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one dollar car wash 176x300 4 Warm Weather Outreach Ideas by Janie SjogrenSe está poniendo más caliente y cambia esto lo que podemos hacer para demostrar amor a nuestras comunidades. Echa un vistazo a su armario de suministros, y hacer un poco de limpieza de primavera para refrescar todo para arriba. Los típicos kits de limpieza de inodoros y suministros de lavado de parabrisas son un comienzo, but add some more spark to your outreaches with a good variety of options at the ready. Here are four outreach ideas for warmer weather.

Put A Twist On The Typical Car Wash – Make It a $1 Car Wash

Get big banners that read, “Free Car Wash—No Kidding!” or “$1 Car Wash!” In the $1 Car Wash version, you give the person $1 after washing their car, with a connect card explaining why you are doing this, “This is a simple way to say God loves you, sin condiciones!"

Set up on a street that has significant traffic flow, with water access and an easy entrance and exit. Use soccer cones to direct traffic where you want it. Create an inviting sitting area with soccer chairs and iced down drinks in a cooler.

Place several high-energy, cheerleader types on corners near your site. Tell them to shake their signs, wave their hands and generally direct people into the car wash.

Make sure to have friendly people to greet the drivers, and to talk to people. Don’t get so busy washing that you forget to pass out a card and an explanation that you are doing this as a community service project to show them a little of God’s love.

Put Your Coolers To Work!

Rolling coolers are great for water and pop outreaches. If your church can afford one, get a large Ice Maker to always have ice at the ready. Coolers also work well to transport hot dogs and hamburgers wrapped in fast-food foil wrappers. The cooler acts like a steamer, and the goods arrive warm. Offer with individually wrapped condiments, and deliver around 11am while people are still hungry.

Ice Cream Coupon Give-Away

Ice cream is a happy food! Buy a quantity of ice cream coupons at a discount. Connect with your local ice cream shop, or with McDonald’s or Chick-Fil-A. Explain that you are doing, a community service project, and that you plan on giving the ice cream coupons away.

Places to go include campuses, parques, barrios, eventos deportivos, and skate parks. Give out a Connection Card with each Ice Cream Coupon.

Festival Survival Packs

Where food and drink are being sold as part of a community event, don’t be rude and give away drinks or food. En lugar, make up little packs of items in a small zip-lock bag.

Items could include: Towelettes for cleaning sticky fingers, small samples of lotion or suntan cream, a peppermint hard candy to freshen breath, tissues, golf pencils and small pads of post-its or pads made from clean-cut scrap paper.

Don’t forget to give out outreach connect cards during your spring outreaches. If you need high-quality outreach cards, you can click on any of the links above to see the great selection of designs we offer, or simply go to this link below:


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