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Keep It Simple by Steve Sjogren


Even though we have a dozen points here about starting vital outreach the basic idea behind Kindness Outreach is quite simple. My tendency is to jump into something I find exciting and to stir things up as much as possible. Sometimes stirring things up creates complexity. Life just flows that direction. As others catch the […]

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3 Great Outreach Projects For Spring by Janie Sjogren

Spring is here and this season is a great opportunity to reach out to your community and show them God’s love in practical ways. Here are three great outreach projects that are perfect for spring: 1. Free Car Wash This is an effective, practical service. We offer a car wash every week in the summer. […]

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St. Patrick – Patron Saint of Servant Evangelism by Steve Sjogren

St. Patrick

Patrick lived a life of tragedy turned into victory. That’s supposedly why we celebrate March 17th by eating special Irish foods and drinking green beer. These are supposed to be celebrations of a life redeemed. This time of year there is a lot of hoopla around a lot of silliness that has little to do […]

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Excellent Mistake – Doing Outreach Alone by Steve Sjogren


Can we do outreach on our own? Or is it better to create outreach teams? Steve reflects on his past mistakes and answers these questions while giving practical advice.

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8 Leadership Sins To Avoid… And How To Find Your Way Forward by Steve Sjogren

All leaders go through mental and emotional gyrations that can cause mental messiness. Some of these sins are greater than others. Some are easier to recover from than others. The beginning of walking in freedom is to recognize you really are stuck. Once you see the problems you can more easily walk away from your […]

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12 Things Your Church Needs to Know…by Steve Sjogren

…by the time it’s 12 months old   1. Don’t take yourselves too seriously You are important to God. Isn’t it enough to know that without the need to prove it all the time? Walk in humility. Obey. Keep in step with the Spirit. 2. Outreach is your lifeblood It’s tempting to settle in on […]

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Why Kindness? It’s Naturally Supernatural by Steve Sjogren

There is a lot of talk these days about the word “Kind.” There is so much chatter these days, in fact, one might even think kindness is a human attribute. Much like love. With both ideas / words, there are dymensions of the idea. With both, the concept has been so watered down, it is […]

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4 Moves That Guard Against Burnout by Steve Sjogren

Burnout is a regular problem with anyone who reaches out. Jesus was in nearly continual outreach mode in his three-year ministry so he found it necessary to take on a number of mindsets in order to live with spiritual centeredness. Here are a few of Jesus’ points of view you might find encouraging. Define for […]

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5 Launching Lessons From Johnny Appleseed by Steve Sjogren

John Chapman, aka the legendary “Johnny Appleseed” was a missionary who reached out to native Americans in the Ohio Valley in the early 1800s. He Had Simple Tools His primary planting tool was a stick! Do you have a stick? When his current stick wore out he found a new stick. I heard recently through […]

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5 Ways To Enhance Outreach Momentum by Steve Sjogren

Momentum is a holy thing. It can be blessed to increase or it can be messed with and diminish if we take it for granted. When it’s happening we all smile, we celebrate and look pretty smart. If we are wise we will learn to walk in tune with God’s Spirit regardless of ever-changing external […]

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