About Serve! E-zine

Serve! Ezine with Steve Sjogren is the journal of servant evangelism. Founded in 2006, the goal of Serve! is to ignite ordinary people to spread God’s love through small acts of kindness.

Serve! is published to encourage readers to begin to think differently about outreach… specifically, so they and those they influence can be greatly used by God in their city and sphere of influence to make a big-time difference.

We aim to help readers begin to live in a completely different way, outward focused. This is something the average person can do — living outward focused is not for the gifted, but for everyone who loves Jesus. All who have a story (it takes about 60 seconds of experience in Jesus to have a story to begin to tell!) can begin to be greatly used by God to extend his kingdom. His kingdom is most efficiently extended, in this generation, worldwide, through initially connecting with people via practical, sincere, non-programmatic, heartfelt, spontaneous acts of kindness, generosity and practical love done by all Christ-followers with each person they run into in their daily travels.

Publisher: Steve Sjogren

Editor: Tom Osypian

Past Editor: Ken Glassmeyer

Past Editor: Scott Bane

Founding Editor: Charlie Wear

Reader Views/Op-Ed:  Dr. Stimpy Savant

Cover Art Design: Tom Osypian

Video production: ServeOthers

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