Idemo napraviti posao Randy Bohlender

Let's Make A DealJedan od mojih ranih sjećanja iz djetinjstva je u TV kvizu, "Idemo napraviti posao,"Domaćin Monty Hall. Generalna ideja je bila da se ljudi, odjeveni u kostime čudan, would try and attract attention to be chosen to play some sort of game that involved trading things and making a blind choice of what was between door number one, door number two, or door number three.

Drugim riječima, make yourself look goofy, roll the dice and take your chances on the outcome.

Psalm 45 offers another deal…one that seems costly but pays out at a crazy rate. Verse 10 says “Hear, oh daughter, and consider, and incline your year, forget your people and your fathers’ house, and the king will desire your beauty.”

In a patriarchal society like the Old Testament, the cost of this is clear. Forget your people. Forget your father’s house. Walk away from all that spells security to you. Take a chance on the unknown when the known is where you draw your sustenance…where you glean your identity. An unmarried woman may grow old and lonely, but she’d always be taken care of…at least as long as her father was alive.

father and son on a beachIn our world, where fatherlessness is rampant, many people walk away from their father’s house prematurely. Those with a healthy father/child relationship to point to are far and few in between, and even in those cases, the child does not look to the father for security and identity once they reach adulthood. In many ways, our own culture has taken place of the patriarchal leader. We are not told what to do or believe or manage our lives by an earthly father – we learn those things from a television, a movie screen, or the latest music group. We take our value cues from actors and musicians. They preach a fatherly message of self worth and self inflation that is the support structure of all sorts of our social mores, including the second house, the third car, and the fourth wife. We believe in these things more than we believe in ourselves, and we’ll pay any price to get them. We’re made to believe that these things make us who we are.

To walk away from your fathers house in 2010 certainly means to walk away from all that makes us comfortable and feels normal – to live abnormally, even uncomfortably. I’m wrestling this one out myself right now. What do I do, how do I spend my money, where does my time go based on what the culture tells me is important, is a must-have gadget or a must-see tv show.

If we can learn to escape that house, there is a promise – a better deal. It’s called an audience with the King – but that’s not all.

Verse 16 promises us “In place of your fathers shall be your sons; you will make them princes in all the earth.” In other words, it may cost us our comfort, but the payoff comes in the form of sons. One translation of the word used there for ’sons’ is ‘children of unrighteous men’.

Which of course, leads me to adoption. Adoption in not cheap, not easy, and not without risks (although we’re working on all three of those…). Međutim, even at it’s most expensive, it’s most difficult, it’s most risky moments, if we step beyond the ‘take care of ourselves, feed the machine mentality’, we get an amazing payback.

In adopting, we collect the sons of unrighteous men and place them in the house of prayer. We make princes in the kingdom of God out of paupers. Beyond changing destiny, we change their current reality. Everything becomes different for them – and everything becomes different for us.

The Blind SideMy favorite line from the recent movie, “The Blind Side” came during one of the lunch scenes. The adoptive mother is having lunch with her friends, who remark “You’re changing that boys’ life!” Quietly, Sandra Bullock responds “No. He’s changing mine.”

It’s true. And all it costs is everything.

Let’s make a deal.


What expense, gadget or indulgence do you have in your life that you could do without. Maybe it’s a purchase you were about to make or a Christmas gift you were going to return for exchange. As a first step, pray about doing without it – for a while, or maybe forever. Is it really a must-have, or did you just buy what you were sold by your father’s house?

If you can find it within yourself, do without it and seed it adoption by giving to an adoptive family or setting it aside as the beginning of your own adoption fund – then retweet a link to this or post it on your own blog. It gets easier to leave your fathers’ house when there are others going with you.

Randy BohlenderWho is Randy Bohlender?

I’m a Christian. I know the vogue phrase is Christ-follower and Christian has a lot of baggage, but so do I. I’m doing the best I can (most days) to reflect Jesus to the world. Some days I get close. Some days, He’s unrecognizable by my reflection, but I’m trying.

I’m a husband. July 2009, Kelsey and I will mark our 20th anniversary. She is an amazing friend who challenges me to new heights every day. I married up. Most men do. U 20 more years, she and I will still be laughing. Maybe at you. Definitely at ourselves and our expanding tribe.

I’m a dad. We have three sons and three daughters with a baby on the way. Da, I know. We look too young. It’s the internet – it takes ten years off of everyone (ask anyone who met someone through eHarmony). Having a family of this size gives a blogger a lot of material. If you read here long, you’ll learn a lot about my kids. Perhaps more than you’d ask. I make no apologies. I’m learning a ton about life and love from them.

I’m an Early Adopter. And I mean this on several levels…words, gadgets, and children. Kelsey and I launched The Zoe Foundation for reasons cited ovdje. You cannot know much about me without understanding my heart for this.

I’m an intercessory missionary. I work with the International House of Prayer and TheCall, laboring in a 24/7 prayer room as well as organizing day long solemn assemblies across the nation.

Ljudska Transportna pojas

Ovdje je pravi jednostavan, da smo često previdjeti. . .

Radite pametnije, Ne teže!

hauling foodBez obzira na vrstu projekta SE radite, šanse su da moraju iskrcati i opterećenja materijali. Suprotno uvriježenom mišljenju, I have found that you should NOT do all the preparation behind the scenes in the name of being volunteer friendly. Keep in mind, there going to be some new folks showing up to your outreach. They are really afraid of “witnessing” ili “evangelism” because they think most of the work here will be talking. Those of you that are veterans, no it is more about doing than talking. When folks gather for an outreach, they are either socializing, or fretting about all wondering if they will mess this up. Give them something to do. Here is way to encourage conversation, team building, and effective utilization of volunteers (if they are standing around they get bored then you will lose them). Let’s say you have 250 boxes of Coke Zero to move from the outreach shed into three SUV with ice and coolers waiting. Do not make the mistake you see above, where only three strapping young men heft the materials, walk it fifty yards or so, and load it.

plenty of helpInstead make a human chain. There is an art to this believe it or not. Look at the group of people you have meandering around and try to figure out how many you need to span the gap from the staging area to the truck. Next, arrange folks based on heigth and reach. Put them in a straight line from loading pile to target. Then, this is real important, have every other person turn and face the opposite direction. This will cause each person to be a “cog” in your human conveyor belt. They now face a partner. Now small boxes of just about anything (try to keep the weight under 15 lbs) will fly from one place to another via simple “pushing” of the object from one person to the next. Even better, since there is no twisting, bending, or lifting it will go smooth and easy. The nice thing about such an ergonomic system, is that it makes it easy for even kids to help out, and people can still have conversations with one another as they work since they are facing two people each.

Try it. . .you will slap your head after you see it work the first time and wonder why you didn’t do this earlier!

I Want My Name Back by Fr. Joe Butler

Sometime ago I was driving down one of the beautiful streets in downtown St. Augustine. As I was driving, I looked to my right and saw a bumper sticker that said, “Jesus save me from your followers.” As I looked at this sticker, a wave of emotions flooded over me. I thought to myself:

“How can someone put something like that on their car?”

I got really upset with the gall of this person. As I drove on, there was another wave of emotions that flooded over me and questions began to arise in my mind. What has happened to this person that they would put a bumper sticker like that on their car? How did some “Christian” hurt them? Then I began to remember the times that other “Christians” treated me as I me as if I was not a Christian and did not even know that God existed.

I became very sad as I drove to the Post Office, because many times we so-called Christians misrepresent the name of Jesus. Several years ago a friend, Tom Pelton, preached a sermon and said that Christians have so misrepresented the name of Jesus, and not acted like Jesus, that he believed that Jesus was crying out to reclaim His name. He wants it back!

Have you ever misrepresented Jesus? Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone misrepresenting Jesus? If we were truly honest with ourselves we can all say that at some point in time we have misrepresented the name of Jesus.

1. We misrepresent the name of Jesus when we use Jesus’ name apart from His nature and character.

Let me explain. Several years ago a young man was murdered by other young men because he was gay. During the trial, a pastor and his church members were at the courthouse with huge signs saying “God hates fags.” As I saw this my blood boiled. God does not hate anyone. That is not His nature or character. But that is all that everyone saw on the evening news.

As you examine Exodus 34 we find God revealing Himself to Moses. In so doing, God reveals Himself first as loving, merciful, full of grace and then as a God of justice. So many times we as “Christians” get it backwards. We want to give out justice first and save the love, grace, and mercy for ourselves. St. Paul says that it is the goodness and mercy of God that leads us to repentance.

So, before we open our mouths and say this is what God is like we better check out His nature and character before we say anything. Let us truly become “Christ followers.”

2. We misrepresent the Name of Jesus when we move away from sinners.

The average ‘Christian’ after one year of being a Christian has no friends outside of the Christian environment. What a sad commentary. How do we reach people with the love of Christ if this is how we act? If we look at Jesus, he was a friend of sinners. It seems that he was more comfortable around sinners than around the “religious” ljudi.

Today we have ‘Christian’ health clubs, stores, clothing, bowling alleys, and the list goes on and on. Zapravo, we could go our whole life without being around non-Christians if we really wanted to.

The problem with this is this is not who Jesus is or what he is like. If we are to be like Jesus we must get out among those who do not know him and be with them. It is not a time to judge them, but to share their life and get to know them. Instead of trying to get them to say ‘the Prayer’, why not ask them how their day was? Why not be their friend? If we would begin to do this and treat people with respect I believe that they would come to faith much quicker.

Lay down your Amway salesman evangelism and begin to be real with people. Get out among those that Jesus misses most. Let us truly become Christ-followers.

Doktor. Martin Luther King Day Outreach? Dr. Naučnik

Doktor. Naučnik

Poštovani dr.. Naučnik,

Imate li kakve ideje za SE na Dr. Martin Luther King Day?

Pastor Eugene Jackson
–Detroit Michigan

To je izvrsno pitanje! Većina škola bi volio imati članovi vaše crkve pomoći tijekom programa i svečanosti na ovom vrlo važnom danu. Zapravo, Zašto ne domaćin roditelj učitelj uvažavanje večeru u jednom od svojih lokalnih škola? To će biti lako za napraviti. Sve to uključuje da normalno nedjelja crkva društveni ili kasni na cesti tijekom sljedećeg sastanka PTA. Ti bi mogao proširiti ovaj mali doseg u čitanju tutorski program. Poduke čitanje je zapravo lakše nego što se čini. Djeca vole čitati na–čak i starija djeca. Kao što ih pridobiti čitajući nekoliko priče, onda proširiti dalje i pokazati im kako čitati na vlastitu. Ja ću vas pustiti na malo tajna. Kada pročitate naglas djeci, visualation priče dolazi prirodno. Većina djece koja imaju poteškoća s čitanjem nedostaje sposobnost da se prevesti niza znakova na stranici u viual kontekst u mozgu. To je su li doći. Naravno tu su i neka djeca koja imaju ozbiljne poteškoće u učenju koje zahtijevaju intervenciju trenirao profesionalni, ali ono što im često nedostaje još je lice vremena s brižnom odrasle koji modela učenja za njih. To malo ulaganja svog vremena i energije će platiti ogromne dividende u njihovim životima. Ekonomija je jako loše sada, i obitelji s djecom jako se osjeća žuljati. Tako su učitelji i škole. Zašto ne razmislite sponzorira nekoliko djece ili učionicu s knjigama za čitanje za održivi tihi čitanje? Ja čak mogu vas staviti u kontaktu s velikom tvrtkom koja prodaje knjige s African American tema za škole, učitelji, i obitelji učenika u fantastičnoj cijeni. Ako ispadne ime našeg urednika, ćete dobiti dodatni popust:


–Doktor. Naučnik

Preaching at McDonalds by Charlie Wear

Preaching? At McDonald's?

I had a strange dream the other night. I was sitting at a table in a McDonald’s restaurant. The room was filled with people of all ages, from children to senior citizens, married couples and singles, and teenager of all shapes and sizes. In all there were about 50 people in the room.

The smell of fries and happy meals and the sound of boisterous conversation and squeals of playing children filled the air. I had a sense of anticipation because I knew that in a few minutes I would stand up on a chair and begin to “preach” to this crowd of people.

In my dream I was turning over and over what I was going to say to this diverse group of people that would bring them to faith. I was turning words and phrases over and over in my dream-state mind, searching for just the right combination that would have the maximum effectiveness.

On another level, I thought about how my dream-character had obtained permission to preach at McDonald’s. Somehow it had been arranged. Somehow it was authorized. I don’t know the details, but it was O.K., in a minute I would stand and speak.

I moved to the front of the room, climbed on a chair, one of those plastic kind that is attached to the table and swivels and it was as I began to open my mouth that I moved from dreaming to the twilight zone between sleep and waking. I wondered about the dream as I lay there. What did it mean? What were the words that I was about to say? What would have been the effect on the crowd?

We need to bring the message to McDonald’s

So much of the program-based church is built on the assumption that people will come to us to hear the message. We spend hours preparing and then executing our weekend “services”. We are intentional (at our best) in attempting to communicate our chosen themes to the audience that will gather. But what of the majority of people who are making their way through life without ever taking advantage of what we have to offer. Is God’s message compelling enough that it can be brought into the marketplace, into the McDonald’s?

For that matter, is some form of preaching enough, or should we also be examples of what faith can mean in life? And is that preaching, that example, truly “good news?”

I received a letter written in response to one of the articles that has appeared in Next-Wave. The letter went something like this:

“I saw the… Članak [in Next-Wave]… and found it disgusting. Are you people so mixed up as to think that this is somehow reverence to God? Why don`t you just drive stakes through your hands and feet? It would follow your screwed-up logic. Only morons and depraved derelicts would do such things, not real Christians. [What] is the next step…? Please pray for wisdom before it`s too late. P.S. I give this counsel out of love for your soul…..Bro. Blank.”

Brother Blank’s disgust doesn’t feel like good news to me. And he’s writing in response to an article by Christians about Christians. I wonder what message he would “preach” if given the opportunity at McDonald’s.

Paul understood

Paul, of course, understood. He knew that religion can get in the way of trusting in God. He expounds at length on this subject in the letter to the Romans, chapter 10. He describes the dangers of trying to live according to the law code, religion at its finest, as Dr. Petersen says in The Message translation: “every detail of life regulated by fine print!” Unfortunately for most of us who have been alive for a while we’ve learned that “it’s not so easy”to live right before God in our own power.

Paul says, “Say the welcoming word to God—”Jesus is my Master”—embracing, body and soul, God’s work of doing in us what he did in raising Jesus from the dead. That’s it. You’re not “doing” anything; you’re simple calling out to God, trusting him to do it for you. That’s salvation. With your whole being you embrace God setting things right, and then you say it, right out loud: ‘God has set everything right between him and me!’ Scripture reassures us, “No one who trusts God like this—heart and soul—will ever regret it.” It’s exactly the same no matter what a person’s religious background may be: the same God for all of us, acting the same incredibly generous way to everyone who calls out for help. “Everyone who calls, ‘Help, Bog!’ gets help.”
My McDonald’s audience

I guess that is what I would have liked to preach to my dream McDonald’s audience. I would have liked them to know that you can live a life of faith, hope and love. You can draw strength and courage to face the trials of sickness, heartache, tragedy and death. God is more than willing to help if we will only ask. I would have wanted them to know that I struggle with “right-living” but that I have the confidence that God is with me in the struggle, guiding, teaching, loving and encouraging me along the way.

I would have wished that some of them would have been willing to give God a chance to help them.

Scriptural formulas don’t mean much to those who haven’t trusted God

I don’t think I could have used some sort of scriptural formula to persuade folks that trusting in God is a good idea. Vidite, people who don’t know the book, can’t be persuaded by the book. I probably would have had to rely on my own life experience, to tell them about how trusting God has helped me.

We need a different language

Somehow we need a different language to communicate God’s message to our friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow McDonald’s patrons. People are less willing to hear dogmatic diatribes that speak from a posture of disgust and superiority. The language and attitude of “winning” the “lost” should be abandoned. We should begin tell our stories without arrogance or pride and offer good news.

Years ago now,l I attended the Off-the-map Evangelism conference at the Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got to listen to Steve Sjogren, Brian McLaren, and Leonard Sweet talk about the new understandings and language needed to help our fellow travelers along on the journey of faith. Their creative ideas inspired me to think about new and different ways to bring a life-saving message to my city.

Paul asked a good question in Romans 10: “But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them? And how is anyone going to tell them, unless someone is sent to do it?”

All of us Christ-followers are sent to someone, to tell our story, by preaching or example. Will you be sent to McDonald’s?

Scripture taken from THE MESSAGE. Copyright © by Eugene H. Peterson, 1993, 1994, 1995. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group.

Charlie Wear is the publisher of Next-Wave. He is a lawyer living and working in Southern California with his wife Loretta and his son, Ben.

Koliko novca je potrebno da bi početi raditi sluga Evangelism Steve Sjogren

Broj čitatelja napisao u nama, dijeleći svoju želju doći do ljudi u svojoj zajednici, ali frustriran zbog nedostatka financijskih sredstava. Nadam se da ovaj video vam pomaže da se krene naprijed, bez obzira što je vaša financijska situacija:

Koliko novca je potrebno za početak sluga Evangelism?

Također, you will want to check out my interview with Mike Slaughter, pastor of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH. We talked about how it’s time to rediscover our apostolic DNA and become the church Christ intended us to be.

Držite hodanje u odljeva!


PS – Please let your friends know by pointing them to!

Da prevari ili ne liječiti dr. Naučnik

Doktor. Naučnik

Poštovani dr.. Naučnik,

Moj suprug i ja imamo troje djece. Naše dvije kćeri u dobi od osam i deset, a naš mali dječak samo okrenuo šest. Matthew, naš sin upravo došao kući iz prvog razred i pitao me ako vjerujemo u Noći vještica. Moj suprug nakašlje, ali nije odgovorio i počeo sam odgovoriti, ali kao što je moj suprug shvatio da nisam baš siguran što da kažem.

To je osobito istinito u ovoj godini, budući da naša crkva je odlučila da ne držite alternativu “Žetva Party” mi obično imamo, pod pokroviteljstvom Ministarstva Dječjeg. Mi smo već dali naše dvije kćeri dopuštenje da ide trik-ili-liječenje sa svojim prijateljima u ovoj godini, ali moj muž, Ron, i još nisam odlučio što će učiniti s Matejom i da li ili ne bismo se dijelio slatkiše na našem trijemu ove godine.

Srećom, čini se Matejevo glavna briga bila gotova li ili ne bih biti spremni učiniti cupcakes za njegovu klasu stranke krajem listopada. Očigledno, Gđa. Debbie, jedna od soba majke otišao na neku vrstu tirada o zala Halloween ispred njegove klase kad učitelj donio iz ruku-out pita roditelje za pomoć bacanje klase zabavu. Ona je čak pokrenuo peticiju da želi odgajati na sljedećem sastanku PTA. Ja sam bio u Krista sljedbenika za dugo vremena, ali da budem iskren nisam stvarno imala snažan osjećaj ovako ili onako. Imate li kakav savjet o tome što osoba pokušava biti van usmjerena i suosjećajni trebali učiniti ili reći?

Dragi Melody,

Uz isprike William Shakespeare, Osjećao sam naslov je prikladno. To je dosjetka o poznatim linijama iz njegove najpopularnije igre. Kao Hamlet, mnogi od nas dobili paraliziran u nedjelovanju, jer smo potrošili previše vremena razmišljajući što će dalje. Ovdje na Poslužite! ne probati ismijavaju ljudi za svoje vrijednosti. Jasno nam je da ne svatko ima istu toleranciju za tradicije ljudi u raznolikoj zajednici. Žetva stranke su divne veze-building događanja za obitelji u određenoj župi ili zajednici, ali mi jednostavno ne vidim ih kao veliku vozilo za evangelizaciju. Ne postoji ništa krivo s njima, to jednostavno ne žive u odljev Božje dobrote kako bi se izbjeglo naše susjede na jednom od rijetkih puta da mogu biti izvan i oko.

Lično, Volim iskoristiti taj odmor i biti malo više poput Isusa–ići družiti s grešnicima, ako hoćete. Što bolji odmor od onog na kraju listopada? Ljudi imaju tendenciju da se svečano u jesen, i iskreno, kad naiđete na Ms.. Debbies naših crkava, Pa to ostavlja okus u ustima koji je gori od spaljene kokice lopti. Melodija, Ja bih vas i vašu obitelj potakne na rizik. Nazovite to eksperiment jedna godina. Ići sve van i stvarno volim svoje susjede. Davati dodatne posebne poslastice, a možda čak i postaviti neke jabukovače ili vruću čokoladu za pratiocima tih malu djecu koja trik-ili-liječiti u vašem susjedstvu. Mala gesta ljubaznosti i jednostavan razgovor ide dug načine ovih dana.

Budite iskreni prema Mateju i jednostavno objasniti svoje mješovite osjećaje o odmoru i činjenice da se ne slažu se svi. Neka mu se pridruže u sa sobom u svom eksperimentu. Bez obzira što se odlučite, držati razgovor ide s njim i svojim kćerima. To je dobro za našu djecu da nas vide riješiti našu vjeru. Što se tiče klase stranke, Ja bi najbolje cupcakes ste sposobni–i provjerite da li poslati malo u MS. Debbie. Vjerojatno ima tajni sladokusac.

Doktor. Naučnik

Imajte na posluživanje… Ciljna skupina Charlie Nosite

U 1998 Bio sam izgorio. Tri godine ranije, Sam preuzeo kao privremeni župnik lokalnog Vineyard crkve. Za moje tri godine službu pastora crkve, sve što sam prije saznao rast crkve i vodi crkvu prestao raditi. Kao osoba koja vjeruje da je uzrok i posljedica su predvidljive proces, to je teško za naučiti lekciju. Također sam saznao, kao što su Charlie Brown, da “Volim čovječanstvo, to ljudi ne mogu podnijeti.”

Imao sam sve moguće vrste lošeg iskustva, iz crkvenih dijeli, Crkveni pobuna, Tračevi i klevete. Ja se nekako razveselilo kad sam pročitao knjigu o pastoralnom izgaranje i shvatila da nisam završio na podu moje kupaonice u fetalnom položaju, kao autor knjige. Konačno, Crkva je imala “odrastao” od oko 125 za 30. Bilo je vrijeme da ga zovu dan, i početi ispočetka. Objavio Mi preostale članove crkve i odlučio ponovno pokrenuti u nekoliko tjedana.

Skateboards at the foot of the cross
Klizačica je “baciti” njihove slomljene ploče u podnožju križa na Skate Ranch u Moreno Valley, California.

Postala sam župnik, jer sam htjela vidjeti ljude "spašen", rađa u kraljevstvo. Nisam vidio mnogo roda od tih napora. Isprobali smo neke outreach napore, uglavnom na maloj skali. Jednostavni sluga Evangelizacija projekti, kao što je predaja iz Coca-Cole na vrući dan, na nehajno bazi, ali bez stalan angažman. Ja sam čuo od Steve Sjogren, čovjek koji čisti zahode za Isusa, Bio sam pročitao njegove knjige, ali nisam stvarno postala van usmjerena u mom svakodnevnom životu.

Ovdje je mjesto gdje priča dobiva zanimljiv

Na prvom sastanku naše ponovno pokrenut crkve nevjerojatna stvar dogodila. U pripremi za tu večer, Pitao sam jednog od naših tinejdžera, “Što ako smo bili na užetu off području parkirališta za skateboarding, i postavili za svoj bend (Christian punk grupa) igrati, bi li se na taj?” On je rekao da, i da će pozvati neke od svojih prijatelja.

Ja ne mislim puno više o tome do te noći kada je gotovo 60 skateboarders pojavio! U jednom trenutku bilo je više ljudi koji sudjeluju u skateboarding i gledanje onoga što se događalo na parkiralištu, nego su bili unutra za stvari koje sam planirao za pokretanje naše nove crkve.

Naučila sam iz Pisma i iz iskustva da morate držati oči otvorene da vide što Bog čini, a zatim djelovati na njega! Bog je radio nešto s skateboarders! Jedan od mojih kolega vjernika, Marv Schuler, skočio je u toj noći, uzela mikrofon i počeo trčati skateboard natjecanje. On i njegova supruga, Karen, zvali su te noći doprijeti i do ministra ovih djecu.

Ponovno pokrenula crkva postala mala skupina koja sastao se u nedjelju navečer, a na kraju da je postalo samo četiri od nas koji su postali istinski predan služenju one skateboarding tinejdžera.

Bird's Eye View of Skate Park at the RanchU Schulers’ vlastiti 10 hektara u Moreno Valley, Mjesto smo naučili od milja zvati ranču. Ulije smo neke konkretne i izgradili neke rampe i skateboarders počeli dolaziti najviše svakog četvrtka navečer za klizanje, grickalice i čuti nas objasniti što je Isus bio sve o tome kako smo se okupili oko vatre jama. Počinio smo posluživanje i pokazuje Božju ljubav te skateboarders, bez obaveza.

U 1998, kad smo održan prvi Božićni domjenak, Karen priprema i poslužuje večera, i deserti koji se sastoji od nekoliko pite. Došao profesionalni skateboarder i dijele evanđelje. Christian punk bend, CIP (Krist je u tijeku) igrao. I više 100 Djeca su se pojavili na zimske noći!

Rekao sam Karen noći, Bog će spasiti neke od tih klinaca s pire krumpirom i pite od bundeve. To je jedino evanđelje prezentacija će oni morati. Kad sam joj rekao da, rekla je samo da vide djeca dolaze u Kristu! Marv proveo 4 mjeseci izgradnje pola cijevi. Karen i Marv je neki od klinaca koji su potrebni mjesto za boravak u njihovoj kući.

Dijelili smo evanđelje svaki tjedan tijekom tog dugog pada i zimu 1999. Sam uzeti posao i nazad je svakodnevno vlakom oko sat i pol od mog doma. Nisam uživao život jako puno i nismo vidjeli mnogo evangelizacijski plod naših napora s skateboarders. Ja ću to priznati, Nakon što je oko 26 tjedana oltara poziva u blato oko vatre jama, Bio sam spreman baciti u ručnik.

Bog govori kroz Steve Sjogren

To je samo bio nekoliko tjedana otkako sam zurio kroz prozor prigradskim vlakom i da je izgovorio ovu jednostavnu molitvu, "Bog, dobili me iz ove zbrke. "Bio sam ponudio novi posao, lakše mijenjati, manje odgovornosti, više novca i pauze između radnih odlučio sam da prisustvuju 1999 Vinograd Pastiru konferencija u Anaheimu.

U utorak navečer, Steve Sjogren govorio na temu, "Šest stvari koje sam naučio kada sam skoro umro." Imao sam pročitao Steve knjige i nije bavio Sluga evangelizacije. Skateboard Ministarstvo je uzimanje načela sluge evangelizacije na max, usmjereni na određenu skupinu ljudi, usmjerene i fokusirane usluga u obliku skate park, hrana, Skateboard popravci i više. Ali ja sam bio spreman za izlazak.

Steve rekao je nevjerojatnu priču o njegovom medicinskom nesreće i njegov susret s Bogom. Njegov pozitivan stav u lice svoga iskušenje bio inspirativan i sama. No, pri kraju svoga govora je koristio priču iz života Mojsija potaknuti sve nas da jednostavno bude vjeran ministarstvu koje je Bog stavio u našim rukama. On je objasnio kako je Mojsije tvrdio s Bogom o svojoj sposobnosti da učine ono što ga je Bog tražio da učinite. Steve je u razgovoru za pastora koji nisu znali što treba učiniti sljedeće u svojim ministarstvima, i on je citirao Božju pitanje Mojsiju, “Ono što je u ruci?’ On je izvukao paralelu da bismo trebali gledati na stvari koje je Bog stavio u našim rukama i biti vjeran pomoću tih stvari i rade one stvari. On nam je rekao da je Bog “će promijeniti svijet kroz jednostavne stvari koje je stavio u tvoje ruke.” U slučaju Mojsija, to je njegovo osoblje, ali iz gorućeg grma naprijed kad je Bog učinio nešto značajno u Mojsiju’ Život je uvijek činilo da se uključiti da osoblje. Tijekom vremena molitve nakon njegove poruke postao sam uvjeren da sam ne bi trebali prestati skejtbord službu.

Imajući na ...

Ono što se događa na ranču nije normalno crkva, Ali djeca (uglavnom tinejdžera, s nekoliko djevojaka koje vole da se oko dječaka) su doživljava evanđelje kroz službenika evangelizaciju (skate rampe i hrana su predstavljeni kao dar od Boga); kroz osobnu evangelizaciju (postoji puno prilika za razgovor s djecom jedan-na-jedan); i kroz navještaj evangelizaciju (djeca čuju evanđelje oko vatre jame svaki tjedan).

To nije bila tvoja normalna grupa mladih, većina djece nije imao crkvenu pripadnost i ne dolaze iz domova u kojem je Bog aktivna prisutnost. Ali Bog je učinio nešto veliko. Čak smo imali priliku da se moli za ozdravljenje za roditelje, i za slomljena gležnja!

Puno sirovina…

Nisam bio siguran u to vrijeme, ako smo ikada dobili crkvu od onoga što smo radili na ranču. Nisam znao da smo imali puno sirovine za rad s. Bilo je zabavno biti u na prizemlju nečega što je radio Bog. Bilo je zabavno biti dio avanture, pogotovo kada nismo znali kako će ispasti.

Na kraju mala grupa dobila manje…

Mala skupina koja je visi na početku ranču sastojala od Schulers, Moja supruga i ja, Dva para bivših parishoners moje crkve i moj bivši čelnik klanjati. Naši rani razgovori u pitanju da li ćemo dopustiti da se klizači pušiti cigarete ili ne, i hoćemo li odoljeti čime ministarstvo skate biti predan djeci kršćana. Na kraju je moja supruga i dvije parovi prestali dolaziti na naše tjedne sastanke.

Nekako misija rasla…

Godinama Karen je san bio za Duha padne na Moreno Valley i doline da se sprema! Ranch odigrao svoju ulogu u ispunjavanju taj san. U ranim tjednima sam dao “oltarne pozivi” na vatra jama. Nikad nisam vidio više voća iz tog sjetvu evanđelja. Marv je govorio svaki tjedan i rekli djecu: “To je Bog stvar.” “Bog je izgradnja ove rampe, Bog gradi ranču.”

Mi nikada nije napravio svjesnu odluku da žive u zajednici, ali…

Mi nikada nije napravio svjesnu odluku da žive u zajednici, ali oko godinu dana nakon što smo počeli Ministarstva skate moja supruga i ja razdvojeni i ja iznajmili sobu od Schuler je. Tom Chapman, Bivši čelnik klanjati u našoj crkvi, Kupio RV i parkirao na ranču. Tako smo, četiri od nas žive u zajednici! Poticati smo jedan drugoga, služili jedni drugima, i napravio sve odluke Ministarstva izazvalo našu misiju.

Jedan znak misije je oporba

Rano na susjeda je jasno da joj se nije svidjelo ono što smo radili na ranču. Ona je unajmio privatnog istražitelja na video vrpcu propovijedanje naše vrijeme i podnijeti istražni izvješća. Ona je podnijela prijave s Gradom Moreno Valley. Ona je pozvala policiju. Otišli smo na sud u toj prvoj godini i osvojio naš slučaj, nismo bili operativni crkvu nezakonito, niti su mi remeti mir. Nekoliko mjeseci kasnije, susjed tužio Marv i Karen za neugodnost. U tom trenutku mi je razmatralo se, vući na sudu, Marv je udario u lice i naveo za napad!

Na kraju smo vidjeli tisuće došli Kristu ...

U Skateboards u podnožju križa naznačiti klizači koji su predali svoje živote za Krista na ranču. Moj novi stav Ministarstva je branitelj. Smjestili smo tužbu izvan suda i pristao da se presele skate rampi više 150 metra od susjedove nekretnine linije. Već smo pitali što je Božja volja bila usred oporbe. Bili smo uvjereni da je on htio da i dalje služiti klizači i propovijedati evanđelje. Kad smo se preselili na betonsku ploču i rampe smo napravili površina veća. Uskoro, smo pridružili su dva mladića, Mark i Matt, evanđelista i učitelj, koji je počeo dijeliti redovito. Ministarstvo je otvoreno pet dana u tjednu. The “oltarne pozivi” počeo se dobije više voća. Tijekom razdoblja od 12 mjeseci dali smo daleko 3000 Novi zavjet na mlade ljude koji su odgovorili kako bi obilježili i Matt porukama.

Volio bih da mogu izvijestiti da je opozicija smanjena. Iako smo mislili da su policijski pozivi će završiti, oni su nastavili. Nastavio Pritužbe broj propisa. Na kraju je susjed dobio uho dva gradskih councilmembers i City donijeli svoju punu težinu i ovlasti nositi zatvoriti ranču.

Život u zajednici ima ebbs i tokove…

Na kraju moj posao mi je na drugo zemljopisnom položaju. Pritužbe kod onemogućio Tom dalje živjeti na ranču u svom RV. Krenuli smo dalje od ranča, ali drugi je naše mjesto. Tom će uvijek biti biznismen koji financira veći dio ranog gradnje. Nastavio sam se branitelj. Branio sam ranč pred Gradsko vijeće i pred suca Vrhovnog suda.

Drugi je došao uz Marv i Karen i služili klizača. Međutim, u 2005 zabrana stupila na snagu, a ministarstvo Ranch skate je zatvoren.

Vidjeli smo kako je Bog posla…

Kao što kaže Marv, Postoje mnoge priče o tome kako je Bog radio u životima klizača. Znam da je radio kroz proročka, u evangelizaciji, liječenje, snovi i vizije tijekom posljednjih pet godina. On je izlio financijske blagoslove. Iako je oporba, Tu je također pogoduju. Kao što smo pokušali poslušati ono što Bog traži od nas, On je uvijek bio vjeran unatoč našoj nedostatka vjere.

Biće Missional…

Nismo krenuli imaju misiju u klizača. To je Božja ideja, i vidjeli smo ono što je želio, slušali njegov glas, i pridržavati ih tjedan posluživanje i tjedan za nekoliko godina. Saznali smo da je nekoliko ljudi može postići puno ako su na misiju od Boga. Nismo krenuli živjeti u zajednici, to je samo ispalo tako. Znam moj život je promijenjen na bolje zbog tog iskustva. Nismo početi s puno vjere, ali naša vjera je narasla kao što smo vidjeli Boga potez, resursima i plodnosti.

It’s the Medium, Dummy by Steve Sjogren

All communication boils down to two simple things: The message and the medium.

One president in our generation won his election in a come from behind victory as his election manager wrote on the central white board, “It’s the economy dummy!” With that focus in mind, the campaign supposedly hammered on that single message for the remainder of the campaign and squeaked by with a victory. We too have a single word that is in need of clarification – Medium. To, we understand the good news of Jesus. Face it, if my friend Doktor. David Wheeler’s six year old daughter can lead ten kids in her neighborhood near the campus of Liberty University where he teaches, your people can share this message with clarity (she has been busy since August! – her approach – popsicles of kindness to open the door of relationship, then it’s only a matter of time…)

Live In The Flow

As someone who has had a huge value for being an inviter of not-yet believers into the kingdom – and seeking to show others how to live that way as well I now realize I modeled Part A and missed the far more important issue, Part B. To, the message is simple stuff. By and large, nearly all reading this would agree on the content of the simple gospel, the good news of Jesus is.

If you weren’t aware of it, stats have held steady for several decades now, that even among the most “evangelistic” congregations in the U.S., only about 3% in such churches will even one time in their lifetimes share the gospel with someone outside of their immediate family. Put it another way. If you have a church that runs consistently 100 on the weekend, chances are, only 3 people in your congregation will in their entire lifetime explain the gospel to one more people.

Four words come to my mind each time I read that stat: That makes Jesus cry. The close of Matthew 28 makes it clear that God’s family can’t be large enough to satisfy his aching heart for those he is longing to see join his family.

This begs the question – “Why is this so?” And, “Why is this not the case in the Church of the three-quarter’s world?" (Indeed the stats there are dramatically different.) This matter is one that could fill a book easily, but let me touch on one simple issue here.

Turn On The “Screen” Once Again

At one time all of us noticed others far more than we do now – at least in most of our cases. The busier we become, the less we notice others. The less we notice others, the more calloused we become. Calloused people are the opposite of the ones who live like Jesus. It is a simple progression.

Call it the “Noticing Screen” or the “Inner Radar” or whatever you wish. Until we slow it down a bit, until we begin to pray the “Jesus, I’m willing to be interrupted by your invitations” prayers, there is little chance we will see our lives be used by Jesus as a pipeline to hold the hands of others as they come into his family.

This is not a program. We aren’t “on” at times and “off” at times. We live invitationally 168 hours a week.

You live that way first. You will discover this life is amazingly energizing no matter what you may be thinking at this moment. Do this for six months and see what happens in your church. No doubt there will be a polarizing effect as you tell your stories – the good ones, the funny ones, the ones when you fall on your face, but since when didn’t the kingdom polarize?

Heading toward retiring? Forget it. It’s time to refire!

Go with those who are willing. Hug the rest and pray they get it.

Gledajući Outward Steve Sjogren

Nedavno sam sjedio na dva sata leta pored čovjeka koji je u početku bio malo miffed, kada sam pitao ako sam mogao sjediti pokraj prozora gdje je čitala svoju ulaznicu, jer imam veliku poteškoće gore i dolje na avionima (Moje oštećene noge i sve). Taj visoki momak nevoljko pristao. Ja nisam mala osoba sama. Kao što smo u avionu sam ga sudjelovali u razgovoru i raspoloženje pomaknuo. Nosio je košulju od njegove tvrtke. Ja sam bio veliki fan njihove kulture, njihov osnivač-predsjednik, njegova nevjerojatna pionirski duh koji je rijetkost ovih dana. Pitao sam ga niz gorućih pitanja sam imao oko njihove unutarnje funkcioniranje. Ukratko, bili smo sudjelovali u razgovoru brzo.

Kao što smo govorili je spomenuo da je nedavno preselio u Tampi iz Ohio ... posebno Cincinnati. Pitao sam je li ikada čuo za nešto što se zove Vineyard. On je rekao: "Svatko u Cincinnatiju zna vinogradu." Rekao sam mu Janie i ja dobio loptu valjanje sa svim vinogradu crkve u Cincinnatiju malo prije više od dvadeset godina. On je nevjernik. On je rekao, "Ja ne mislim tako – nitko započeo vinogradu – to je jednostavno uvijek bio tamo ... "Ja se smijali! "Pa, sve ima tendenciju za početak, ako mislite o tome ... Potražite svoje ime u Google. "

Počeo je da me pogleda drugačije – kao što sam bio "njih" i da je "nas". Navikao sam na tom izgled. I potisnuo da brzo govoreći mu moju priču – Kako s početkom u sedam godina, kada je moja mama jako rijetko mi lijek za određene luteranske crkve bih joj reći "Molim vas, nemojte me tamo – da čovjek koji govori je flipping licemjer!"Od tada, moj izazov nije bio u potpunosti s Bogom i njegova stvarnost, ali što se ispostavilo da je linearna, Amerikanizacija Isusove poruke. Sada shvaćam da je problem cijelo vrijeme ... To je i dalje problem. To će vjerojatno biti problem za doći dugo vremena. Rastali smo se kao prijatelji. Mi smo bili slanje. On je pročitao jednu od mojih knjiga, a mi postavljate ručak koji će se održati uskoro.

Zašto Toxic?

If you have taken a sociology class in college you are familiar with a helpful word that described an aspect of the brokenness of all the sons and daughters of Adam – all people groups on the planet are ‘ethnocentric.’ That word means we all think our culture, our way of life is the best way of life. Further, if all the rest of the world could just see things the way we do, life on the planet would be oh so much better. If you are an American do you see how our well intentioned efforts have not been necessarily been equally received worldwide?

Također, can you see how it is virtually impossible for teachers of the scriptures in the western world (namely the U.S.) to present the scriptures without laying a lot of the U.S. – western perspective upon our teaching – impartation onima koje utječu?

To je utjecaj je ono što iznosi nas kao vođe kao toksična.

Sloboda od toksičnosti je enciklopedija puna rasprave. Korak jedan – poniznost. Došli smo pred Bogom i njegove riječi sa srcem iskrenosti. Naša molitva (uglavnom) slijedi:

"On je moj vlastiti ću jednostavno povratiti ono što sam vidio svojim očima. Ja jednostavno će reagirati i mjesto na vašem riječ moja ljudskost i moje kulture. Duh Sveti daj mi svoju sposobnost da vide što vidite ... "