5.5 Bagay Upang ba Kapag Tinanggihan Sa isang Outreach sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Hindi mahalaga kung paano mahirap subukan mong dumating sa kabuuan bilang isang "safe" na tao upang maabot ang mga out ka sa, ang ilan ay hindi makakatanggap ng iyong alok ng serbisyo. Iyon ay hindi maaaring baguhin ng isang katotohanan. Ngunit huwag mag-alaala. Mayroong ilang mga hakbang na napatunayan na nahanap ko na gawa na rin para sa pagharap sa mga malupit na tao.

1. The Forrest Gump-Andy Griffith Response.
It’s never a good idea to return fire with fire. Sa halip, put on a combination smile and blank response. You might practice this response with others on your team. You might be more of a natural arguer – that’s my natural inclination but it doesn’t work well. I’ve managed to abate other’s anger thrown my way many times and in fact I’ve been able to later return to the same place with the same personnel and find them willing to allow us to serve them!

2. Keep on keeping on.
The one thing we can’t entertain is the possibility of giving up. The end of Paul’s verse above regarding giving up is the quip, “for we shall reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Keep that promise in your heart. There is a harvest before you and your team. Remind your team that we are doing something that blesses the heart of God. When we reach out we are doing the ministry of Jesus – that is amazing!

3. Realize what is happening beneath the surface with those you serve.
Sometimes the most angry, nearly violent responses come from the very people who are being the most profoundly worked on the most by the Spirit of God. Keep that fact before you. If people are lackadaisical, ho hum regarding your outreach attempts you might be register with their souls. Remind your team that they need to proceed by faith, not sight, and serve with enthusiasm regardless of the surface of response.

4. Release the hound of heaven on them.
Francis Thompson wrote a poem with this title about the pursuit of the Holy Spirit – how he pursues people with power and faithfulness. When we serve, according to Paul in Romans 2:4, “the kindness of God leads to repentance.” Something supernatural is released upon their lives. It’s not our job to make sure everyone we reach out to is efficiently followed up on. If you read the Book of Acts it is obvious that many of those exposed to the Gospel were followed up on by the Holy Spirit in sovereign ways that only God could arrange. Sa madaling salita, don’t sweat it! Your extra efforts won’t change things in any case. It is the ministry of the Spirit to see to it that people come into the Kingdom, not yours. Do what you can, then relax, smile and continue to plant, water and harvest as the opportunity presents itself.

5. Tell your story!
Chances are some haven’t had a 100% successful day of outreach. Sometimes an encouraging conversation will un-empower the work of the Enemy that might otherwise scare the daylights out of people. A friendly sharing time will allow them to realize they didn’t fail but that it was probably just that the person they connected with who was having a bad day.

5.5 Eat a taco.
Stop at Taco Bell (or wherever) and connect with others on your team and download regarding your outreach experiences regarding what happened. Why a taco versus a burger at Wendy’s? You can eat like a king at Taco Bell for about $1.95!

Ang mas malalim na Uri ng Pag-ibig sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

“Love one another deeply for love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Pet. 4:8

Tulad ng Araw ng mga Puso ay nalalapit nagbibigay-daan sa kumuha ng isang silip sa kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig na gumagalaw sa pamamagitan ng sa amin - parehong kapag naabot out kami at tumuon sa namin sa aming kapatid na lalaki at babae sa Iglesia.

Sometimes outreach people can become so fixated on reaching out we can poo poo the need for the obvious – to show love to the obvious, the already gathered.

Let’s pull that verse apart:

"Love one another deeply"

Love those sa loob the church first.

The call here is not just to merely love but to love “deeply.” It takes far more grace and power to love insiders than outsiders. Here’s my thought – God will develop our ability to love others through the difficult people he places in our lives in the Church we are unable to avoid. As that capacity to love deepens, we will be all the more effective at loving outsiders.

“…love covers"

As we love, something redemptive is released.

“Love covers…sins.” That’s an amazing promise! There aren’t many promises that bold in the Bible. When we fail we can choose empowered attitudes and actions that God will anoint to cover our failures. Kagulat-gulat!

“…love coversa multitude of sins"

God’s power is released, our sins and failures are covered, when we love other Believers.

The key is that are willing to aim our love toward others in the Body of Christ. It is easy to shy away from taking advantage of the promise of 1 Pet. 4:8. Believers are far more difficult to love than those outside the Church! They are people in process, thus they are more irritating, sometimes stuck in repeating, irritating patterns and when they change it seems like a very slowww process. Let’s face it, those on the outside, the ones we have no relationship with, are ones we can extend grace to far more readily.

Christian love is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

This kind of love is not brought by human effort. As people who move in the world of kindness outreach we all know from experience that it’s not an act of deciding with our wills that we will love that makes outreach love happen. We need God to give us the desire and ability to move in the power of his love. It works the same way when we reach out to those inside the Church.

…Keep in mind:

Don’t wait until you get your love skills perfected on the inside of the Church before you reach out and serve.

I’ve heard confusion on this point from those in leadership who are concerned about the point of readiness for outreach. I appreciate the concern, but the truth is we will never perfect our love this side of heaven (1 Cor. 13). We will in in a continual process the rest of our earthly lives. We will always be moving toward greater effectiveness in our love. Our role now is to be available to do the bidding of God. He will use us as we are willing to be sent. Ready – FIRE! – Aim. That’s our guiding motto!


“What we do in life…echoes in Eternity”

(The Gladiator)

Magdiwang Aking pinakadakilang Pagkakamali Ng 2011 sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Sa katapusan ng taon ng ilang oras ang nakalipas Nagbigay ako ng isang mensahe sa isang ilang taon-end na reflections ko ay cloaked sa paligid ng "Aking Pinakamalaking Pagkakamali ng Taon." Upang aking sorpresa higit pa nakinig sa mensaheng iyon kaysa sa anumang mga nakaraang taon. Ang mga sumusunod na taon ginawa ko ang parehong na may mga sariwang, bagong mga pagkakamali. Muli, there was an enthusiastic response. I continue to make this a year-end message, but I am now doing an enhanced version online for some of my sites – thus what you are now reading.

On the surface of things, it may seem a little dark to ponder one’s mistakes, but I don’t see it that way, and neither does God. In the Bible, God consistently choose people who were prone to make mistakes yet went on to be stellar examples of lives strongly lived.

Peter, for one, was a mistake maker who went on to great things. His mistakes didn’t impair him from greatness. He took risks that often led to failure but always left a deposit of faith in him. He was able to walk on water when the others were afraid to step out of the security of the boat. He failed after a step or two, but he received an amazing installation of faith just the same.

What you read here are my confessions from this past year. Each of them is an area where I blew it but then made a mid-course correction along the way.

Click here or on the above image to download the PDF.

Steve Sjogren na kapanayamin pamamagitan Broocks ng Rice sa TBN

Steve Sjogren kamakailan ang isang mahusay na interbyu sa Broocks Rice tungkol sa lingkod na magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo sa network ng TBN. Maaari mong mahanap ito nakatulong sa iyo upang magpasa sa iba bilang isang paraan ng nagpapaliwanag ng konsepto ng TS sa maikling sabi. (Kagiliw-giliw na tandaan: It was taped in Nashville at what was previously the estate of country music legend Conway Twitty on his sound stage, known as “TwittyLand!” – not as over the top as the name sounds but a cool bit of Nashville lore. If you are ever in Nashville-Hendersonville on a Tuesday night, you might want to check out the taping of one of these shows.)

Sino ba ang paggawa Ang Evangelizing? sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Hindi ko nais na tunog erehe ngunit mayroon akong isang observation upang gawing. Aking mga kaibigan Fred noon ay masagana ang ani sa mga tao na humahantong sa Kristo sa ilang unang mga taon ng kanyang buhay Kristiyano bilang siya ay dumating sa labas ng musika tagpo sa Los Angeles at tulis ng isang bagay out sa akin naisip ko na noon ay kawili-wiling. He noticed that the vast majority of people who come to Jesus weren’t so much led to the Lord by someone or by a church that was doing a bang up job of evangelism. He said his role was mostly to befriend folks, to share what God had done in his life then to invite them to church where they could sense the presence of God, pray a simple salvation prayer and the “Deal would be sealed” as he put it. You might call it Presence evangelism more than Informational based evangelism.

Hundreds of books have been written from the perspective that it’s the church’s responsibility to do the working of evangelism – and to a degree that’s right. It’s of course clear from Scripture that Believers play an important part in leading people to the Lord. Let’s not entirely change that equation. At the same time we need to recognize what God is doing as well – that a big percentage of people worldwide are being directly engaged by the Holy Spirit directly by various means other than linear means of evangelism.

If this is true what does it imply regarding our evangelism approaches? We need to be doing a lot of seed planting. We need to find some measure of satisfaction in the ministry of nudging many toward Christ whether they actually come to know Christ through us or not. As Paul wrote in 1 Cor. 3:6, it’s about planting, watering as well as harvesting. Before there is a harvest it’s necessary to diligently plant and water. Sometimes there is a lot of repeated planting and watering before a harvest comes about. My professor friend George Hunter agrees with me – on average in our day it takes a person about 12-20 revelatory connections for a person to be converted. In his words, “Steve, that’s a lot of toilets that need to be cleaned.”

I’m going to continue to proclaim the Gospel as clearly as possible to as many as possible. At the same time I recognize God is quietly, persistently up to something dynamic in the hearts of many we will perhaps never engage in conversation.

3 Masaya Madali at murang mga Holiday Outreaches ni Steve Sjogren

1. Bread Giveaway

Everybody likes bread! Lalo na mula sa mga high-end na tinapay tindahan na may Tinapay ng Kumpanya sa isang lugar sa pangalan ... Alam ba ninyo na maaari mong ayusin upang makatanggap ng mga araw-lumang tinapay mula sa specialty tinapay tindahan para sa LIBRE? Maaari mo ring tingnan sa pambansang chain grocery store na may in-house Panederya. Talk to the store manager and explain your outreach concept. Tell a few stories of the people you are helping and you will likely establish your “daily bread” connection. It will only take one or two of these connections to begin a substantial ministry in your community.

Many of these stores do not have a reliable source to distribute their old bread to. The key is to be consistent and reliable in picking up their bread. You will need to have a team and as schedule so you don’t disappoint the bread store managers. As a good public relations gesture, write a letter of thanks to the store manager for his company’s generosity to the community (and don’t be surprised to see it framed and posted on the wall of the store).

The ministry is simple and straight forward. Knock on the doors of the houses and apartments. Say, “Hi, we’re giving away fresh, free high-quality bread. Could you use some, or do you know anyone in the neighborhood who could use some?” Give recipients an outreach card and offer to pray for them as you hand out the bread.

How Do You Find People To Give Bread To?

Cold calling (just knocking on doors) in lower-income neighborhoods and apartments complexes works fine with this project. Stay away from neighborhoods closest to the donating store.

What You’ll Need

2. Big Christmas Party

People in need don’t always celebrate Christmas properly because there aren’t Christ-centered celebration opportunities. You can sponsor an event that will be fun and cause everyone to focus on Jesus.

The elements of this celebration include playing games and singing songs. As you sing Christmas carols, make sure the words are available. It’s also fun to have a few inexpensive rhythm instruments to play along with.

Someone can share what Christmas is about in a very positive and upbeat way – simply explaining, “Christmas is important to me because…”

Decorations and refreshments and a meal can be simple or elaborate, depending on the inclination of your group.

For about $1 per photo, you can take Polaroid pictures of kids with an ethnically correct Santa. Design a simple backdrop and get up-close with the camera. Mount the photo on red or green construction paper and add the child’s name and year with a gold or silver marking pen.

At the conclusion of the party, give away small gifts as people depart – perhaps a Bible or devotional book. Consider giving away the decorations as well.

How Do You Find People Who Would Enjoy A Christmas Party?

Invite those who are already connected with your ministry to those in need. Give out fliers or invitations at previous events in the neighborhood, or simply walk around the neighborhood and distribute fliers.

What You’ll Need:

  • facility to host the party
  • Polaroid camera and film
  • construction paper
  • glue sticks
  • gold and silver marking pens
  • refreshments
  • outreach cards

3. Winter Survival Kits

Winter can be hard on the body and the soul. A survival kit is great encouragement to everyone who receives one.

The kit contains a packet of facial tissue, lip balm, throat lozenges, and an outreach card.

In Action

Our churches have had great success with this project as we have aimed it at parents and business professionals. We go to parks that parents frequent with their children and downtown sidewalks as business professionals make their way out to lunch. When those we meet notice how nice the kit is, they are very grateful and usually end up striking a conversation with us.

Where To Go

  • campuses
  • parke
  • kapitbahayan
  • kaganapang pampalakasan
  • downtown
  • commuters
  • shopping centers

What You’ll Need

  • zip lock plastic bags
  • lip balm
  • throat lozenges
  • individual packets of facial tissue
  • outreach cards

Why Outreach Cards

When doing a project, it is important to have a means to connect with those you serve. An outreach card is a business-sized card you can leave with those you have served so they can get back in touch you if they desire. The idea isn’t to accomplish a sales job where you promote your church. Rather, it is a simple way to leave your church’s name, address, phone number and service times so that when future needs arise, those you’ve served will have a way of reconnecting with you. The idea is to be available without giving out personal addresses.

If you need outreach cards for your holiday projects, we highly recommend those on our sister site at KindnessResources.com.

Christmas Outreach Card

Ang 90 Araw ng Outreach Hamon sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Church halaman kailangan upang makahanap ng creative mga paraan upang kumonekta sa mga di-paniniwala kultura sa kanilang paligid. Kung manalangin ka para sa hindi-pa mananampalataya upang ipakita up kalooban nila. Ngunit paano ka humantong ang mga ito sa relasyon sa Kristo? Karaniwan doon ay isang proseso na kasangkot sa pinangungunahan ang mga ito sa Kristo.

When my wife Janie was seeking to know who the Lord really was, she asked God to reveal himself at the beginning of the summer. On June 1st she prayed an open ended prayer: “Show me who you really are by the end of the summer.” She promptly forgot about her prayer but God was at work arranging her circumstances. Some months later she ended up at a wedding (for a couple who weren’t even engaged in June) thousands of miles away. That was Labor Day weekend – the end of summer! She took a several hour car trip with a couple of turned on Believers who enthusiastically shared the Gospel with her. She became convinced that Jesus was Lord and that she had misunderstood him. On the Saturday before Labor Day weekend, marking the end of summer, she was converted to Christ!

True to answering her prayer, God moved by the end of summer. God loves a challenge! He takes the prayers of not-yet Believers seriously.

Making deals with God

Consider this:

Make deals with the not-yet believer. It’s a daring stand off. Either God will move specifically or nothing will happen. I’ve seen God move time after time in these situations. He loves to prove himself to Seekers.

Choose 3 things they need to see God move in their life to prove himself. Choose things that are measureable, for example jobs and finances. Stay away from romantic situations – those are too subjective. Pray in agreement for those things to happen.

I recommend you give it 90 days to see God show up. Come together at the end of those 3 months to compare notes.

In my experience the person in question will often have either forgotten about the prayer or will be convinced God didn’t answer their prayer, but when you look at the specifics it is usually clear that God clearly did move.

At that time bring them back to the original agreement – that they would open their hearts to Christ. Bring them around to the notion that God is madly in love with them! Pray together. Start their relationship with Christ.

Ang Unang Conversion sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

May posibilidad namin upang iugnay Cornelius 'conversion sa Gawa 10 tanging kasama ng kanyang mga paparating sa Kristo, ngunit kung minsan ay nagbibigay sa Banal na Kasulatan sa higit pang magkakaibang mga halimbawa ng mga kuru-kuro ng conversion. Ang buhay ng mga ito Italyano pangkat sa Gawa 10 is one such example.Cornelius was influenced by the Spirit of God for a time prior to his conversion to Christ (what I would call his second conversion) which was followed by his third conversion (the dramatic filling of the Spirit that happened at the preaching of Peter). Granted, his second and third conversions happened almost instantaneously, one after the other, but these two were distinct experiences. The question is, what led up to his two profound conversions? Lets focus on his first conversion.

He prayed regularly.
God put into Cornelius’ heart a hunger to draw near to seek him. Perhaps to a degree this invitation is given to all mankind. Sadly, few respond with a willingness to seek the Lord.

He probably connected with God through the only model he had seen – the prayers of the Jews who sought the Lord at various times of the day at his local temple. Though some of them no doubt merely went through the rote motions of prayer, Cornelius was sincere in his approach to seeking out God. God was able to get through to his hungry heart.

Cornelius was a Gentile so he was not allowed onto Temple grounds. Originally Jewish temples were to have an outer court that was to be dedicated to Gentile God fearers who were seeking to know the Lord. By the time of Jesus, nearly all temples had given up on these spaces in favor of turning these into stalls that sold sacrificial animals for pilgrims. It was this area at the Jerusalem temple where Jesus turned over tables and chased out the moneychangers and animals. Cornelius’ connection with God in prayer was a testimony of God’s willingness to draw near to anyone who is hungry to draw near to him.

As Cornelius prayed, God began to speak to him. Eventually God spoke clearly even to the point of sending an angel who spoke to him to call for Peter. He heard clear directions as to where Peter was located, what to ask Peter to do, and who to gather at his house. Cornelius had a deposit of faith for all of this to happen. When Peter arrived shortly thereafter, Cornelius’ nearest family and friends were there and ready to hear. He had told them about his angelic chat. Wouldn’t you come to hear Peter’s message if you heard from a reliable friend about the angel visitation?

As not-yet Believers pray regularly and sincerely for God to reveal himself they are likely to have an encounter with the God of the Bible before long. I have had numerous conversations with Seekers who have been in a responsive mode and inclined to seek after the Lord. My encouragement to them has been to open themselves up to hearing from God as he reveals himself. The problem with many God seekers is they are fearful of confining themselves to a single approach to God, or what they consider a too narrow approach to him. In so fearing they cut themselves off from what he may show them. Thus they are not entirely open hearted.

I have often encouraged them to give God a specific timeframe during which to reveal himself – for example, a 90-day period. Gayundin, to give God a few things to prove himself in what is measureable – usually three matters that can be clearly tracked and evaluated at the end of those three months. I have done this a number of times with God-fearers and seen God come through consistently manifesting/proving his reality to them. My own wife, Janie, came to Christ through such an arrangement. She prayed that God would show her himself as he really is by the end of the summer. She prayed that open ended prayer on Memorial Day weekend (the beginning of Summer). She promptly forgot about her prayer – something common with these situations. Sa katapusan, she was surprisingly converted on Labor Day weekend – the end of Summer. It wasn’t until a bit later that she remembered her “deal” with God. Such arrangements are best done with Christian friends who can keep track of the passing of time and can schedule a meeting at the end of the 90 days. Perhaps Cornelius made a deal with God along these lines and God revealed himself to this Italian leader.

He gave generously go the Poor.
God impressed upon Cornelius’ heart a value for caring for the Needy. He was a generous man or at least he became a generous man. In a sense, he was initially converted in his pocketbook. God calls us to generously give to matters that are his values. As we draw near to God, his values become our values.

One of the first matters God impresses upon us is the need to treat people differently.

Near the top of the list of his values is the Poor and how we treat them. As we draw near to the Poor we draw near to God. In turn, as we draw near to God, God gives us the desire to draw near to the Poor. This is the pattern of Scripture and the testimony of church history.

As he drew near to God, the Father began to sensitize Cornelius’ heart to the things that were kingdom values. Sa madaling salita, the matters that were important to God became important to Cornelius. It is probable that Cornelius had little exposure to God’s word considering that he was not allowed onto Temple grounds. Perhaps he heard occasional verses quoted by passing Jews. It’s difficult to know. In any case, Cornelius’ conversion is a testimony to the sovereign ability of the Holy Spirit to call sincere people into relationship with the Father.

Let’s bring many to the Lord. Kasabay nito, let’s pray that God intervenes directly in the lives of those around us like our friend Cornelius. Once he initiates the first conversion, it will be a short time until the second and third conversions take place.

Makipag-usap Up Ang Ebanghelyo ni Steve Sjogren

Ako narinig ng maraming haka-haka tungkol sa pagpapamana ng ari-arian bumigkas ng kusang-loob evangelistic pag-uusap tulad ng verbalizing ang Ebanghelyo sa mga hindi kakilala. Nauunawaan ko ang obserbasyon ng mga prognosticators ngunit hindi sumasang-ayon ako sa kanila. Ito ay totoo na ang mga tao ay mas nakahiwalay kaysa kailanman bilang sila lungga higit pa at mas malalim sa kanilang mga self-made na digital na mundo, ngunit mayroong isa pang bahagi sa ito digital barya. Ito ay totoo rin na ang isang emosyonal na vacuum ay nilikha kapag ang mga tao na i-cut-off ang kanilang mga sarili mula sa malaking mga tao sa pakikipag-ugnay at ang isang malawak na pagiging bukas ay nilikha para sa mga koneksyon sa iba - yes, kahit na hindi kakilala. Tulad ng mga tao sa paligid mo venture sa karagdagang papunta sa kanilang mga digital na mga butas kuneho sabay na nagiging sila lumago upang buksan ang mga tao sa pakikipag-ugnay.

Narito kung ano ang tingin ko: mga tao ay mga lonelier ngayon kaysa sila ay lamang ng ilang taon na ang nakalipas bago ang digital na mundo na ginawa ang advances mayroon itong. Sila ngayon ay buksan sa pakikipag-usap sa mga estranghero habang ang mga ito nang isang beses ay. Isang pamilyar na cycle ay nagawa na. Ano ang tunay na ng ilang dekada na nakalipas - mga taong kumikilos magiliw sa kabuuang mga estranghero at pagiging bukas sa mga pag-uusap tungkol sa Ebanghelyo - ay totoo sa sandaling muli. Ito ay hindi lamang mabuting balita - ito groundbreaking para sa lahat na pag-ibig kay Jesus at ang mga naghahanap upang mapalawak ang Kaharian ng Diyos. Ito ay isang kamangha-manghang oras upang mabuhay sa mundong ito. Ito ay magiging isang pangmatagalang trend sa buong mundo. Sa wakas, cell phone sa lahat ng dako - sa gayon ay ang paghihiwalay at impluwensiya na napupunta sa mga ito.

Natin maging matalino sa mga paraang ito at ilipat sa ang mga pagkakataon bago sa amin.

Ang Crystal Cathedral - BTW, Paano ang iyong Definition Pupunta? sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

Ano ang mga aralin na maaari naming gumuhit mula sa pagpapamana ng ari-arian ng ang Crystal Cathedral?

Hindi mahalaga kung ano ang tingin ninyo sa na pagtitipun-tipon ng mga tao, alam na sa isang pagkakataon ito ay isang thriving modelo sa Amerikano landscape ng simbahan. Ito ay isang kamangha-manghang, trend-setting na lugar na noon ay sobrang creative.

Mga bagay na dahan-dahan ay nagbago gayunpaman. Karamihan sa Cathedral tumigil sa pagtukoy sa sarili nito sa publiko, parehong lokal at nationally. Para sa kahit anong dahilan ng kanyang mga lider ipinapalagay na alam ng publiko ang lahat ng tungkol sa lugar na ito. Iyon ay isang pangkaraniwang ngunit hindi mahusay na palagay. Sila ay nakalimutan.

Halaman Iglesia ay karaniwang gawin ang isang magandang trabaho ng pagtukoy sa kanilang sarili na ang kanilang komunidad sa kanilang unang yugto. Ito ay mahalaga na linawin ang isang bagong iglesia kung bakit umiiral ang mga ito at kung paano sila ay naiiba sa kanilang mga komunidad. Hindi ako masyadong nag-aalala tungkol sa mga bagong halaman, ngunit ako ay medyo nag-aalala tungkol sa susunod na phase pinaka halaman pumunta sa pamamagitan ng. Ito ay madali upang makalimutan ang mga paunang mga aralin natutunan at nabibilang sa isang pattern ng isang paloob na nakatutok sa pera, pasilidad, mga tauhan - at kalimutan kung ano ang nakuha sa amin sa na punto ng paunang momentum. Pagkatapos Boom! Maging namin ma-stuck sa isang ikot ng panahon ng irrelevancy.

Kung gagawin namin hindi regular, malinaw na tukuyin ang ating sarili sa aming komunidad - sa pamamagitan ng malakas na kilos ng kagandahang-loob, ibig at serbisyo - mga paligid sa amin ay walang ideya na kahit na namin umiiral. Tatanggalin namin sa lalong madaling panahon ay walang-alala tungkol sa aming mga kagamitan, pera o kawani dahil walang magiging isa darating!

Ang simbahan humantong ako sa Oregon ay nasa Newberg para sa higit sa 100 taon (lamang TK ng Portland). Ito ay kilalang sa iba pang mga Kristiyano (18% ng lungsod) ngunit halos camouflaged sa natitirang bahagi ng mga tao para kung kanino kaya gustung-gusto ng Diyos na ipinadala niya si Jesus upang magdusa at mamatay.

Mga bagay ay nagsisimula upang baguhin. Kami ay dadalhin sa paghahatid ng lungsod sa iba't ibang mga paraan. Pagpunta namin ang pinto sa pinto na may mga hamburger - squeegeeing mga pananggalang sa hangin sa gas station - paglilinis ng toilet sa mga pampublikong lugar - at gamit ang mga pinto mga proyektong lumikha ng mga koneksyon upang ibahagi si Kristo sa ano antas.

Upang makabalik sa kung saan kami nagsimula - kung gawin namin ang isang putok up trabaho ng pagtukoy sa ating sarili sa pamamagitan ng paghahatid ay namin sa lalong madaling panahon maging may-katuturan. Kailangan naming gumawa ng isang malalim na impression sa mga paligid sa amin sa isang truckload ng mga paraan. Ang paraan mong maghatid maaari lubos na nag-iiba ayon sa mga pangangailangan ng iyong komunidad. Diyos ay makipag-usap sa ikaw ay manalangin sa iyo ng isang sikat na panalangin ng Bibliya, "Narito ang namin. Ipadala sa amin!"Siya talagang nagnanais na sagutin na panalangin. Bilangin dito. Siya makipag-usap sa iyo. Hindi ka nakalimutan.

Larawan ni Sarah Mount