interview with author, pastor and outreach guy Vince Antonucci (Verve Church, Las Vegas).

See you then!

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