5 Veidus, kā uzlabot informācijas sniegšanas pasākumi Momentum Steve Šegrena

Momentum ir svēta lieta. It can be blessed to increase or it can be messed with and diminish if we take it for granted. Kad tas notiek, mēs visi smaidu, mēs svinam un izskatās diezgan gudrs. If we are wise we will learn to walk in tune with God’s Spirit regardless of ever-changing external factors.

It is the will of God that his church be continually marked with the presence of his Spirit, which is the force of outreach momentum. Here are some barriers to our momentum.

Momentum is impaired when we allow scaredy cats to speak up.

You can avoid this by going out after an outreach and spending time doing a downloading time.

Momentum is impaired when there is too much talk about money.

A spirit of fear will kill enthusiasm for outreach. Church leadership can begin to think they can’t afford to reach out.

Momentum is impaired when we talk or plan incessantly.

Momentum is impaired when we model outreach with only people who are highly gifted.

Put forward people who are highly gifted and you will intimidate the majority of your congregation.

Momentum is impaired when we do outreach that is too costly.

If what we do is out of the reach of our people we are going to perpetuate a model that only pushes people away from usefulness.

Let’s switch gears a bit. How can we move toward the positive and launch out into what will stir up momentum?

1. Let’s show what’s happening through outreach.

  • Video
  • Mājas lapa
  • Pictures

2. Let’s gossip what’s happening through outreach.

  • Convey stories throughout the church.

3. Let’s convey the doable-ness of kindness outreach as creatively as you can.

4. Let’s play with words.

  • The “E” word intimidates many. Consider using the term “Kindness Outreach.”

5. Let’s give testimony about former fearful who risked by reaching out and found outreach surprisingly fun.

  • Stories are powerful, especially when conveyed by people others have known to be timid.

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