5 Paglulunsad Aralin Mula sa Johnny Appleseed sa pamamagitan ng Steve Sjogren

John Chapman, aka ang maalamat na "Johnny Appleseed" ay isang misyonero na naabot sa katutubong Amerikano sa Ohio Valley sa maagang 1800s.

Siya ay Simple Tools

His primary planting tool was a stick! Mayroon ba kayong isang stick? Kapag ang kanyang kasalukuyang stick wore out siya natagpuan ng isang bagong stick. I heard recently through the grapevine that sticks are still easy to find!

The more elaborate we make our plans the more likely it is that we will fail.

He Heard the Invitation

He picked up on the invitation of the Father to accomplish his lifelong mission, therefore when the going got tough he was able to return to the beginning of it all to when God unmistakably spoke to him to go out in the first place.

He Didn’t Talk About Outreach, He Did Outreach

Johnny understood it’s about activism, not mere talk, nor continual preparation study, nor the accruing of more cool conference notebooks. He was all about taking risks and getting out there. If he were alive in 2012 his motto would be, “Missional schmissional! Stop the incessant talk, stop being a chicken and just do it for Pete’s sake!"

He Did Small Things

It doesn’t take much to change the world. A tiny apple seed grows into the largest fruit bearing tree in the plant world that will bear thousands of apples.

He Was Faithful

He was all in! He burned his bridges. There was no return.

He Saw Potential in the Faith Realm

Some would find it difficult, if not impossible, to do the ministry of Johnny because it was long-term and not immediately fulfilling. He was called by God to do something great but something that not would fully bear fruit in his lifetime.

Each seed was destined to produce an amazing tree that would produce thousands of apples to the glory of God. It takes the kind of faith only God can provide to live from that perspective. We can’t work that up. “God empower us the ability to hear your calling, regardless of the timing.”

With servant evangelism ministry the fruit takes a while to come about, but guaranteed, but when a church plant remains faithful to strongly serve and show generosity to their surrounding community, astounding results will come about.

Anyone can count the number of seeds in an apple,
But only God can count the number of apples in a seed.

Robert H. Schuller

Steve ay ang pinuno ng ServeCoach(.sa) at ito ay isinasaalang-alang ang “ama ng lingkod magbahagi ng Ebanghelyo” bilang siya pioneered na pagkatapos-natatanging diskarte sa outreach habang nangunguna sa ubasan Iglesia ng Cincinnati. Siya ay coached ang mga dose-dosenang ng mga halaman ng iglesia mula sa isang malawak na hanay ng mga ng isang pananampalataya background. Siya at ang kanyang asawa Janie nakatanim 5 simbahan sa ang U.S. at Europa. Sapakatan ng kanyang libro ng kabaitan ay itinuturing ng marami sa isang panimulang aklat sa outreach para sa mga duda na mga setting.

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