Dr. Martin Luther King Day Outreach? by Dr. Savant

Dr. Savant

Dear Dr. Savant,

Do you have any ideas for SE on Dr. Martin Luther King Day?

Pastor Eugene Jackson
–Detroit Michigan

That is an excellent question!  Most schools would love to have members of your church help out during programs and festivities on this very important day.  In fact, why not host a parent teacher appreciation dinner at one of your local schools?  It would be easy to do.  All it involves is taking the normal Sunday Church social or brunch on the road during the next PTA meeting. You could expand this small outreach into a reading tutoring program.  Tutoring reading is actually easier than it seems.  Kids love to be read to–even older kids.  As you win them over by reading a few stories, you then extend beyond that and show them how to read on their own.  I will let you in on a little secret.  When you read out loud to kids, visualation of the story comes naturally.  Most kids that have difficulty with reading lack the ability to translate the character strings on a page into viual context in their brain.  That is were you come in.  Sure there are some children that have serious learning disabilities that require the intervention of a trained professional, but what they often lack even more is face time with a caring adult that models learning for them.  That small investment of your time and energy will pay huge dividends in their lives.  The economy is really bad right now, and families with children are really feeling the pinch.  So are teachers and schools.  Why not consider sponsoring a few kids or classroom with books to read for sustained silent reading?  I can even put you in touch with a great company that sells book with African American themes for schools, teachers, and families of students at a fantastic price.  If you drop our editor’s name, you will get an extra discount:


–Dr. Savant

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