Dies matris carnation Giveaway per Janie Sjogren

mothersdayQuidam aut oblivisci ultimum tempus exspectandum, ut flos neque rutrum nibh. Potest esse cum cari copia singuli flores empti, sed possunt possideri minus quinquaginta cents per florem, in mole. Your group can probably explain to a local supermarket florist what you are trying to do with your outreach. Given enough advance notice, he or she can order a quantity of carnations and pass the discounted price on to you.

Attach to each flower an outreach connect card and a ribbon. As with a soft-drink or water giveaway, if your’e doing this at a grocery store (where we usually locate), situate yourself by the entrance, not the exit. You’ll want 5+ people per team.

Another version of this is the Secretaries Day or Sweetest Day flower giveaway with a blank card for the giver to write his or her sentients on as a greeting.

Of course, don’t give away flowers near a flower vendor.

Go To Si:

  • Campuses
  • Parks
  • Neighborhoods
  • Sporting Events
  • Downtown
  • Commuters
  • Shopping Centers

Quid opust

  • Carnations
  • Ribbons
  • Outreach Connect Cards like those below

Mother's Day Connect Card

Mother's Day Connect Card

Mother's Day Connect Card

Custodi simplexque Steve Sjogren

outreachEtsi hic de duodecim puncta incipiens vitalis proiectione basic idea est omnino simplex post benignitate proiectione.

Donec rutrum reprehenderit in aliquid tendit ad me, et quantum in ea movere. Quandoque instigantibus multiplicitate gignit. Justus vita influit illa directio. As others catch the vision of the new thing, before long, the idea can become fairly complicated.

Is there a way to keep things easier? Absolutely!

Outreach is all about one thing – seeing people come to relationship with Christ. The word “outreach” is a more general word than “evangelism.” The first is about the entire spectrum of things we can do that lead up to someone coming to Christ. The term Evangelism is a more concise term that relates strictly to seeing someone cross the line and come into a saving relationship with Jesus.

To keep all of this simple, we need to remember what we are about. We aren’t about 1,000 good things that might better peoples’ lives but don’t include seeing them come to know Christ. If the ultimate outcome isn’t to see them converted then we are losing track of what we are about. We are lost in complexity.

People who stay simple, who are focused like a laser, can be almost rude at times. They tend to be so focused they repel nice people who come with nice ideas about nice things that will bless people. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. There are plenty of places for that in fact. In the area of outreach, autem, we must walk out the balance of smiling and at the same time walk in gritty determination to do whatever it takes to venture on.

Deus, Jesus, Et pullum hominis per Spiritus Sancti Randy Bohlender

Retro in in sixties, Aliquam erat radio CALUMNIA drachmas pullum scelus pugnantis in secta. Imo, videtur inepta nunc bene ..., conversari, tunc etiam inepta esset,.

In fine cuiusque subscriptionem res integra aetas: A vox super annuntiaturus est "Pullus .Maaaaaaan ...!, and a manic crowd in the background would emphatically shout “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!»

If you’re completely lost, listen to the original episode here.

So I was in the shower this morning – really, this is where these thoughts come to me – and I began to think about how God’s omnipresence was explained to us in Bible college.

Our professors handed us the mantra “There is no place where God is not,», which, though technically true, sounds about as compelling as the Chicken Man’s signature shriek. Combine the two for fun.

There is no place where God is not.

He’s everywhere, He’s everywhere!

I can’t help but think the omnipresence of God means something far more immediate than the ubiquitous whereabouts of Chicken Man.

Interestingly, I can handle thinking about an all powerful, all knowing God being in Chicago, Calcutta, and Catan, because in thinking about Him in those places, I don’t think much about Him beinghere.

With me.

Glancing at what I’m writing.

Taking a sip of tea from my cup as we talk about me taking a sip from His.

I desperately want to live with a greater awareness of the immediate presence of God. Imo, He is everywhere, but He is also near. He sees everything, but He also sees me. I want my decision making, my ethics, how I treat my children and how I treat a stranger to reflect what I know about the presence of God – specifically, that I am in it, as I sit at my table or walk the aisle of a big box store.

We’ve mystified the presence of God to refer to those times when we feel His presence in a tangible way. Whether it’s a powerful sermon or (more likely) that great key change on the song you like, there are times when you feel Him near, but they’re rarely the times when you need to be aware of Him the most. You need Him most when you feel Him least – in a hundred different decisions made daily.

Imo, He’s everywhere, He’s everywhere.

But He’s also right hear. Listening. Speaking. Wanting.

In your pursuit of the God of the Universe, don’t ignore the God in the room.

3 Magnus SUPEREMINEO Projects enim Spring a Janie Sjogren

Vere magnus est hic locus et tempus advenit, et ostendam præcepta Dei, et amoris in modos communitatibus.

Ver magnus trium perfectos proiectione:

1. Car Liberum lavare

Hoc est an efficens, practica servitium. Proin eros lacus aestivis septimanatim. Si a vexillum seu signum est, quod dicit, factum est professionally “Totaliter Car Liberum lavare!” vel “Liberum – No Kidding – Car Wash!” Verecundus pauci qui non habent, tipi de cars agitantem per hilariter – “Car Liberum lavare!” Formator cheerleaders es valde pro hoc munere! Hoc studium habet contrarium sibi bonum project procurator ut organize voluntariorum, et influunt a car curare qualitas job.

Purchase currus lava saponem et facere bene summo qualitas job – RADO cum car tires sicco. Caritas Dei loquitur volumina de labore tuo!


  • Cards Connection
  • Car Liberum lavare Signs
  • Et nozzles Hoses
  • Aquam: (maximus!)
  • Buckets
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Strigare perterget
  • Mantilibus / Chamois Cloth

Team Size: 8+


Puer familiaris,: Imo, suus 'magnus fun pro kids, sed oportet etiam cum laude


2. General Yard Tersus

Post tempus hiemis est, omnia genera elit potest perspicuum fieri,. Vade ostiatim committere caestu,, rastris, et quisquilias saccos.


Team Size: 2+

Cost Outreach: Liberum / inexpensive

Puer familiaris,: No


3. Giveaway Bottled Aqua

Multi malunt mollis bibit aquam. Ice in Coke utres aqua in Igloo coolers pro an alternative ut giveaways. Utor idem eadem idem circa potum cards. Haec deducuntur falsitatis commendare non quia exhibet nitro bene multis turpis gets. Illic es multus of populus locis potes congregati.


Team Size: 3+

Cost Outreach: Moderate

Puer familiaris,: No


Noli oblivisci ut tribuo teneatur aliqua vena in cards outreaches. Si vos postulo altus-qualitas proiectione cards, videre potes click magna aliqua Lorem supra uncis offerimus consilia, neque solum in hac pagina infra:


Et gressus in effluxum!

St. Patricius - Patrona Servi evangelism by Sjogren

St. Patrick Patricius vixerit tragoediam vertit in victoria. Quod suus quid agimus uelut March 17th, manducare specialis cibis et potibus virides Hibernica cervisiam. Haec sunt, quae existimantur esse celebrationes vitam redemit.

This time of year there is a lot of hoopla around a lot of silliness that has little to do with the origins of St. Patrick’s Day. Somehow I don’t think the real St. Patrick was all that excited about the color green. I’m pretty positive he wouldn’t pinch someone who wasn’t wearing green. I doubt he ever ate corned beef and cabbage. I’m not sure where those nutty traditions got started. They’re fun to do once a year but they have absolutely nothing to do with good ‘ol Patrick.

Yes he killed a few snakes as you have perhaps read, but that’s not what he was about. He was a champion of the underdog. He was all about liberating people who were stuck in sin, who were put down by an oppressive system. I relate to Patrick especially because he was someone who had been in slavery, he had gotten free, and now he was dedicated to liberating others from their captivity. Isn’t that what we are doing in evangelism? If we are up to anything it’s that we recognize in all humility that we are fairly messed up people who are in need of an intervention. We need saving. We don’t need a little bit of help or some reform. Like Patrick, if God doesn’t save us we will remain stuck in captivity. The good news it God has set us free just as he has done for Patrick.

Now that we are set free let’s do as Patrick—let’s make it our lifestyle that we will liberate others. For Patrick life took on greater momentum as he walked further on. The older he got the greater his impact. I believe God wills that sort of Umph for you and me as well. Let’s walk out our calling with zest, with passion and the enthusiasm of God himself. His provision rests upon us as we dedicate ourselves to losing our lives. We have nothing to lose other than our lives—and he will give us great joy in giving those up as well.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Snakes or no snakes, whether you are wearing green or not, it’s about setting people free. Let’s do it together! Thanks for being a part of the Servant Evangelism tribe.

Error optima - Effectus proiectione solus Steve Sjogren

mistake(From time to time in Serve I am going to post Excellent Mistakes I have made in outreach over the years. These are “excellent” mistakes because I have learned from them and our typical step of progression is “Two steps forward, one step backward.” Thus, we are making progress in dropping the ball!) Of course we are able to do outreach on our own. We ought to be willing to do significant acts of outreach apart from our need for a team. There is plenty we can do that is accomplished just by ourselves. However in the long run that policy is going to lead to burnout. We will quit if we seek to be a one-person outreach team. We just aren’t wired to do this stuff apart from connecting with others who are similarly wired to us, with both our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Fire left alone has a tendency to go out rather quickly. This is just as true in the spiritual world as it is in a physical realm. We need others who are going the same direction as us in outreach. It is vital that we team up with others who have a similar heart. You can’t go it alone in outreach. You need at least a couple of others to team up with you in order to do this for the long haul. The question is How can we move forward to make it for the distance? How can we proceed in a way that is going to endure? Sprinting down the path for a short bit is simple enough. Many can do that. To make it for a marathon distance takes some careful strategy. Jesus calls us to give our entire lives to his cause, for the rest of our lives. This is a matter of the lordship of Jesus.

Orate. Ask God to supply a sidekick or two. Jesus said, “The fields are white unto harvest. …Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers.” The beginning point is simply to ask God to show up. Jesus also said, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name there am I in their midst.” There is something unfathomably powerful about having our focus on the Lord Jesus. He delights in showing up in our midst when we aim at lifting him up. “If you agree on anything…I will do it.” Amazing power is unleashed when we pray.

Look. Don’t forget to look for the supply of God. He might be in your midst right now doing something great even as you complain and are depressed. A key to progress is having the wherewithal to notice the move of God in both the obvious and the obscure. Pray for truth-tellers to come alongside you to speak words of obviousness to you. Sometimes childlike people will come as a gift to you with the ability to speak plain truth to you. Receive such people with enthusiasm. Take their words to heart.

Start. In the film Forest Gump, Forest begins to jog full-time for reasons not even he understands. He just feels it is important to go for a run, a long run! He runs across the entire United States. When he arrives at one coast he decides to run back the opposite direction again. He doesn’t stop this routine for several years. Forest runs alone for a while, but people start to hear about his run and believe there is something innately spiritual about his trek and slowly other joggers join him. Before long a cadre of fellow runners surround him wherever he runs.
SUPEREMINEO (and much of leadership!) follows this pattern. Momentum begets momentum. We may not fully understand what we are doing. That’s just fine. Don’t wait until that ethereal point happens. It never will! Just start. Momentum is what life is all about. Without momentum you are either dead or quickly on your way to being dead. Progress happens as you proceed in a willingness to take a stab at the future. Ready, FIRE, Aim.

That’s your mantra from now forward.We need one another in order to do outreach for the long haul. God is going to provide our coworkers. Look for them, but thank him in advance for the amazing team he is sending.

8 Ductu peccata uitare… Quam Ut Reperio Vestri autem modo deinceps per Steve Sjogren

Omnes duces ire per mentali et permotionem gyratorium tribuimus quae potest esse causa mentalis messiness. Quidam alii sunt maiora horum peccatorum. Quaedam enim sunt, ad reficiendum ex facilius quam alii. Initium agnoscere ambulas tu sis libero haesit. Once you see the problems you can more easily walk away from your challenge.

Not mentoring others
We need to perpetually work a plan for developing others. The easy plan is to hire others, especially as your church grows. Like many things in life, the easy way out is to throw money at problems, but the right thing, the biblical thing, is usually to take the slow route forward that requires personal attention and patience.

Falling into over cautiousness
As a leader you will regret the risks you didn’t act on. Today I read an anonymous posting by a Boomer-aged mother who reflected on her life as a mother now that her kids are in their twenties and off on their own. As she shared her regrets time and time again she wrote that she wished she’d taken more risks financially, been less fearful of not having enough finances, all of which drove her to spend far too much time away from the home and far too little time with her kids as they grew up. Now that it’s too late she realizes that though they were financially cared for she failed to adequately risk had she been more courageous.

Giving up on humility
When you’re young it’s somewhat natural to walk with a humble, teachable heart. You don’t know much and you will more gladly admit that fact. You’ll take all the help you can get from older, more experienced people, in facto, you practically beg for help.

It’s easy to begin to live by the adage – “Experts don’t need advice – they give advice.” No matter where you stand in your expertise you will never outgrow your need to walk in humility.

Not having a mentor
No matter your age or level of experience, it’s imperative that you have a mentor. You will never come close to achieving what you’ve been called to apart from a mentor.

Make a decision to humble yourself and seek out a mentor. Find one that is suited for you. I met revered business guru Peter Drucker a year or so before he passed away in the late 1990s. He was with a couple of guys who hung out with him a good part of the each month, but surprisingly, it seemed obvious he was learning from them as well. With Peter Drucker the relationship went both ways – he toward them and them toward him though the younger guys were many decades younger than Mr. Drucker.

What will your mentors look like as you get into your 90s?

Not having enough fun time
Leaders are often too intense for both their own good and for the sake of those around them. It’s easy to move from having a love for people to becoming obsessive about ministry. Some are successful partially because they are driven. They are rewarded for their great drive. Their churches or works in ministry tend to prosper, but unfortunately what causes them to grow is destructive to them personally and to their families.

Fight against this tendency by working at having fun each week.
Sing songs.
Dance a little.
Walk barefoot in the grass.
Ride a bike.
Watch the sorts of movies that relax you.
Take a walk at the mall with your spouse with a big cup of something hot just to enjoy the puttering of it.
Read the kinds of books that help you take a mental vacation – not something on leadership or ministry!

Not accurately reading leaders
Being overly impressed with “leaders” those who aren’t really spiritual leaders but merely possess the outward trappings of success. This is a common mistake made by top-shelf church leaders as they build increasingly larger churches. A CEO, or COO or C-Whatever may look good on paper, but I’ve seen time and again that people who fit that category don’t necessarily walk in the Spirit. They can easily make decisions based on outward, business-like, “worldly wisdom” as Paul wrote. Sadly because these folks are often poorly taught the Scriptures their decisions are not necessarily well girded in biblical principles.

Not trusting your team enough
No matter how much you may have been hurt by others in the past, your level of success is tied to your ability to team with others. You personal skills and gifting will take you only so far. You will top out sooner than later. The so-called Peter Principle will kick in – the position of getting into a role that is beyond your ability to adequately perform, then being so stuck in fear of being honest enough to admit your failure you stay stuck indefinitely. The way out of that scenario is to build a great team.

Trusting some too much
Between these two sins, I’m not sure which side of the boat is the riskier one to go overboard with. I’ve committed both errors and lived to regret them greatly.

When you trust some too much you will end up removing at least a measure of your trust in God. There is only so much weight of trust in your heart to go around.

When you “overtrust” people, it will be difficult to adequately put your trust in God.

Desine dicentes "Unchurched"? a Stephano Gray

EGO had a valde interesting conversationem cum collega nuper (Darrell MacLearn) uti vocabulo 'unchurched "describere persona. Sed plerique in Ecclesia cruore inter terminum saeculi. Autem, ut qui extra Ecclesiam describere utimur?

Prima, lets statuet pronuntiationis. Cum plerique de ecclesia, intelligitur doctrina «populum Dei,"In usu tamen saepe ad in" Unchurched "introivit ad eos, qui ad fores noster locus, Conventus vel saltem alicuius conventus. Fere terminus "unchurched" sedulique in placitum in exemplaria, "ecclesia", et facit hoc ex causa quia per aliam viam. Immo in eo, et alius modus quærentes "ecclesia" redegerunt usum vocabuli ratio operationum aut rationi unchurched. Vtrum qui faciunt sensu,?

Quod si ita est,, tunc dicimus, "Si dabitur Jerusalem in node, modum et genus "ecclesia" bonus eris.” Adhuc, omnes scire, quod multi sunt in Ecclesia (institutum modo loquendi) qui Christiani non sunt,. By usura ad terminum, si aliquis non amplius sumus inferendo "unchurched" tunc OK? Numquid aliquis qui comitatur Ecclesiam, et tamen ilia fieri churched? Velox responsio "Quidni!» (Si autem ecclesiam non recte appellat). Rectum Darrell!

Secundo, collegam meum quod participatur, sicut si diceretur quod aliquis de se loquens unchurched "un- bingoed,"Et propositum est ut inde Aliquam nisl bingoed. Finis non multum rei habere cum anima. Ut diu ut sunt bingoed, sunt ok. Ita fit, ut populum ipsum dolor "churched" focus et minus positum, vita-transmutatio.

Ben Sigman, Pastoris Ecclesia Timberlake et bene dixit amicus, "We should obturatio usura unbiblical terminis definire ecclesia, sicut et attractional Missional, quae in scriptura, ubi te non fidn, pro ecclesiis et transformational loqui. "Sed hoc bonum debemus et omnia etiam operam.

Forsitan etiam usura similia videat "unchurched» et iter nondum loqui secundum Jesum transformatum. Ut ludens agro gradus non habet,? Quid putatis,?

Conluctante Murphy In SUPEREMINEO By Jon Allis

Habui voluptas conventus Steve Sjogren ad colloquiis sponsored ad Kings Island Inn in 1989. Perdidi unum aliquid, cum ego me novi 2 dentibus viva exstruentes (res in aliud tempus,, but feel free to insert your favorite hillbilly joke here. That began a decade’s long friendship. The coffee we shared spurred great conversations and stories from Steve. His passion helped me both recognize where God had already been developing a servant’s heart in me and inspired me to begin intentionally leading others to love those around us. Here is one of the lessons I have learned that keeps me in the game 25 years later.

This was something I first heard from Steve, but it has played out in one way or another in every project I have participated in. “When you move into servant evangelism you will bump into Murphy’s Law…no, you will move into Murphy’s country!»

It seems that loving your neighbor as yourself is actually difficult – that all that can go wrong tends to go wrong. It’s weird – it didn’t seem so hard when Jesus talked about loving our neighbors.

I actually thought I was getting off easy! Every time we choose to trust Jesus and operate in the gift of the Spirit, LOVE (yes singular, because absolutely every follower of Jesus gets this one!) the Enemy is right there to make sure we don’t like it. If we did like it, we might recognize God’s power is revealed in love, and we might start to share it like it made a difference and actually change the world. To prevent this, our enemy makes sure that Murphy’s Law is powerfully at work through various circumstances, ordinances, personalities and attitudes from the get go so we are frustrated from the get go.

Murphy showed up at the very first outreach I did with Steve at the Cincinnati Vineyard. They were hosting a free carwash (that actually was free—back in the day when that was novel) at Jenny’s Sports Bar on Route 42. I jumped in with both feet and started working hard. I got hot enough that spring day to shed my t-shirt (not nearly as terrifying an image 25 annos) as I pressed into washing fenders, hoods and bumpers. As we began to clean up I started looking for my white t-shirt, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally wandered over to the rag pile and there it was. Someone had used it to polish brake dust from at least a dozen rims. I wrung it out and considered this reward for my labor. Later though 2 stories circulated that made me realize that I would gladly give my shirt every time we served to see God’s love revealed like that.

That experience helped me realize that to deal with Mr. Murphy and not give up we must be both hard and soft. We must be hard to keep serving for the long haul. Hard to the outreach realities of circumstances, ordinances, personalities and attitudes that Murphy employs. Dealing with Murphy requires that we develop a callous over the part of our heart that wants to be right, wants to be in control, wants to look good and most of all be successful. The bad news is that callous is developed the way all good callouses are – through repeatedly being pressed down, pushed on, rubbed and scraped. In a deep sense we need to become hard to the awkward feelings of being foolish, unappreciated and embarrassed. I believe this sacrifice is a pleasing fragrance to our God. If we can grow hard, develop this ability to embrace Murphy, we can enjoy a long season of loving our community into relationship with Jesus.

We must also stay soft. Soft to the voices of those we are serving and those we are serving with. The breath of fresh air for me in this discipline of reaching out in service is the stories that capture a moment in the transformation process. Make time to listen every time you are serving. Whether it is a debrief over food after an event with your co-laborers or stopping your “kindness” to listen to one of the people you are working so hard to reach. Their stories are the catalog of the Holy Spirit’s work in and through you, in a tangible way, the very coming of His kingdom. Don’t be distracted by your work and miss this sweet fruit. As these stories are shared, they create energy for us to continue to reach out.

Love Strong.

Evangelium Key: Satus CONLOQUIA! a Rice Broocks

In meus articulum proximum “Evangelium non est iustus necessitudinem” Non dubitavit Evangelium, quod subderem partem habere proportionem etsi non hominis. Spero fore, ut populum in Evangelio loquitur. Imo, preaching the Gospel to those we come in contact with.

If we try to build a genuine relationship with someone and fail to mention our faith either one of two things is true. Either that relationship is not very deep or our faith isn’t .

Adhuc, great soul-winners are also relationally intelligent. They are good at starting conversations that eventually lead to God and the Gospel. It is also critical to remember that evangelism involves listening, not just talking.

The principle I would like to introduce is called S.A.L.T.: Start a conversation, Ask questions, Listen, and then Tell the story.

In many cases, when looking for ways to engage unbelievers, it is critical to ask them questions and then genuinely listen before presenting the Gospel. The more you listen to others’ beliefs or lack thereof, the more they will listen when you tell the story of the Gospel and how it has impacted you.

As far as starting a conversation goes – I have never seen people more open to discussing God and spiritual things as they are now. Just remember to respect the person you are talking to by listening carefully to what they say. You’ll be amazed at how they return the favor.

We’ve developed a tool to help you engage those around you in this way. It’s called The God Test. For more information go to GodTest.Org vel RiceBroocks.Com